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If You Love Conchas, Concha Con Needs To Be On Your List Of Conventions And Here’s Why

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Can you imagine a food festival dedicated only to conchas? Well it happened and it was more amazing than you think. The 2nd annual Concha Con was hosted on June 23 at the Plaza de la Raza in Lincoln Heights, California. More than 60 vendors sold delicious Latinx treats, particularly conchas, obviously. But the event was more than just edible conchas. It truly is a concha aficionados dream come true. Check out how the event went down.

First, and most obviously, there were all kinds of conchas to enjoy.

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Bread might just empty carbs but there was no empty stomachs by the end of the event. It was the concha-themed food festival for the ages. Is there any question why they have already celebrated their second year?

Of course, there were cooking classes.

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Chef Sandra Garcia was on hand to teach people how to make sweet bread from scratch. She also gave lessons on how to make concha french toast.

“This is a recipe that I learned when I was just starting up and it feels great to reteach this to our community,” Garcia said. “Concha bread is a part of every Latinos breakfast so why not have it as french toast.”

Ever have a concha torta? Me neither. But it does exist.

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A concha torta is something that you might make when you run out of regular bread but Casa de Brisa found a way to make this fantasy dish a reality. There was even an horchata concha drink available that tasted just like pan dulce.

Don’t worry, the unicorn fade is still alive and well and stuffed with ice cream.

Gourmeletas was on hand to deliver various types of concha ice cream including its sellout Uniconcha. The Uniconcha sold out within two hours of the event and had one of the biggest lines at Concha Con. #NotSurprised

Edible conchas were not the only conchas for sale.

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How can you not just melt over these cute little concha boxes? Take 👏🏾 my 👏🏾 money. 👏🏾

You didn’t know you needed a concha map of Los Angeles, until now.

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Various artists had pop-up shops on hand to display there love and hunger for conchas. An entire exhibit was dedicated to the history of pan dulce and it’s impact on Latino culture. This is relevant.

It was more than just a festival of conchas but a celebration of Latino culture.

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Families spent the day immersing themselves in their culture. This is something that is so necessary right now and Concha Con facilitated this experience.

It was only one day, but it was a glorious, carb-filled day.

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The event sold out and is a reminder of how special food is to the Latino community especially conchas to the Mexican community. Hopefully Concha Con will be bigger anf longer next year.

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Here Are 20 San Fernando Valley Restaurants You Have To Visit

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Here Are 20 San Fernando Valley Restaurants You Have To Visit

foodieonfleek / Instagram

LA! LA! Yes, so many places to go, so many places to eat, but people forget about the places outside of LA, like the San Fernando Valley. The San Fernando Valley has so many hidden gems that are well worth the drive. So, if you are trying to escape the busy city lifestyle of Los Angeles and want to try some new restaurants, here are 20 delicious places to try in the valley.

1. Poquito Más

CREDIT: iliketacosmorethanpeople / Instagram

This small restaurant is the perfect location to get your quick Mexican fix. Although simple their food is fantastic so if you’re looking for some good fast food look no further than Poquito Más.

2. El Cancun Restaurant

CREDIT: davien321 / Instagram

With a four-star rating, this restaurant has the best ceviche tostadas. So if you’re in the mood for some seafood this is probably the place for you.

3. Myke’s Cafe

CREDIT: mykescafe / Instagram

If you’re looking for a good brunch location, this is the place in the valley. If you decide to make a visit to this restaurant make sure you try their delicious chilaquiles, but if you have more of a sweet tooth they have plenty of pancake and french toast options.

4. Pico Pica Rico

CREDIT: picopicarico / Instagram

This is another place to get your Mexican quick fix! Homemade tortillas, traditional rice, Jamaica, Sopes, huaraches, nopales, and more! And their prices? Ridiculously low. So, what’s not to like?

5. El Tejano

CREDIT: shrut1.patel / Instagram

If you’re looking for a location with some great vibes, look no further. El Tejano is the place for you. This is the place to get some good food and drinks as you watch a game surrounded by some fun people.

6. Salsa & Beer

CREDIT: j_leigh_b / Instagram

Salsa & Beer is one of the more popular restaurants in the valley. This restaurant does not do reservations, so if you are planning a visit with a large party expect to have a longer wait time. However, don’t let the wait time scare you away from this place because the wait is well worth it. Their delicious bean dip and authentic Mexican food will exceed your expectations.

7. Papa Juan’s Baja Grill

CREDIT: the_burger_man / Instagram

Papa Juan’s Baja Grill has so many taco options and if you are looking for something healthier they even have the option to swap your tortilla for a lettuce wrap. While you’re here don’t forget to pair your meal with their refreshing micheladas, you won’t regret it.

8. Saborcitos Latinos

CREDIT: Kevin B. / Yelp

Satisfy your cravings with this one. This family owned restaurant has the most delicious handmade tortillas and the restaurant itself feels very homey. Their delicious aguas frescas will leave you sad about the no free refills but the extra cost will be worth the taste.

9. Gracianas Mexican Restaurant

CREDIT: dmncloyala1 / Instagram

This small hidden gem is no secret to the locals. Luckily, a majority of their meals come with a soup or salad so you won’t have to miss out on their delicious Caldo de Albondigas when you visit.

10. Te’kila

CREDIT: foodieonfleek / Instagram

You might have heard of this one before. Te’kila is famous for their Taco Tuesdays with their tacos being priced at $1 each.

11. Costa Grande

CREDIT: costagranderestaurant / Instagram

Looking for a more casual lunch location? Then Costa Grande is probably the place for you. This restaurant has the reputation for having the best carne asada fries and probably large enough for two, but let’s face it; you won’t want to share.

12. Anejo Cantina and Grill

CREDIT: goeddiie / Instagram

Food and entertainment. Anejo Cantina and Grill is a more elegant restaurant and the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a celebratory dinner with some friends and family. If you’re planning a visit here make sure to come down on the weekends when they have live music.

13. Ay Papa Que Rico

CREDIT: shellgrey / Instagram

Although a much simpler place, their food is far from that. It’s a neighborhood favorite. From Cuban sandwiches to pupusas this restaurant has many delicious options. Just like the name of this place, on your first taste of their food you’ll be yelling, “Ay papa que rico!”

14. La Corona Bar & Grill

CREDIT: lacorona_grill / Instagram

Do you love salsa and put it on everything? La Corona Bar & Grill’s salsa bar will give you the freedom to get as must salsa as you want. This restaurant has delicious food including spicy aguachiles and large wet burritos.

15. Mi Ranchito Veracruz

CREDIT: littstudio_crosspromotions / Instagram

If you’ve ever tried a Veracruz style tamal, then you’ll understand the hype behind this restaurant. The tamal is a perfect balance between masa and filling all wrapped in a banana leaf is not all this restaurant offers.

16. Puchica Guatemalan Bar & Grill

CREDIT: foodgps / Instagram

Live Marimba and a great atmosphere. Not only are their dishes filled with beautiful colors but each dish has such amazing flavors.

17. Mofongos

CREDIT: quesadillapadilla / Instagram

This restaurant will have your mouth watering! Obvious by the name, it’s the place to get Mofongos and its rumored to have ridiculously good Mofongos!

18. Las Fuentes

CREDIT: cyberskip / Instagram

A very casual place to eat. Las Fuentes is probably best for lunch with the many options they have. With tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, it’ll probably take you a while to choose between all of these great options.

19. Mariscos Camarena Estilo Nayarit

CREDIT: estilonayarit / Instagram

Here you’ll have the perfect combination of the spicy taste from the aguachiles with the spicy taste of their delicious micheladas. This place is probably best to visit weekends at night because that’s when they have live music.

20. FRIDA Restaurant

CREDIT: benjacksmith / Instagram

A must visit on Sundays for brunch. From 10:30am to 3:30pm this restaurant has Mariachi and the perfect buffet to meet all of your Mexican cravings. It’s a bit pricier than others but each plate is well worth your buck.

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