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Amazon’s Tacos Al Pastor Meal Kit Doesn’t Include A Taquero Slicing Piña From A Spit

Hey! Yeah, you. You’re familiar with tacos al pastor, yes?

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If you get them at your usual neighborhood spot, they probably look a little something like this:

CREDIT: randyedwards / Flickr

Beautiful, savory chunks of marinated pork with cilantro and onions.

But they’re really good when you can get ’em from a taquero who has a trompo:

CREDIT: Alex Kartouche / YouTube

Look at the flick of the wrist. Watching the taquero slice a sliver of pineapple and catching it with the other hand is always fun, no matter how many times you’ve seen it.

Guess what? Amazon is now selling tacos al pastor in a box. Seriously.

Credit: Amazon

You’re probably thinking:

CREDIT: Credit: Universal Pictures

 The tacos, which serve two people, are part of Amazon’s recently-launched meal kits, which are being tested in select cities, such as Seattle.

CREDIT: Credit: Amazon

Here is what’s in the box:

CREDIT: Credit: Amazon

The meal kits, which range from $14 to $18, are portioned out for two people and, according to Amazon, there is minimal prep required aside from marinating and cooking the meat.

And here’s the beauty shot of the finished product:

CREDIT: Credit: Amazon

This is the description of the product:

“Characterized by ultra-thinly sliced pork that’s spiced up with chipotle pepper, brightened by the sweetness of seared pineapple, and made decadent by a rich Northern Mexican cow’s milk cheese, every bite is a delightful surprise on the palate.”

OK, a few thoughts: the tortillas de harina and the queso quesadilla make this more of a gringa” de al pastor, which is pretty fitting considering it’s being sold by Amazon. Also, judging by this photo, no one told whoever created the meal kit that radishes and pickled jalapeños are usually eaten on the side, not in the taco. The shredded cabbage is a puzzling since these aren’t fish tacos and the pico de gallo probably goes best with the chips, but I’m not going to completely judge how people choose to eat their tacos because I put pickle juice on french fries.

It would just make a little more sense if I saw tortillas de maiz, cilantro, onion, pineapple and some salsa. Something like this:

CREDIT: liopic / Flickr

But, unless Amazon includes one of these in its meal kits, chances are those tacos won’t ever come close to what you’d get from your favorite taco spot. 

Credit: Amazon

So, what do you think?

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Here Are 13 Antojitos People Bring Back After Traveling To Colombia

food and drink

Here Are 13 Antojitos People Bring Back After Traveling To Colombia

In addition to souvenirs like keychains, coffee mugs and T-Shirts, something else you can bring back to your family as a gift when you visit Colombia is the country’s signature candy, snacks and beverages, like these that’ll make your mouth water…

1. Bocadillo Veleño


To satisfy your sweet tooth, you’ll want to snag this guava candy which originates from Vélez, Santander. The candy is packaged in leaves of bijao, which helps conserve the color and taste of the candy.

2. Bon Bon Bum


Bon Bon Bum is the best lollipop you can find in Colombia. They come in different flavors such as mango, watermelon, grape and maracuyá. And the bonus is each one comes with a bubble gum at the center.

3. Arequipe

Similar to dulce de leche, arequipe is a sweet caramelized topping that you can smother on anything you’d like.

4. Copelia Cocadas


These Copelia cocadas are coconut candies that have a mix of caramel.

5. Chocolatina Jet

If you’re a fan of chocolate, then this chocolatina jet is a must have. It comes in flavors such as milk chocolate, cookies n’ cream, fresa and manzana.

6. Choco Cafe

Detallitos que nos traen los coworkers de sus viajes. Éstas delicias vienen de Colombia y no creo que lleguen al mediodía 😋Feliz lunes!!#espiritu23 #gifts #chococafe #colombia

Posted by Espíritu 23 on Monday, October 17, 2016

This one is for all of the coffee lovers. Choco Cafe are little chocolate covered coffee beans that can serve as a sweet substitute for your coffee.

7. Aguardiente Antioqueño


Every Colombiano who likes to drink knows exactly what this is. And to give you an idea, Aguardiente Anitoqueño is just as complex as the name itself. Containing 29% alcohol, this bottle consists of anise-flavored liquor which is made from sugar cane.

8. Amor Perfecto Café


For a pick-me-up in the mornings, this cafecito Colombiano will do the trick. Also referred to as ‘el café de los amantes,’ this coffee is known for its high-quality taste.

9. Diana: Chocolate Colombiano


Especially delicious during the winter, is this Colombian hot chocolate. This hot chocolate mix comes in the form of a solid bar and has a light cinnamon taste to it.

10. Chocoramo



Chocoramo is a vanilla flavored cake covered in chocolate. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and it goes great with a cup of milk, coffee or hot chocolate.

11. Ponqué Gala


Here is another sweet pastry from Colombia that people love. These Ponqué Gala pastelitos come in different flavors such as chocolate, coco, limón, vanilla and mandarina.

12. Margarita: Papas Fritas


These are the Lay’s chips of Colombia and they come in different flavors such as the ones shown above.

13. Maní Moto


Here is a Colombian midnight snack you can munch on when you get hungry. Similar to cracker nuts, Maní Moto peanuts have a crunchy outer shell, which is what makes them so delicious.

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What are your favorite treats from Colombia? Let us know in the comments and hit the share button below!