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24 Times That Prove Latinos Just Don’t Do Basic Snacks

Penvee / Themakingsofmo / Lilianair / Instagram

Whoever said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day clearly hasn’t snacked like a Latino. Latinos go beyond the basic snacks and make sure they eat the best stuff they can even if it’s something they’re eating in the car on the way to work. Whether it’s something as simple as fruit or as complicated as bionicos, Latinos have the best snacks. It is all about the preparation and pairing of different ingredients to really make the most basic snack pop.

1. Elote con Papitas

CREDIT: Paraisojuicebar / Instagram

Corn may be a vegetable but this is a vegetable you’ll be excited to eat. I would’ve never thought to mix a vegetable with Hot Cheetos dust and limon but it is delicious. This snack offers the perfect balance of a serving of vegetable and a bag of chips.

2. Sandia Loca

CREDIT: ricosantojoscuquita / Instagram

Speaking of eating enough vegetables, fruit is another important food group. Sandia is perfect for the hot summer months but even then, we know better than to just eat boring, plain sandia. You just have to kick it up.

3. Chamoy Manzana

CREDIT: Slusheeland / Instagram

Caramel apple who? There’s no reason to cover an apple in caramel when you can coat it in chamoy and tamarindo. Not only does it look really interesting, it tastes even better.

4. Concha Ice Cream Sandwich

CREDIT: Horchateriarl / Instagram

There’s no need to sandwich ice cream in between two boring cookies when you can use a fresh, sweet concha. The cocha even makes this messy snack easier to eat by soaking up any melted ice cream. This also proves that we are even able to upgrade our own snacks because everything is a starter kit.

5. Churros with Ice Cream

CREDIT: Theloopchurros / Instagram

You’ve heard of ice cream with conchas, now get ready for ice cream with churros. Dipping your churro in chocolate is so two thousand and late, try dipping your churro in ice cream. If your snack still needs a bit of color, try having your churro covered in fruity pebbles.

6. Mango Flower

CREDIT: Bimalapiya / Instagram

Let’s be real, if anyone’s getting me flowers, I hope they get me mango flowers. By simply slicing and throwing on some chile y limon, Latinos elevate this fruit into a snacking essential. *drools profusely*

7. Paletas

CREDIT: Catsandcrayons / Instagram

If you love popsicles, try paletas made from real fruit. You won’t need to be convinced when you see fruit chunks in every bite. If fresa isn’t your flavor, they come in any flavor you could ever want. Seriously. You can even get yourself a tequila flavored paleta if you want.

8. Bionicos

CREDIT: Zurysraspados / Instagram

This one is basically a salad, right? With all that fruit, granola, and coconut it’s almost too healthy! But if we’re staying healthy, we’ll just pretend that it’s not covered in condensed milk.

9. Pepino Loco

CREDIT: Slusheeland / Instagram

If the sandia loca is too crazy to cut into, try the pepino loco. As you can see, loco is a common way to describe these snacks because they are crazy good. Swap out the sandia base with a pepino and it’s the perfect size for you to eat on the go.

10. Mango Loco

CREDIT: Lilianair / Instagram

There are so many crazy snacks but this one is a gateway to the mangonada you’ll see later on. The mango loco has all the fruit we love from the sandia and pepino loco but if you’d prefer ice cream, you’ll love the mangonada.

11. Esquite

CREDIT: Zuryraspados / Instagram

This snack is a variation of the elote we saw earlier and the hearts on top show just how much everyone loves esquite. Everyone loves elote but esquite makes it that much easier to eat by getting rid of the corn cob for you. If you ever chase after any man, it should only be an elote man.

If you’ve loved the elotes you’ve seen here, you should check out the unicorn elote.

12. Mangonada

CREDIT: Lamichoacananaturalfruit / Instagram

A minimalist version of the mango loco. The mangonada is a refreshing sorbet that does away with any unnecessary garnishings. All of the flavor, none of the fluff. Just because something is simple does not mean that is is basic.

13. Raspado

CREDIT: raspadojalisco / instagram

Even simpler than a mangonada is a raspado. I’ve been eating these since before I even knew what shaved ice was. Make sure you ask for a straw so you can drink any juice that melts because it is so delicious you won’t want to waste a single drop.

14. Jello

CREDIT: Jlbarmywife / Instagram

If you’ve been to a Latino party, you’ve had a rainbow jello. This jello offers up the best of every flavor by mixing them all together and making it even sweeter by throwing in condensed milk.

15. Platano Frito

CREDIT: Daninthecloud / Instagram

Whoever said “everything tastes better fried” was right. Frying platanos is easy enough that anyone can and will do it once they’ve tasted this sweet snack. This is just one of those things the is not too overpowering in flavor but perfectly seasoned to let you taste the fruit’s natural flavor.

16. Carne Asada Fries

CREDIT: Kingkupofficial / Instagram

Carne asada fries are the perfect comfort food. You can keep the boring fries and ketchup. The cheese, sour cream, jalapeños, and chile add so much depth that this snack just gets better and better with every bite.

17. Quesadillas

CREDIT: Cleaneatsbytay / Instagram

Quesadillas might not be filling enough to be a meal but it is a great and easy snack to make. All you have to do is throw on some cheese and anything else you want. For a quesadilla like the one in this photo, try throwing in some red peppers and to really wow your instagram followers, throw in a side of carrots.

18. Buñuelos

CREDIT: Galededras / Instagram

What’s the perfect blend of platanos fritos, and churros? Buñuelos. Buñuelos give you the crispy bite of a platano with the sweet cinnamon flavor of a churro. Like a churro, don’t be afraid to dip this in your ice cream.

19. Tostilocos

CREDIT: Penvee / Instagram

Tostilocos are a classic snack full of crunch. Each bite can be exactly what you want when your Tostinos are covered in peanuts, tamarindo, chile, limon, and maybe even some cueritos or mango.

20. Agua Fresca

CREDIT: Malumosuna / Instagram

Pressed juice? Never heard of it. Agua fresca is the originally juice. You know summer’s right around the corner when you see giant jugs of juice at the store. With so many classic flavors, everyone can find at least one (or five) agua frescas that they love.

21. Obleas

CREDIT: Sweetms1176 / Instagram

An oblea may just be a basic wafer but the snack doesn’t end there. This oblea is covered in peaches but you can make an oblea sandwich with anything you’d like. Another popular way to eat obleas is with a lot of cajeta in between both wafers.

21. Papas Rellenas

CREDIT: Themakingsofmo / Instagram

You are what you eat and these papas rellenas are so good that by the time I’m done eating them, I’m the stuffed potato. The ones in this photo are stuffed with meat, spices, and a bit of chile that gives it that bit of kick we’re all looking for.

22. Hot Cheetos con Queso

CREDIT: Maverickbriones / Instagram

I don’t know who thought to mix Hot Cheetos with cheese but they are are definitely a Latino. Cheese makes almost everything taste better and you will not regret trying these cheesy Hot Cheetos snacks.

23. Empanadas

CREDIT: Lottas.leben / Instagram

Empanadas are like giant papas rellenas and they are just as irresistible. Be careful when you first try this snack because you might become obsessed. I could eat empanadas everyday and never get tired of them.

24. Pepino con Tajín y Limon

CREDIT: Solodolo129 / Instagram

Pepino con Tajín y limon is a classic. This really is one of the easiest snacks to make but even then, you won’t have to because your friends will be dying to make it for you once you make them try it.

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