A Woman Who Suffered A Stroke In A Mexico Train Station Was ‘Dumped’ In The Street By Cops And Died

Discussion about the misassumptions people have about pain tolerance and women have been in circulation for years. As we have reported before, studies have shown that gender and race have long played a huge role in the prevention of women’s health care advances in the past and has continued to block women from receiving the medical care they need on a day to day basis.

In fact, a recent study published by the US National Library of Medicine 
National Institutes of Health revealed that medical practitioners have often been trained to believe men are “brave” when it comes to pain while women are too “emotional.” In a different study, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A found that when it comes to assessing the treatment of individuals for pain it is not uncommon for incidents of racial bias to occur.

No one totally knows what happened to María Guadalupe Fuentes Arias on the morning of February 16 when she suffered a stroke but one might gather that her race and sex might have played a part in her death.

Fuentes Arias, 56, suffered a stroke on a train in Mexico City on February 16th. Three days Later she died.

After entering the Tacubaya Metro station at 7 AM local time on February 16, Fuentes Arias suffered a stroke. In a CCTV video published by Reforma, five police agents can be seen responding to her and carrying her body on a stretcher through the station to the police department’s precinct at Line 1 station. There, she spent three hours until four male police officers led her out of the station. She can be seen struggling to walk in the video and was soon after left by the police officers on the steps of the train station’s entrance. She stayed on those very steps for 26 hours without any medical attention.

A street vendor was the one to notify police of her presence, according to reports he initially mistook her for being drunk.

“The first time I saw her I thought she was drunk because they usually drink and stay there,” the vendor said according to Daily Mail. “But the day after I arrived and I saw her again, I said ‘no, this lady is not drunk, she is sick, something happened to her, she fell, she got hurt, but she has something because it has already been too long for her to be drunk and passed out.”

After calling for an ambulance, Fuentes Arias was taken to a local hospital where she was taken in for treatment but ultimately declared dead.

According to Reforma, Police involved in the incident are currently being investigated by the Mexico City Honor and Justice Council.

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