Why This Venezuelan-American Mom Started A Bilingual Children’s Book Series

Growing up, Susie Jaramillo remembers singing “Los Pollitos,” a bedtime song about a hen taking care of her hatchlings that is as popular in Latin America as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is in the US. Now a mom, the Venezuelan-American hoped to pass down these popular children’s stories to her own kids, except, when she went to the library or bookstore, Spanish-language tales weren’t in sight. That’s when she decided to create her own.

Starting in 2016, Canticos is a series of bilingual books, companion apps and singalong videos for little ones aimed at expanding inclusion and creating cultural pride among youth.

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“If you’re Latino living in the United States, sometimes you have this feeling of otherness, and what I want to make clear to my children is that their language and their culture is a part of the American tapestry,” Jaramillo, a mother of two, told NBC News.

According to the news outlet, the US has more than 41 million Spanish-speakers, but less than 1 percent of all American books are in Spanish. Canticos is trying to fill the void. With seven picture books, telling the stories of Los Pollitos, Los Ratoncitos, Las Mañanitas and more, Jaramillo is sharing the rhymes she learned as a kid with children growing up in the US

“When I had my first child, I went online and thought: Where are all the board books of these songs that I grew up with” Jaramillo, a former co-founder of a Latino-focused New York advertising agency, told the Associated Press. “We’re always singing the American songs in Spanish, and our songs are great. Why aren’t people singing them in English?”

Catincos, which Jaramillo says is in high demand, is using hard books, apps and now a digital series through a partnership with Nickelodeon, which will soon begin selling Catincos toys, clothing and decor, is giving families who want to raise bilingual children more opportunities to do so.

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For the children, it’s a fun way to stay or become connected to a culture that feels at once close yet distant.

“I like the songs, because some of them are really catchy,” a child told NBC News. “It teaches you that’s it’s important to learn more than one language,” another youth added about Catincos.

Canticos books are available at Target, Walmart, buybuy Baby and Barnes & Noble as well as online.

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20 Chingona Quotes You'll Want To Put On Your Inspiration Board


20 Chingona Quotes You’ll Want To Put On Your Inspiration Board

@_erikangel / Instagram

From Facebook, to YouTube, and Instagram, entertainer Erika Angel never fails to crack up her fans. Not only are her videos funny AF, they also contain some valuable life lessons we can all learn from…

1. Dance off the haters.

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when a bitch don't like me

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Preferably to Maná… Because if someone doesn’t like you, pues ya ni modo.

2. Or fly away from them.

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😂😂😂😂😂😂 ábrete perra

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With your lashes.

3. Never be afraid to be unique.

Everyone else is just basic.

4. Take every opportunity to ✨shine.✨

Because if you don’t take risks and put yourself out there, someone else will take your spotlight.

5. Always be shining.

And singing your own jams.

6. Never be afraid to bring out your dark side though.

Because your never too old to be scene.

7. Cumbia is always better.

Ariana but make it cumbia.

8. Never let a boy mistreat you.

Putting this on a quote board: Chillona pero chingona.

9. But if you’re sad, just let it out.

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cuando extrañas a tu novio y te conviertes en …

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It’s okay to be vulnerable once in a while.

10. Never let yourself be a pendeja.

But always be true to yourself too.

11. If he misbehavse mándalo a la chingada.

And then delete him.


12. Rebelde4ever.


13. Be the hot tia you want to see in the world.

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Looking like a hot Tia 🤧👌✨

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And always have your pout fixed.


14. La que SEGÚN no le importa lo que diga la gente


15. Don’t believe what you see in the magazines.

Fruncí d más.

7. Be selfish when needed.

Put yourself (and your clothes) first.

8. Never forget your roots.

And take pride in your rich culture.

9. Embrace both your cultures.

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The struggle of being Mexican American lmao 🙂

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In the words of Selena, “It’s exhausting!”

10. Instead of being insecure about your flaws, just make fun of them.

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no pony tails for me <3

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You’re just beating everyone else to the punch. Right, gallinas?

11. And most importantly, LOVE YO SELF.

If you don’t, who will?

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