Victoria Secret Model Adriana Lima Says She Lost Her Virginity When She Was In Her Late 20s, So Did These Mujeres

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Often, it feels like society is pushing us to face sex and our own sexuality. Sex is in our music, on our TVs and movies and in our face more often than not. It’s true that sex sells and everyone wants to feel desirable, but that doesn’t always mean we’re looking to do the ACTUAL deed.

Contrary to what society suggests, it isn’t all that uncommon to wait to explore one’s sensual side. Whether it’s the first kiss or going all the way, people sometimes choose to hold off on these events. Obviously, there are several different reasons to want to wait and we wanted to hear all about them.

We asked readers to share their experiences with sexual late blooming and here’s what they had to say.

Sometimes, people find it hard to believe you’ve waited so long.

“This is more personal than I like to get on social media but I waited until marriage and was a month shy of 25. I had a male cousin who flipped and could not believe I had never had sex. It actually turned into a pretty comical moment. He kept repeating over and over again in surprising disbelief, ‘Damn I have a 24 yr old cousin who is a virgin?!?!'” — @arcewb

Sometimes you’re waiting for the right person.

“Yeah, I also waited long past by 26 yrs. It’s hard 2 believe but I wanted my first time 2 be with someone who loved me back. We did it and it was sweet. We were gonna get married. Ironically we didn’t stay together but I dont regret it.” — @libyillescas

Some focus more on the journey than the end goal of sex.

“I’m about to turn 26 and I’m still esperando for the correct moment and correct persona. Never having had sex isn’t something to be proud of or feel shameful about. It’s just your journey and your right to choose for yourself what you want.” — @labrujaderichmond

Sometimes life just gets in the way.

“28, still haven’t. At the beginning it was marriage, then it became just the one, then just a person it felt right with and finally just school and life and work got in the way of exploring any form of romantic relationship.” — @angiebanuelos

Sometimes our cultural values keep us from exploring sex.

“It’s still happens, I was in my 30s. My father was a southern Baptist minister growing up. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 yrs now. Everyone should make up their own mind for when they are ready.” — @drkimby_fpvgirlfriend

Some aren’t even granted the opportunity until they gain more freedom with age.


“I had my first ‘real’ first kiss — the one I count anyway — with a male dancer a few weeks after my first PRIDE at 21. I didn’t wait for funsies. My mother was controlling of everything and I could only catch rides to work until we moved back to Houston from the countryside but by then idk. I didn’t want to just get it over with. I wanted someone I really liked. Didn’t help I was dark skinned and plus sized back then either. For the people who were MY type, I wasn’t theirs.” — Anonymous

Ultimately, no matter when you choose to explore your sexual side, make sure it’s your decision.

“I was 29 when I first had sex. I still remember when I was asked why I waited so long. So for those women out there who are waiting, never forget it’s your choice and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for being a virgin. Whether you wait for marriage or for the right person who makes you feel comfortable. It’s your choice and no one should judge you for it. Your body, your choice!” — @mars_bars82

Cardi B Blows Up Instagram As She Shares Her Opinion On Best Lighting Options For Sex


Cardi B Blows Up Instagram As She Shares Her Opinion On Best Lighting Options For Sex

Iamcardib / Instagram

Would you even be surprised to hear that Cardi B is at it again – this time talking about the best lighting to have during sex? Probably not. In classic Cardi B style, she took to Instagram to set the record straight, and give everyone the low-down on how we should be having sex. Because we all know that in the modern age, the best way to get your message across on the important things is via the glorious Insta feed.

As any true sex aficionado, Cardi gave us all the reasons why we shouldn’tuse certain lighting.

Instagram / @iamcardib

She begins by explaining why a fully-lit room can ruin the mood. ”If I see a pimple on a n**** face, it distract me from cumming because now I wanna pop the pimple … I can’t focus at all,” she said. Clearly, Cardi B is one of those people who can watch one of those Youtube vids showing pimples getting popped in graphic detail, without getting squicked out over it. More power to her – except for when she’s in bed, obviously.

Next, Cardi brought out the next point in her argument: that there’s no way you wanna be banging when it’s pitch black.

Instagram / @iamcardib

”You know you start seeing monsters when it’s too dark and sh*t. Oh, b*tch, I’m scared I wanna get out of here,” she explained. Okay, so now somehow we’re not only getting hints and tips on getting the best out of our time in the bedroom, we’re also learning more about Cardi B. She’s afraid of the dark? Man, it’s time for her to invest in some cute lil fairy lights or something. We all know that even though that hipster aesthetic is hella adorable, it was really made for people who aren’t a fan of the dark.

And then, Cardi B schooled us on how we should be setting the mood when we’re in the bedroom.

Instagram / @iamcardib

“You know when you’re in the club, when that blue light is on and everyone looks beautiful … you look beautiful when the TV light is on,” she said. And you know what, she’s not wrong. There’s something to be said about the dim lighting that a television can provide. After all, “Netflix and chill” was invented for a reason, right? And now it’s evolved beyond just being a simple pickup line, into an actual phenomenon, thanks to Cardi B.

But, this brings up more questions: is it possible for whatever’s on TV to be too distracting?

Instagram / @iamcardib

For us hippies out here: would a lava lamp suffice? What about sound coming from the TV? Are we going to ignore the initial awkwardness of getting hot and heavy with someone, to then fiddling with the lights and turning on the television? If Cardi’s gonna argue this, then she’s gonna need to go all out and really explore the topic with us. We. Need. Answers. And if this turns into a series on Insta, we’re breaking out the popcorn.

Anyway, as you’ve probably already guessed, things are blowing up on Insta and on Twitter.

Instagram / @iamcardib

The comments were alive with people applauding Cardi for sharing a universal truth. It’s now a fact, babes.

Some of these comments though…

Instagram / @iamcardib

Others were surprised that what should be a sexy night in can turn into a full-on ghost story for our girl.

Maybe not too surprising, Cardi B had her supporters online.

Instagram / @iamcardib

Chances are Cardi isn’t the first one to have discovered the benefit of a blue light, with some fans applauding her statement and making them feel seen.

Things were a bit different on Twitter, though.

It probably doesn’t help that Cardi also took to Twitter to share her thoughts on spitting and sex – and suddenly everyone had to Tweet their thoughts on what was going on behind the scenes for Cardi B. This led some to inquire about the health of Cardi and Offset’s relationship. We can answer this now, for you: they’re doing fine, of course – Cardi’s got the whole TV lighting thing sorted, after all!

Others had a bit of a giggle – because Cardi B was doing what Cardi does best. No, not rapping – chatting about sex online!

A fan or two couldn’t help but think about what Cardi’s comments meant for Cardi and Offset’s sex life. 

At the end of the day Cardi B is out here doing God’s work, since she’s destigmatizing women having a sexual appetite, one Instagram rant at a time. Thanks, Cardi. And for those of you who are curious about the original post, we’ve got it right herefor you. Yeah, you’re welcome.

Bella Thorne Is Making Her Directorial Debut With Porn Film On PornHub


Bella Thorne Is Making Her Directorial Debut With Porn Film On PornHub

Bella Thorne is having quite a year, and her latest big move involves a whole lot of Pornhub. The 21-year-old actress is launching into a whole new type of industry and is getting a lot of shocked responses. For those of you unfamiliar with her career, here’s a brief wrapup: While she’s been acting since she was a child — as a way to help provide for her family — Thorne has been seen in a slew of TV and film projects. Her big break came in 2010 as a co-star in the Disney Channel sitcom “Shake It Up,” alongside actress Zendaya. She has since gone on to big box office films and has also garnered a ton of attention for her personal life.

Well, things are going to get a lot more interesting for the Floridian star.

Bella Thorne has directed her first film, which is a porn movie, and will be available on

Credit: YouTube

The film is titled “Her & Him” and takes inspiration from “Romeo & Juliet.” By no means, however, is this film a modern-day Shakespearean movie. Thorne is going all-in as a porn film. The film stars porn actors Small Hands and Abella Danger, and on Sept. 11 to Sept. 15, the film will be seen at The Oldenburg Film Festival in Germany and then be made available on Pornhub. “Her & Him” is part of Pornhub’s Visionaries Director’s Series, which includes movies by other celebs such as Brooke Candy and Young MA.

Thorne said she originally intended to do a scary holiday movie, but then had a change of heart.

Credit: YouTube

“My vision originally actually was to make a Christmas horror movie, and instead I made a very beautiful, ethereal, neon type of vision,” Thorne said in the promotional video for the film. “Sometimes, you go into something thinking that you want something specific, and then you totally change your mind and don’t go with that idea at all.”

The film itself doesn’t necessarily fall into a typical porn category. Not that we’ve seen it, however, from the trailer only, the film has a music video aesthetic and not a high definition quality that you may expect. The actress went on to say that she felt lucky that Pornhub believed in her vision and wasn’t trepidatious about doing this film with her especially because other studio executives had turned down her movie idea. She said that she had shopped around her movie pitch for a long time but was getting turned down because they were “scared to make a movie like this one when it comes to dominance and submissive[ness] between a male and female and how this relationship can turn quite sour.”

So, what was it like filming a porn movie? Thorne said it was “interesting.

Credit: Instagram/@bellathorne

As this is her launch into directing movies, Bella Thorne is no stranger to the wild ongoings of a Hollywood set. Her catalog of films is quite extensive and includes “Amityville: The Awakening,” “Blended,” and “The Duff.” This process, however, was very different, mainly because there were people having sex. She said, “we had real-life f*cking on set which I had never shot before at all.” Well, that’s one takeaway.

People on social media definitely had things to say about this startling news.

“I don’t think Bella Thorne and Zendaya could’ve taken more opposite paths after Shake It Up,” another said. To those haters, the actress said, that just because they’re uncomfortable with porn doesn’t mean they have to put that stigma onto others.

For anyone that thinks Thorne is swaying toward a negative path, they should know she’s also an accomplished author.

Credit: Instagram/@bellathorne

Last month, Thorne released her seventh published book. This one is titled “The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray.” The book has only released a couple of weeks, and it’s already a best-seller. The book isn’t a work of fiction but rather a published compilation of essays and poem deals with her personal struggles, relationships, and life as a headline-making celebrity. She’s definitely making news lately.

The release of her porn film comes just a couple of months since someone tried to threaten her by releasing nude photos.

Credit: Instagram/@bellathorne

Thorne ended up releasing the images herself in a move she said would take power away from the person trying to exploit her. Thorne got an overwhelming amount of support from fans and celebs for being brave enough to go after her hacker and release the images on her own terms. However, actress and “The View” co-host, Whoopi Goldberg faced backlash after the Oscar-winning star shamed her for taking nude images of herself.

Check out the trailer for her new porn film “Her & Him,” below.

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