Internet Sensation Lauri Garcia Talks About Haters, Being A Proud Mexicana, And Juggling College Life With A Side-Hustle

You won’t meet many 18-year-olds like social media sensation Lauri Garcia. The Mexican-born triple threat has a combined follower count of over 700,000 across TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter, and that number grows by the thousands daily. Yes, we said daily. Basically, there’s no medium she can’t master. And Garcia’s internet savvy is only the tip of the iceberg for this multi-hyphenate teenager. Not only does Garcia run a mini media empire from her smartphone, but in her downtime, she’s just like us. Lauri MF Garcia (as she affectionately calls herself on the internet) she also moonlights as college student, working towards her degree in nursing at her local college. 

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Perhaps that’s what makes Lauri so popular–she doesn’t pretend to be someone she’s not. You won’t see her social media feeds clogged up with spon-con or her Instagram posts photo-shopped past the point of recognition. Garcia has built her devoted following off of unapologetically being herself. Recently, we got to talk to Garcia about how she manages her time as a college student and a TikTok icon, the influencers she’s inspired by, and how she deals with the haters. 

Credit: @l.auriiiiii/Instagram

Mitu (M): For those of our readers who aren’t familiar with you yet, tell us a little about your background.

Lauri Garcia (LG): I am an 18-year-old who loves making videos on TikTok and Youtube. I was raised in Jalisco, Mexico and now live in North Carolina. 

M: You’re active in all the popular social media platforms. Which one do you like the best and why?

LG: My favorite social media platform is definitely TikTok because I get to express myself and my ideas through videos.

M: You’re bilingual and speak both English and Spanish, but the majority of your content is in Spanish. What made you decide to be a Spanish-language content creator?

LG: The main reason was because most of my family lives in Mexico and I wanted them to be able to understand my content.

Credit: @l.auriiiiii/Instagram

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M: The Mexican flag is featured prominently in most of your videos. Is this a conscious decision on your part? Do you have pride in your Mexican heritage?

LG: I was raised in Jalisco, Mexico for about 13 years of my life. That flag means a lot to me, it reminds me of where I came from and who I am. I’m proud to be Mexicana.

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M: Have you been recognized in public yet? If so, what was that like for you the first time it happened?

LG: My first time being recognized in public was so exciting. It was at a Mexican Festival (El Grito) and three girls came towards me asking, “Are you the girl that makes TikToks?”. I was so happy! Those three girls made my day and after that, more and more people started asking for pictures and telling me they love my content. I felt so loved and it only motivated me even more.

Credit: @laurimfgarcia/Twitter

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M: What did you think when your videos first started to go viral?

LG: I’ve been making videos for years now, so when my fist video went viral, I was so happy that my time was finally here. Never give up on your dreams.

El Grito

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M:  Was it hard to balance the demands of high school while being an influencer?

LG: I started to make videos once I started college, so I had a little more free time to manage a schedule for class, homework, and making videos.

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M: Is it a challenge to remain constantly upbeat on social media? Have there ever been times where it’s hard to stay funny?

LG: It’s really all about time management. The challenges I face are motivation for me to make people smile. I care about my followers and I know there will be days when someone is having a bad day. I love being the person that can always put a smile on someone’s face.

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M: Being a young woman in the public eye can be tough–especially for someone who is brave enough to share their personal life on social media. Is there any advice you can offer to your fans about dealing with haters?

LG: What are haters? Tirales una naranja para que se las pelen. My mom always told me: “Ignoralos y tu sigue adelante, entre más las ignores mas te van a tener envidia”. I’m all about positive vibes, so I don’t really like to argue back unless it’s necessary. I really don’t let negativity affect me. I let the world deal with it instead.

Credit: @l.auriiiiii/Instagram

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M:  Is there a Latino in the public eye that you look up to? That you’d like to model your career after?

LG: Juampa Zurita has been my role model ever since he started with Vines. He started from being so small to being a great and important person in the Hispanic community. He’s a person that loves to help his people, and has done amazing things, such as building houses for the ones in need in Mexico. 

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M: Who is your dream collaboration?

LG: My dream collab would be with [Youtube beauty guru] alannized. I love him so much. His personality brings a smile to my face every time I watch his videos. He is such a nice, sweet and unique person. Alan, if you’re reading this, I love you so much y ojala me des algun dia la oportunidad.

Credit: @LauriMFGarcia/Twitter

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M: Where do you see your career going next? Do you have any new projects on the horizon?

LG: Well, right now I’m focused on school. I’m working on a nursing degree and after that si dios quiere, I’ll be in Los Angeles in two years.

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M: What would you tell fans of yours who are looking to follow in your footsteps as a digital content creator and influencer?

LG: No matter how hard your path gets, never give up and always keep pushing yourself to do better. Sometimes you’re going to have to cut people out of your life and that’s okay–people leave for a reason. And lastly, always be yourself, nunca te compares a otras personas. You’ll get to where you need to be. Todo a su tiempo.

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Jennifer Lopez Just Announced That She’s Pumped The Brakes On Her Wedding To Alex Rodriguez


Jennifer Lopez Just Announced That She’s Pumped The Brakes On Her Wedding To Alex Rodriguez

Insider / Instagram

Just when we thought Coronavirus couldn’t make things worse.

On a recent at-home edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jennifer Lopez announced that she has had to put a pause on her wedding thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Ellen, Lopez explained how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected her during this time.

“It did affect it a little bit,” Lopez told Ellen in an interview in which the TV host asked about her wedding plans. “So, we’ll see what happens now … I really don’t know what’s gonna happen now as far as dates or anything like that. We are just kind of in a holding pattern like the rest of the world. So, again, it’s just something we have to wait and see in a few months how this all pans out.”

Of course, leave it to DeGeneres to push for romance. The talk show host recommended that Lopez and Rodriguez try to do a “TikTok wedding” consider how popular their recent videos on the platform have been so far.

“It’s something to think about,” Lopez laughed. “I can’t make any commitments right now.” 

The Latina queen and retired baseball superstar became engaged in March 2019.

For the two years that they’ve been dating, J-Lo and A-Rod have shared their lives with the public through their social media accounts, giving us a glimpse into the loving relationship that Lopez has called her “first ever good relationship”. Their Instagram profiles are sprinkled with pictures of them jet-setting, attending premieres and galas, and taking mixed-family vacations in exotic locales together. In other words, they’re very publicly living their best lives together.

However, a wrench was thrown into their happily-ever-after Sunday night when former MLB player Jose Canseco publicly accused A-Rod of cheating on Jennifer Lopez with his ex-wife, Jessica Canseco. In light of all this drama, we’ve compiled the definitive timeline of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship, all the way from friends to fíances. Take a look!

May 2005


Before the Puerto-Rican triple threat and the Dominican All-Star were Hollywood’s reigning It Couple, they were mere acquaintances. The pair first met in 2005 at a Yankees vs. Mets Baseball game. At the time, Rodriguez was married to his first wife, Cynthia Scurtis, while Lopez was still married to Marc Anthony.

February 2017


Lopez and Rodriguez reconnected twelve years later when they ran into each other at a restaurant. According to Lopez, they briefly said hello, but it was her who couldn’t resist continuing the conversations. “After [lunch] I went outside,” she said. “And for some reason I felt like tapping him on the shoulder”. He then asked her out to dinner via text.

March 2017

@jlo / Instagram

By March 2017, neither J-Lo nor A-Rod were trying to hide the fact that they were dating. During the month, they were spotted vacationing together in The Bahamas. ARod’s sister also posted a selfie of herself with JLo, captioning it #miscuñis, which means things were moving along pretty nicely.

March 31st, 2017

@jlo / Instagram

When co-hosting “The View” at the end of March, Rodriguez had only great things to say about his new lady love: “She’s an amazing girl. We’re having a great time”. He also went on to say that J-Lo was “one of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met”. And he didn’t stop there! He showered on the compliments by calling her “an incredible mother” who “loves family”.

April 2017


By April, it was J-Lo’s turn to gush about her boo-thing on the talk-show circuit. While being grilled about her new boyfriend by Ellen (naturally), Lopez called Rodriguez “a great guy,” this 100% confirming their relationship.

May 2017


Never one to do things half-heartedly, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez made their public debut as a couple at arguably the most prestigious event in the world: the Met Gala, of course. This occasion also marked J-Lo’s debut on A-Rod’s Instagram–and the first of many.

June 2017

@arod / Instagram

By June 2017, it was obvious to the world that this couple was the real deal. Not only was Rodriguez gushing to the press that Jennifer was the ideal role model for his daughters, the pair was also taking glamorous European trips together and posting their adventures to their millions of followers on Instagram.

September 2017


We all know that one of the most crucial steps of a relationship is when your signficant other accompanies you to a work event. Lopez and Rodriguez crossed this milestone when A-Rod accompanied her to the premiere of “World of Dance”–a show she stars in and produces. It’s for reasons like this that A-Rod calls her “one of the most brilliant business minds that [he’s] ever met”!

November 2017


J-Lo and A-Rod took their relationship a step further when they spent Thanksgiving together in Rodriguez’s home. On Instagram, they shared with their followers that this was one of the many times they combined families for the holiday–further proof that they were very confident with where their relationship was.

December 2017


Along with the power couple’s magazine cover debut on the December issue of “Vanity Fair”, the duo also debuted their new (and catchy) portmanteau: J-Rod (we’re pretty sure they had it trademarked before they went public).

January 2018


Lopez and Rodriguez showed their Latinx pride by visiting Puerto Rico in January after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.

February 2018


In the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar, JLo got candid about her relationship with A-Rod and addressed the possibility of a wedding on the horizon. “I do believe in marriage,” she said. “And I would love to grow old with somebody in a committed relationship. But I’m not forcing anything right now. It’s good, it’s healthy; we communicate well…We have a similar makeup.” All signs point to yes!

May 7, 2018


JLo and A-Rod attended their second Met Gala as a couple in matching couture Balmain outfits, cementing their status as style icons.

July 2018


Lopez and Rodriguez spent her 49th birthday in one of their go-to vacation spots: The Bahamas. A-Rod took to Instagram to share a cute pic of their blended family on vacation along with a heartfelt tribute to his lady love. ” For someone who has been about giving everything she has 365 days a year—to our children, our families, the world,” he said. “I hope today, we can give you all the happiness you deserve. I love you mucho”.

August 2018


A-Rod’s reaction to JLo’s epic VMA’s performance last August became a viral sensation, as his pride over his girlfriend’s triple-threat skills were all too apparent. Twitter was full of women wanting a man who looks at them like ARod looks at JLo.

October 2018


A-Rod continued to support his girlfriend by attending events that were obviously important to her. In October, Rodriguez accompanied Lopez to Elle’s famous “Women in Hollywood” event. That night, he posted a supportive message to JLo on his Instagram: “With two young daughters and a woman I admire by my side, I know how important it is that we raise women up and teach our girls that there is no limit to what they can do.”

December 2018


According to their Instagram accounts, J-Rod spent New Years eve in Malibu, again with their blended family. Rodriguez’s caption read: “As the sun sets on 2018, from our family to yours … #HappyNewYear everyone!”.

February 2019


Lopez took her athlete-beau to the ultimate glamour event: The Oscars. The two shined in evening wear and Rodriguez was solidly by her side while she strutted the red carpet and presented awards.

March 2019


On March 9th, J-Rod announced that they were engaged with mutual Instagram posts sharing the news. The Instagram posts showed off the 15-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, which is reported to be worth up to a cool $5 million.

March 10th, 2019

@JoseCanseco / Twitter

On Sunday night, former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco accused A-Rod of cheating on J.Lo with his ex-wife, Jennifer Canseco. Before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s important to realize that Canseco has a history of making some pretty out-there statements (i.e. asking his Twitter followers to “spend the day with me and my alien Buddies”and insisting that he’s acquainted with “Bigfoot and a real alien”). In other words: there’s reason to doubt his word.

As of now, both JLo and ARod have remained silent in response to these explosive allegations, so there’s no way of knowing the veracity of the claims. Until then, all we can do is speculate and hope for the best!

Hand Sanitizer Was Invented By A Latina Nursing Student In The 1960s


Hand Sanitizer Was Invented By A Latina Nursing Student In The 1960s

Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash | Twitter

When the novel coronavirus COVID-19 started to spread in the U.S., hand sanitizer became a hot commodity. Stores sold out of the product needed to clean your hands while on the go to prevent catching and spreading the virus. But, did you know that a Latina nursing student in the 1960s created hand sanitizer?

Lupe Hernandez, a nursing student in California in 1966, is the woman behind hand sanitizer.

Credit: @Rainmaker1973 / Twitter

Hernandez was in nursing school in Bakersfield, California when she thought about a gel form of rubbing alcohol. Hernandez realized that a gel form of alcohol would make it possible for people to clean their hands while on the go with no access to water and soap.

Hernandez knew she was on to something so she reached out to an invention hotline and submitted a patent.

While washing your hands is the best way to avoid contracting COVID-19, hand sanitizer is an important tool for those that still have to work. It is also a good option for people who are still healthy but have to go to the pharmacy, grocery store, or bank.

Hand sanitizer was just an industry product until the H1N1 viral outbreak in 2009.

Credit: Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

The 2009 outbreak of H1N1 drove up the demand for hand sanitizer among the public and it was soon packaged for consumers. According to The Guardian, the value of the hand sanitizer market has grown exponentially since the time before and after the H1N1 scare.

In 2018, the global hand sanitizer market value was $2.6 billion. The Guardian reports that the U.S. market value of hand sanitizer was $28 million in 2002 and $80 million in 2006.

Viral outbreaks like H1N1 make hand sanitizer a highly-prized commodity and some people try to profit off that fear.

Matt Colvin faced severe backlash after he and his brother bought out thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer in Tennessee and Kentucky after the first COVID-19 death in the U.S. The two covered 1,300 miles driving through Tennessee and Kentucky buying all of the hand sanitizers they could find in various dollar stores.

The brothers then started selling the hand sanitizer on Amazon for as much as $70 a bottle. Amazon shut them down and the attorney general of Tennessee launched an investigation into them for price gouging. They pledged to donate the product and Tennessee officials are making sure they follow through with the promise.

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