We Scoured Reddit For The Best Black Hair Straightening Tips

When it comes to Black Hair care and the best tips, we all know the journey lives on. Thanks to the natural hair movement rizos and frizz love has on the rise. Still, sometimes it’s fun to switch it up and go for a straight sleek look. For the best hair care tips when it comes to straightening your hair. We scavenged Reddit for the best advice that would guarantee healthy bouncy locks when it’s time to revert back to our natural looks.

Know your curl type for the best straightening technique. “Well manipulating your hair to be straight will always damage it a little bit. But there are ways to minimize it. Heat protectant. Blast that shit before straightening your hair. Don’t straighten your hair often (once or twice a month is ideal). If you see smoke coming out of the hair straightener, you need to abort stat. Don’t go over the same strand more than once. Also what type of hair do you have? I’m 3c/4a and straightening is usually a painless process regarsling hair loss. If you’re 4c, be extra careful with your hair.” – Reddit user 

Go all out with your heat protectant.

“If you can, deep condition and wash it the night before. Let it dry a little bit, and wrap it in a doobie wrap to sleep. That way when you go to straighten it in the morning, some of the curl is already smoothed out and it should take less heat to straighten it. Spray your heat protectant, and then use the comb and flat iron method. Deep condition again the next time you wash it, and you should be okay!” – cassie_storm

When it comes to shampoo and hot water: less is more.

“Shampoo less. Shampoo is not really for cleaning your hair. Shampoo is for cleaning your scalp. Buy some sulfate free shampoo. Start shampooing every other day, rather than daily. Depending on your hair, scalp, and personal preferences, you can start going for longer periods of time without shampooing. I started shampooing every other day, then once a week, then once a month, and now I rarely ever shampoo (see r/nopoo (also, for reference, I have thick wavy hair a couple inches past my armpits)). When you do use shampoo, don’t lather your hair like people always seem to on TV commercials. Like I said, shampoo isn’t really made for cleaning you hair. Take just a tiny dab of shampoo and sort of massage it into your scalp. Shower in cold water. Everyone loves their boiling hot shower, I know. That’s fine. But, at least, at the end of your shower, when you’re ready to rinse out your conditioner, blast it out with some cool water. I’ve worked up my tolerance to the point where I prefer cold showers. Cold water is beneficial to your hair and skin. Showering in hot water all the time can damage your hair, when my hair dries after a hot shower, it tends to be drier, puffy instead of curly, and just drab. After a cold shower, my hair dries softer, sleeker and curlier.” — u/notnickjonass

Get a scalp tonic.

“My hair looks healthier and longer since I have been spraying my hair with repairing scalp tonic and braiding it for bed.” — nohely303

Wash once a week.

“Wash it once a week using a baking soda paste. This will get rid of any residue, dandruff or product. Your hair will be super smooth and silky. Get the expensive conditioners Whatever brand you prefer for your hair type. Or just use something with coconut oil or argan oil in it. Never use a straight iron or hair dryer. It will just damage your hair. Use a mircro-fiber towel. Use a leave in conditioner comb it through and immediately braid your hair.* The next day, your hair is so smooth, silky and tangle free, with amazing wave/curls. Condition your hair daily in between washes. Crush up a couple of prenatal vitamins and put them in your shampoo bottle, for super healthy hair.” — Jewels133

Heat protectant and know the right setting. “It’s good to use a silicone based heat protectant and keep the heat around 385-410°C to prevent heat damage – once you hit temps of 450°C or higher it can cause heat damage or possibly burn the hair!”–  TuffTitti

Do an oil treatment the night before.

“I do coconut oil treatment the day before (try and put it in around 6 pm, shower at 930). Wash my hair with shampoo and loads of conditioner. Still brush my hair with my fingers while in the shower, though. Get out of the shower, wrong out, twist up in a microfiber towel, then a regular towel on top of that.Do my lotion/bedtimey stuff, take hair out of the towel around 10:15. Put it in two pigtail braids (not tight to my scalp cause it’s harder to get volume I find). When I wake up I blow dry the ends with the hair dryer always facing down the hair shaft. I’ll put in a bit of heat protectant cream and then straighten. I usually put in a bit of dry shampoo to get some volume back at the roots.” – reddit user.

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