This Latina Pop Star Is Shutting Down The Most Common (And Annoying) Things People Say About Immigrants

In March, Jauregui, a member of the band Fifth Harmony, spoke at an event sponsored by Urban Outfitters and Teen Vogue and the topic of discussion was immigration.

Here are seven points Jauregui made while on the Urban Outfitters + Teen Vogue In Conversation in Austin “People Aren’t Illegal: The Importance of Immigration and Asylum” panel…

1. She is sick of people calling other people aliens and illegal.

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“We’re all alive and we’re all present on our planet earth, which is just a little gaseous ball that we’re all floating on in space,” Jauregui added.

2. Borders are a manmade construct that were created for conquests.

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Jauregui argued that concepts of borders stop and starts with a need to conquer things.

3. It’s time to stop saying that people are just giving up and fleeing because it makes life easier.

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People are refugees or flee a country is because in many cases there is nothing left for them to do. The best chance they have to is leave behind everything they know and wish for a better life wherever they land.

4. Immigrants are literally struggling to survive.

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Jauregui added: “We don’t understand what that’s like. We don’t understand what it’s like to have to live in a situation where there’s rubble all around you and your family members are being harmed in front of your face. That’s traumatic to begin with.”

5. Judging people based on their economic contribution is arbitrary.

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This only dehumanizes people and turns them into dollar signs.

6. Children coming into the country aren’t a threat.

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Jauregui argues that children that are coming here have nothing and she is not about to buy into the narrative that those kids are coming to the U.S. to do any damage.

7. Lastly, unless you are Native American, you are a direct beneficiary of immigration.

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Speak the truth, Lauren.

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