’Tis the Season For Regalos Y Pampering With This Ulta Beauty Gift Guide

If there’s one thing that’s true about Latina moms, it’s that they never put themselves first. And when times get tough this sense of selflessness gets amplified 1,000%. So what do you give to the person who has given so much of herself to everyone else? Fear not, because we’ve got your back! When it comes to holiday gift shopping for the most important woman in your life, you have to pamper her with something thoughtful and unexpected. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Ulta Beauty to create a gift guide with plenty of options to surprise and pamper mami — and yourself too!

Florence by Mills Mind Glowing Peel Off Mask – $20

Being a mamá can be pretty harsh on your skin. Motherhood comes with sleepless nights and estrés (it’s like regular stress but in Spanish) that shows up on mami’s skin. Give the special mami in your life the chance to recharge with the Florence by Mills Mind Glowing Peel Off Mask. With purifying charcoal, soothing witch hazel, and calming lavender, it’s sure to bring a smile (and glow) to her face!

Kiehl’s Merry Masking – $39

You know your ‘ama LOVES when people mistake her for your sister, so she’s going to be pretty hyped to receive these youth-enhancing masks from you. The nature-powered Kiehl’s Merry Masking kit includes a Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask that uses white clay to minimize pores and keep her skin looking fine. There’s also a Ginger Leaf and Hibiscus Firming Mask, DID YOU READ WHAT I SAID?! Hibiscus = Jamaica, just like the agua fresca! Plus Calendula and Aloe Soothing Hydration mask, you know your mom will love that! Just be ready to have people say she’s too young to be your mamá wherever you go!

Hot Tools Professional Limited Edition 1-1/4″ Pink and Gold Curling Iron – $49.99

When a Latina mom sits down to curl her hair, she’s bound to get interrupted by unique Latina mom issues. Maybe a comadre stopped by unannounced for a chisme sesh, or she got interrupted because you know someone at home always needs her attention. Luckily, this curling iron gets hot quickly and stays hot. If you get this for her, there isn’t an interruption in the world that can keep her from living out her beach waves fantasy. Plus, it’s hot pink! Qué bonito!

Drybar Shimmer Spritzer Rose Gold Finishing Spray – $20

This Dry Bar Shimmer Spritzer Rose Gold Finishing Spray is exactly what your mom needs for a picture-perfect ‘do. You’ll want to frame that masterpiece because this spray will give her hair a light-diffusing shimmer that adds 3-dimensional sparkle, a hint of rose gold highlight, and light hold on her hair. Mírala, no pos tan fancy. ????

Too Faced Limited Edition Christmas Star Makeup Collection – $44

For a lot of Latinas, the holiday season means one thing and one thing only: serving killer looks in your tia’s sala (living room). Want your mom to be the talk of the dinner table? Of course, you do. With this Too Faced Christmas Star Makeup collection, their face will be primed and holiday-ready. Just a dash of Feliz Navidad and some Ginger Snap lip gloss and they’ll be the envy of all the comadres at the nochebuena.

Makeup Revolution Precious Stone Eyeshadow Palette in Ruby – $15

The ESCÁNDALO this eyeshadow palette is going to cause amongst your tias is more than enough reason to gift this to your madre. Rubies are considered the most precious of stones, and you know, yes YOU KNOW, your mother is the most precious stone of your family. So hook her up with this combination of 20 matte, shimmer and pressed glitter shades so she can get them “HÍJOLE, COMADRE!” comments from all her friends.

EcoTools Vibrant Vibes Brush Kit – $14.99

Your mom needs the right tools for her beauty routine, so you need to make sure that she’s always ready. These gentle and gorgeous brushes from EcoTools will help your mami evenly apply, brighten, set and define her makeup. She’ll look like she’s on the cover of a magazine, even if it’s really just your tia’s live stream of the party.

Ulta Beauty Collection Frida Kahlo by Ulta Beauty Lipstick – $10

Every mamá deserves to feel like a true work of art, especially in this season when so much of their hard work behind the scenes goes unsung. What better gift to give the number one mamá in your life than this collection inspired by one of the most iconic and talented Latinas in history? The Ulta Beauty Collection Frida Kahlo lipsticks include bold shades like Destiny and Corazón so she can show the world what you already see. That she is bold, she is brave, and she is ???? a ????work ????of ????art.

Ulta Beauty Collection Holiday Confetti Water Bottle Gift Set – $16

On top of everything, your mami is doing this holiday season between hosting distant relatives, driving around looking for that one supermarket that sells the good masa… you know what she’s not doing enough of? Staying hydrated! Well, you can put an end to that if you get your mamá this gift. The Cupcake Body Sorbet moisturizers will keep her skin glowing, and the water bottle is so cute, she’ll stay hydrated throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Essie Cheer’s To The Perfect Shades for the Holiday Season Duo – $12.99

Mami’s also going to have some fresh nails to type away the chisme with her comadres! The Essie Cheer’s To The Perfect Shades for the Holiday Season Duo comes with a copper shimmer and fierce burgundy polishes that are PERFECT for all the holiday gatherings. This pack will shine almost as bright as her eyes when she opens this gift on Christmas!

Jennifer Lopez Promise Eau de Parfum – $45 – $65

We all know that a holiday look isn’t complete without the finishing touch, a.k.a: the perfect fragrance. This fragrance merges beautifully woody scents with crystallized amber and is sure to make mami feel like the strong, powerful, talented, multifaceted woman she is. Just like Jennifer Lopez herself! She’ll love it, we promise!

Let’s be real fam, nobody works harder during the holidays than moms. Especially Latina moms, because for us, the holidays are next level. Have you ever made a tamal from scratch? It’s HARD. So make sure that when it comes time to open gifts, your mom has something to open that’s almost as incredible as she is. She selflessly works hard throughout the year and deserves to be treated like the reina she is! If you follow our Ulta Beauty holiday gift guide, there’s no way you can go wrong. Every one of these gifts will make for beautiful and unexpected surprises and let your mamá take some much needed me-time to pamper herself.

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