This Mexican Woman Ran A 50 Km Race In Sandals And Beat The Odds


On April 29th, María Lorena Ramírez ran against 500 runners in Puebla, Mexico’s 50 Km Ultra Trail Cerro Rojo race.


Ramírez, who is 22 years old, hails from Mexico’s Tarahumara indigenous community. The Tarahumara people are known for their ability to run long distances, which, as the BBC pointed out, was covered in Christopher McDougall’s book, “Born To Run.” To stay hydrated, the Tarahumara drink pinole, water with corn powder, and iskiate, which Christopher McDougall has dubbed “10,000-year-old Red Bull.” Iskiate’s secret ingredient is chia seeds.

Oh yeah, Ramírez also ran the entire race wearing a skirt and sandals, a.k.a. huaraches, made from repurposed tire rubber.


Ramírez ran the race without much of the gear most marathon runners consider essential. As the Daily Mail reported, she ran “without a hydration vest, without running shoes, without Lycra and compression socks, without any of those gadgets used by the runners of today.”

With her sandals, Ramírez beat the other 500 runners and took home first place.

Ramírez ran the entire 50 Km (31 miles) race in seven hours and three minutes, putting her at an average of two miles per hour. For her amazing effort, Ramírez took home 6,000 pesos, or $320.

This isn’t the first time Ramírez has made an impressive showing in a marathon.

In 2016, Ramírez took second place in Chihuahua, Mexico’s Caballo Blanco ultramarathon, which is 100 Km, or 62 miles.

When she’s not running, Ramírez spends her days as a goat and cattle herder.


On a given day, Ramírez can cover between 6 to 9 miles tending to her flock. Many members from her own family also participate in these marathons, including her brother who also participated in the April 29th race.


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