This Mexican Woman Ran A 50 Km Race In Sandals And Beat The Odds


On April 29th, María Lorena Ramírez ran against 500 runners in Puebla, Mexico’s 50 Km Ultra Trail Cerro Rojo race.


Ramírez, who is 22 years old, hails from Mexico’s Tarahumara indigenous community. The Tarahumara people are known for their ability to run long distances, which, as the BBC pointed out, was covered in Christopher McDougall’s book, “Born To Run.” To stay hydrated, the Tarahumara drink pinole, water with corn powder, and iskiate, which Christopher McDougall has dubbed “10,000-year-old Red Bull.” Iskiate’s secret ingredient is chia seeds.

Oh yeah, Ramírez also ran the entire race wearing a skirt and sandals, a.k.a. huaraches, made from repurposed tire rubber.


Ramírez ran the race without much of the gear most marathon runners consider essential. As the Daily Mail reported, she ran “without a hydration vest, without running shoes, without Lycra and compression socks, without any of those gadgets used by the runners of today.”

With her sandals, Ramírez beat the other 500 runners and took home first place.

Ramírez ran the entire 50 Km (31 miles) race in seven hours and three minutes, putting her at an average of two miles per hour. For her amazing effort, Ramírez took home 6,000 pesos, or $320.

This isn’t the first time Ramírez has made an impressive showing in a marathon.

In 2016, Ramírez took second place in Chihuahua, Mexico’s Caballo Blanco ultramarathon, which is 100 Km, or 62 miles.

When she’s not running, Ramírez spends her days as a goat and cattle herder.


On a given day, Ramírez can cover between 6 to 9 miles tending to her flock. Many members from her own family also participate in these marathons, including her brother who also participated in the April 29th race.

[H/T] BBC: Mexican Tarahumara woman wins 50km race wearing sandals

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This Mexican-American Has Mastered The Winged Eyeliner And Damn


This Mexican-American Has Mastered The Winged Eyeliner And Damn

@buec / Instagram

Meet Albert Bueno, a makeup magician.

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A post shared by A. Bueno (@buec) on

Okay. He isn’t literally a magician but he can do things with eyeliner that defy the laws of gravity.

Some of his looks have left makeup enthusiasts speechless.

Take this extravagant look above. How does one even get a winged liner so vertical, so sharp it could literally cut a bee?!

“I used a quill, una plumita, with the feather part stripped off so it is just the spine,” Bueno told mitú. “A lot of people were asking me about what I used because they couldn’t tell what it was.” So freakin creative! How does he even come up with this? 

Bueno’s skills are so distinctive even Kat Von D is a fan.

“I was really shocked,” Bueno told mitú about the care package Kat Von D Beauty sent him. “It was a validation that there are people in the makeup industry that appreciate what I do because still sometimes with the looks that I do, people consider them silly or not serious.”

His obsession with makeup started when he used to work as a birthday clown.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Albert Bueno

Bueno told mitú that the first time he was a birthday clown was for a cousin’s birthday when a clown was unable to show up. “I always thought clowns were kind of funny and I liked how they looked,” Bueno told us. “I’ve always had an attraction to the way they painted their faces and I thought it was so cool.” Since then, Bueno has taken the act of doing makeup on himself for fun and has elevated it into art the reflects who he is as a person culturally.

Bueno told mitú that he draws inspiration for his looks from many different parts of his culture and life including Frida Kahlo.

Bueno told mitú that he is inspired by Frida Kahlo and her use of “vibrant color.” As for the flowers above, Bueno credits that inspiration to his grandparents and their impressive garden.

“My grandparents’ garden is huge. They’ve always had big gardens. Even in California, when we were there [before moving to Nebraska], my grandpa would just stay outside for hours just watering his plants and tending to his garden,” Bueno said about his floral eye makeup. “I just felt like I would do the same thing but on my eye.”

But his biggest inspiration comes from his mother and her style when she was younger.

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Happy Mothers day💕

A post shared by A. Bueno (@buec) on

“I always look at old pictures of her in high school and it’s cool to see the different looks that she would come up with,” Bueno told mitú. “I think that back then you didn’t really see too many people with a crazy double winged liner. I just think it is so cool to see that. It is like going back in time when I recreate the look that I used to see when I was little and used to think were so awesome.”

He also draws his inspiration from some of Hollywood’s first Mexican stars like Dolores Del Rio.

Bueno told mitú that he loves the look of Dolores Del Rio who was one of the first to rock the dark lips, dark eyes paired with the seductive hair wave. When he started to do makeup, and paint his hair on, Bueno used Del Rio as a template for how to do his own makeup.

As for other Latino men who have a similar love for makeup growing, Bueno says you should just go for it.

“There is always going to be negativity no matter what but I also feel like there is such a positive community right now. People who are just cheering you on and I think it is just so much greater than the negative,” Bueno told mitú about pursuing your passions. “If you really love it then you have to go for it.”

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