This Twitter User Made $1000 On A Petty Tweet That Became A Business Venture

Romance can be a rewarding experience if you happen to be lucky in love. Unfortunately, not all of us are so favored to journey through love without heartbreak. In a time when social media is the biggest way we communicate with the world, sites like Instagram and Twitter can provide bittersweet reminders of our romantic mishaps. Seeing happy reminders of the person who broke your heart is especially brutal. The only thing worse than stumbling on an ex’s selfie is the discovery that they have blocked you all together. 

It’s with this in mind, that one enterprising Latino Twitter user turned a tweet with a petty joke into a money-making scheme that is helping the lovelorn.

Twitter / @IsaiahGarnica

Isaiah Garnica, a Los Angeles-based songwriter, tweeted the business proposition from his personal Twitter account last week. For $5, Garnica offers to comment “yikes” under the selfies of his patrons’ exs. Within days, the tweet went viral; being retweeted 36K times and with over 186K likes.

The songwriter told Buzzfeed News that the inspiration for the tweet came from an incident at a songwriting session in West Hollywood.

“I dropped my phone from a roof and I was like, yikes. I have to replace it now. So, I’m scrolling Twitter on my laptop (yikes) and saw someone was selling feet pics. Which is honestly…not that uncommon. Millennials and Gen Z are kinky AF. I was like, well, I’m not gonna do that, but I WILL slap a yikes on your ex’s photo. For $5.”

What started more or less as a joke got lots of attention and the requests for Garnica’s service started rolling in.

Twitter / @IsaiahGarnica

According to Buzzfeed News, Garnica received so many requests that he had to set up a few guidelines for his new service. He asked for patrons to specify which selfie he should comment on. If none was chosen, he would just comment on the most recent one. For the few cases who didn’t have selfies on their account, Garnica explained that he would comment on whichever picture ” they seem too pleased with themselves.” He also offered to comment “eek” under selfies for a discount of $3.

The response was so incredible that Garnica told Buzzfeed News that he had more than 200 requests. That means that the songwriter was able to collect over $1000 on his petty venture.

Such a large response to his tweet came with tons of comments ⁠— both for and against the money making opportunity.

Twitter / @ChristineFox

With side hustles being a necessary way for Millennials and Gen Z to make money in our gig economy, many tweets had to give it up to Garnica and his ingenious grind. There are many more dangerous or illegal ways that people are forced to take part in to make money so we have to applaud his creativity. He saw a niche and he filled it and that’s the kind of capitalism we can get behind. 

Some Twitter users saw it as a waste of time to worry over someone who is an ex for obvious reasons. 

Twitter / @mo_lee_kuh

This Twitter user accused Garnica’s patrons of being “petty females” and suggested they “get over it.” For some, a break up isn’t so easy to put behind them and Garnica’s service offers some final closure for those people. It’s easy to call this behavior petty but it serves a purpose in a harmless way. Perhaps this Twitter user is just upset they didn’t think of this business plan first. We know we’re a little jealous over it. 

For those who are calling Garnica’s service “bullying,” the songwriter had a valid defense of his patrons’ requests.

Twitter / @IsaiahGarnica

A few have accused his service of being mean spirited but the Latino explained to Buzzfeed News that this was never the intention of his tweet.

“Some say it’s a bully service, but it’s really not. What I offer is closure,” Garnica added. “Especially when one is blocked. The yikes is sort of minuscule compared to the broken heart that is putting in the request when you think about it. They can delete the yikes. A broken heart — not so much.”

Garnica also shared with Buzzfeed News that he has had requests to comment, shame or insult these exes beyond “yikes” but he refuses these inquiries. His reasoning, “I believe in karma. This might be theirs.”

We can’t argue with that rational and have to applaud Garnica for his micro hustle. Whether you support his services or not, he explained to Buzzfeed News, “As long as the ticker on that tweet is ticking, I am making money.” We respect the hustle.  

After A Breakup, This Woman Went Back And Edited Her ‘Perfect’ Instagram Photos To Tell The Truth About Her Ex

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After A Breakup, This Woman Went Back And Edited Her ‘Perfect’ Instagram Photos To Tell The Truth About Her Ex

Im.Hongry / Instagram

Regular people do it, even celebrities do it: you break up with someone and cannot fathom seeing their face all over your social media. All those happy-go-lucky photos of you two together trigger hurt feelings or maybe you just don’t want to give them the satisfaction.

 A 22-year-old named Rosie decided to rewrite history in her own way. Rather than deleting all of the remnants of her exes, she decided to tell the truth about them. An assortment of her edited photo captions went viral with 57,000 likes on Twitter this month. Vice sat down with Rosie for an interview to discuss her process. 

Rosie was going through her Instagram archive one day when she noticed a pattern.

“Decided to unarchive all the pictures I had with shitty guys because I look cute but updated the captions to be more accurate,” Rosie said in a Twitter caption. 

In one photo Rosie is kissing her smiling beau on the cheek with the original funny caption, “like if you think I can do better.” The same photo now has the addendum, “he broke up with through Facebook messenger so yes, I can do better.” 

Before this, Rosie had tucked all her past relations away in Instagram’s archive. One day, while browsing through the old photos she noticed that the reason a lot of the pictures were hidden was because her exes were in them. 

“I cherish the memories, so I didn’t want to delete the photos nor the original caption. I wanted to keep these pictures that I love while acknowledging that I no longer love the people in the picture with me,” Rosie told Vice.  “Instead, I decided to edit the caption with a short phrase indicating that things have changed since. And then, I tweeted about it because I thought it would make a funny, lighthearted post about something that can be — and was, for me — very painful!” 

Rosie’s revision goes viral and garners a mixed response. 

“Girl you’re not alone. Mine broke up with me through text while I was in labor with our child,” one Twitter user wrote in response. 

Other users decided to use Rosie’s methodology to approach photos of their own exes on Instagram and social media.

Some got their own inspiration from this move of bravery.

“I truly appreciate this!! I don’t want to delete my IG photos of my exes bc they’re a part of my life, but I can EDIT them to show what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown. Thanks, girl,” another user said. 

While there was a wide swath of support on social media, Rosie also had her detractors. Many felt she was bullying her exes. Although she did note that she didn’t add new captions to photos of all of her exes, just the bad ones. 

“There are others who find the post immature and vengeful, and I can understand where they’re coming from too. Everyone copes with a breakup in different ways. An edited Instagram caption isn’t for everyone,” Rosie said.

Many women felt empowered by Rosie’s captions, especially those who overcome abusive exes. 

Rosie pointed toward another user’s response named Cass in the interview. Cass was engaged to an abusive man before eventually leaving him. Her edited captions, in particular, are a gut punch. 

In a photo of her smiling with her ex on their two-year anniversary, Cassie wrote, “I had to post things like this or else he didn’t believe I loved him and he would cheat on me because he felt ‘insecure.’ This was the third time I dyed my hair red because I was desperately seeking attention because things weren’t OK.” 

Rosie believes that deleting the photos of exes, for many women, is a coping mechanism to deal with trauma, however, it doesn’t really work. What happened really happened, no matter how good or bad, and there is no way that you can delete real-life events from history or memory, at least not yet. 

“So we find strength and healing in keeping these pictures and memories, but acknowledging how we have changed from them,” she said. 

For Rosie calling her exes out also allowed her to realize what she learned from each failed relationship and gave her the space to grow from it. She believes it is important not to give up on love, but to also realize love doesn’t just have to be romantic.

“Every heartbreak teaches us a little about ourselves and helps us understand what we want and what we deserve. I’m thankful for every experience I’ve had because I’m happy where I am today and those experiences helped me get here,” she said. “I also want to tell others to keep believing in love and know they deserve it, despite experiences that have made them feel otherwise.”

Frankie Muniz, Who Is Engaged, Sent A Thirsty Tweet To Lizzo And Her Response Was Pure Lizzo


Frankie Muniz, Who Is Engaged, Sent A Thirsty Tweet To Lizzo And Her Response Was Pure Lizzo

In perhaps the most 2019 tweet of all, Frankie Muniz asked Lizzo to be his accessory. It’s almost as though some divine force is merely pulling celebrities’ names out of an existential hat to produce one of the strangest news cycles in the geological calendar. Donald Trump the host of Celebrity Apprentice is the fourth President of the United States to be impeached, Spanish singer Rosalia is nominated for a Latin Grammy, Nick Jonas is married to Priyanka Chopra, and Frankie Muniz is thirsty for Lizzo. 

A world where Rihanna doesn’t release an album every six to 12 months is extremely strange. 

Frank Muniz sends thirst Tweet

As a precocious Latinx, watching Frankie Muniz on Malcolm in the Middle capture the complexities of being the family know-it-all, even if he wasn’t playing to his Puerto Rican roots, was vindicating. Never in a million years did I imagine his life would unfold the strange way it has. Let’s break this thirst tweet down.

“Hey @lizzo,” this is a bold move. Muniz is directly tweeting at Lizzo’s handle. This isn’t a passing thought for him, this isn’t a joke, he wants her to see this. He wants to be taken in earnest. This is a bold move.

 “Lemme be your accessory,” interesting choice of words here. An accessory is an object meaning he wants to be used. Rather than opting to be a bae, friend, partner, husband, man, boyfriend or side piece, Muniz is making it clear he does not mind of Lizzo disregards his humanity. 

“I can be a purse… put a chain around me,” really profound stuff here. You see, a creep would say something like underwear, something that must be kept hidden. Muniz wants to be her purse. Ladies, he wants to be on her arm proudly in public. He wants the people to know. He is unashamed. He is proud to be thirsty. Fellas, you could learn a thing or two from this.

 “And I’ll hold your stuff for you… just sayin,” a true romantic. Mr. Muniz is making the case for himself. He isn’t concerned with what Lizzo can do for him, but what he can do for Lizzo. He wants to hold her things. Muniz is talking about acts of love here. 

Twitter responds to thirst tweet

Twitter went insane for the viral Tweet. Many users extended their support for Muniz and all his future endeavors. The mentions were ripe with shock that Muniz would express such a high level of horniness on main, and, of course, there were Malcolm in the Middle puns galore. 

“Malcolm trying to get in the middle of them cheeks,” one user wrote. 

“He went horny on main,” another user said awestruck. 

If 2016 was the darkest timeline then 2019 is one of complete absurdity. Is it strange for thousands of people to be giddy about a horny tweet as the Amazon burns reminding us of the impending, inevitable, existential doom of the climate crisis? Yes, but what else are we going to do, fam?

Lizzo responds to Muniz

Lizzo issued a simple yet effective correction to Muniz’s tweet. With just one word it says so much. Let’s break this down. 

“Accessorary*” Lizzo wrote without further commentary. The asterisk makes it clear this is a correction, not a suggestion. Therefore implicating that Muniz had done something wrong. Only real Lizzo fans understand, and that’s the problem, Mr. Muniz. 

In the song “Tempo” featuring Missy Elliot, the 33-year-old rhymes “necessary” with the improvised “accessorary.” If Muniz was a true stan, he would know that. The bluntness of the correction says, you’re not a real fan, you’re just out here playing games, but sure, I’ll play with you cause I dabbled with Malcolm in the Middle back in the day. 

This saga isn’t over. Frankie Muniz is engaged.

The 33-year-old Emmy-nominated actor gave up his Hollywood career in 2008 to pursue open-wheel car racing. In 2009, he endured several concussions after crashing in a competition. Since 2012, Muniz has experienced two strokes resulting in significant memory loss. In 2017, he revealed he couldn’t remember being on Malcolm in the Middle at all. 

Last year, he got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Paige Price. This year he is tweeting at Lizzo. Now someone with a crass sense of humor will say: did he forget he was engaged? But I will not say that. I will say, perhaps, Muniz wanted to ensure that he would always remember how thirsty he was for Lizzo so he sent a Tweet because the internet is forever. But rest assured, this moment has already been added to his Wikipedia entry. None of us will ever forget.