What Started As Wanting To Fill His Eyebrows Ended With This Woman Giving Her Dad A Full Face

Courtesy of Breeanna Telon

This is what unconditional love for your children and their dreams looks like. Recently, Breeanna Telon gave her father, Edward, one epic glo up with just a sprinkling of makeup… and fake eyelashes. Telon talked to mitú about her inspiration, the reaction from her family, and whether or not her father was really asleep while she beat his face.

Breeanna Telon’s found herself in possession of a viral tweet starring her glamorous supportive father Edward.

@Breevnnv / Twitter
CREDIT: @Breevnnv / Twitter

So glam.

“My dad has always been really cool about me and my little sister playing dress up with him and painting his nails and doing his makeup,” Telon told mitú via Twitter. “He actually had his toes painted for the past week because of my little sister. ? I had done his makeup before I just never recorded it.”

Telon told mitú that she had told her father that she wanted to fill in his eyebrows because she always thought they were amazing. So when she saw him falling asleep, she jumped in at the chance.

@Breevnnv / Twitter
CREDIT: @Breevnnv / Twitter

Telon did admit to warning her father before she actually applied the makeup.

And what are full brows without a nude lip, right?

@Breevnnv / Twitter
CREDIT: @Breevnnv / Twitter

She went from filling his brows, to adding a little foundation and bronzer, highlight… And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call #Flawless.

And when he woke up, he was not the least excited about the fake eyelashes.

@Breevnnv / Twitter
CREDIT: @Breevnnv / Twitter

“He didn’t like any of the makeup on him bc he doesn’t wear it, but he said I did a nice application,” Telon told mitú. “I lowkey think he liked how fleeky his eyebrows looked but he HATED the fake lashes bc they hurt to take off.”

The video on Twitter has since been retweeted more than 5,000 times and they are surprised.

@Breevnnv / Twitter
CREDIT: @Breevnnv / Twitter

“I think it’s really crazy that it went viral because I really didn’t think anyone would think it was funny besides me and my family, it’s a weird feeling to know that so many people have seen it,” Telon told mitú. “Even though he knew I was doing his makeup he was definitely really asleep, that man can sleep through World War III, he really is such a heavy sleeper and slept through the entire thing.”

The video has received so many positive responses.

She definitely showed that she is a master with makeup.

Some even think it has elevated his looks.


Like, they really dig his look.

She even got a compliment on her incredible taste in music.

*uses Shazam to steal the playlist*

You can check out the full video below.

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This Former Corporate Employee Founded Her Own Company To Empower Latinas


This Former Corporate Employee Founded Her Own Company To Empower Latinas

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Marines Duarte is no stranger to the corporate grind. When she was in her twenties, Duarte was the publisher for Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and Good Housekeeping for the U.S. Latino market. After 7 years in that gig (and 3 years as a sales director for Terra Network), Duarte decided to leave corporate America behind and make it out on her own with her social and digital media company En Tus Zapatos. Her company is all about helping women find that balance between work, social life, and family life.

Marines Duarte is the founder of En Tus Zapatos “a multi-media platform for today’s modern woman.”

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As a mother of four with an impressive résumé, Duarte knows the complexities of being a modern woman.

A lot of making it all work, as she told Forbes, is about time management.

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Duarte admits that since she was a young girl she knew that she wanted to empower women for her career.

“Another one of my passions was to work, to have a dream job,” Duarte said in a podcast. “At that time it was to be a CEO, to work in the corporate world and then my priorities changed and I wanted to create my own business. So all of that combined made me really realize that the dream job and that was actually empowering women. Just by realizing that women can do so much, that we have so many qualities, that women are needed in the world, the workforce, at home, with families. I also realized that now, that women work more outside in the workforce and we are changing the world but society is not changing at the same speed. Women are entering the workforce but men are not entering the kitchen.”

Part of how Duarte is empowering women is by talking and educating society about domestic violence.

En Tus Zapatos has an entire section of the website dedicated to speaking for and with Princesas Guerreras “Warrior Princesses” who are overcoming and battling physical, mental, psychological, and workplace abuse. The movement is not just an empowerment movement to give women the tools to fight back. Duarte started Warrior Princesses to bring attention and raise awareness of the statistics of abuse women face on a daily basis.

Duarte stands firm by her decision to start Princesas Guerreras.

“I needed Princesas Guerreras to be a two-way communication channel,” Duarte told Forbes. “[I needed it] to build a community and to keep growing without limits and [ultimately] to be managed and owned by the people since social media is our own media.”

¡Bien dicho, Marines!

Golden Globes Awards 2017 / GIPHY
CREDIT: Golden Globes Awards 2017 / GIPHY

(H/T: Forbes)

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