This Is Why You Saw Yalitza Aparicio’s Face All Over Coachella

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Latinx and Latin American artists made history at this year’s Coachella. At the massive music festival in Indio, Calif., heavy-hitters like Cardi B, Selena Gomez, J Balvin, Bad Bunny and Ozuna lit up stages with their Spanish-language bangers. But our musicians weren’t the only ones attracting audiences. Yalitza Aparicio — or rather a cutout of the actress’s face — also gained attention.

According to Remezcla, Jesus Nuñez, a fan of the “Roma star,” brought a giant cardboard cutout of Aparicio’s look from the Oscars to the event. Nuñez, who is the son of Mexican immigrants and was raised in Baja California, was inspired by the indigenous actress’s story of survival and wanted to highlight her in a crowd of tens of thousands.

“The reason why I was inspired to make the sign with the image of Yalitza was because of her story. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your culture is, you can achieve a lot of things as long as you propose to do it. Despite all her success, she’s still down to earth,” he told the news site through email.

Aparicio’s presence at Coachella is significant for another reason: real indigenous representation. Attendees of Coachella, and festivals like it, have long been criticized for wearing native headdresses. You know the photos: The almost-always white girl sporting a feathered ornamental covering on her head and getting called out via social media. This time, there was an actual indigenous woman in the crowd, and she was donning a smile and a graceful hand wave.

The cardboard version of the actress was a big hit at the festival, with fans asking to take photos with her. Aparicio’s welcoming grin could be found participating in the La Chona Challenge at Los Tucanes de Tijuana’s performance, taking photos with fans during Mon Laferte’s set and enjoying Bad Bunny’s show.

Stars, they really are just like us.

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Latino DILFs Are The Hottest Kind Of DILFs And The World Is Not Worthy


Latino DILFs Are The Hottest Kind Of DILFs And The World Is Not Worthy


If there’s one thing that turns a woman into the personification of the heart eyes emoji, it’s seeing a hot man doting on his children. Seriously, every time a man walks by wearing a baby in a sling it’s over. It’s just so heartwarming! And, if we’re being honest here, makes us feel the thirst.

Here are 25 of the hottest Latino dads out there setting our hearts aflame with their fatherly love!

1. William Levy and his son Christopher are bringing the cuteness in their matching tuxes.

Credit: @willevy/Instagram

This photo is from a few years back but it still gives me all the feels. Look at that little man with his fine dad owning that red carpet.

2. Alex Rodriguez knows how to be a dapper dad, and clearly loves his baby girl very much.

credit: @arod / Instagram

How cute are they?? She is a very lucky daughter to have such a strong and attentive father in her life. Not to mention J.Lo is now in her life.

3. Jamie Camil brings the bundled up babeliness with his son, Little Jaime.

@jaimecamil / Instagram

Those adorable smiles say it all! I’m not sure I can handle it. Who wants to go with me to hit the slopes this weekend?

4. Ricky Martin feeling ignored by his sons is not only adorable and funny but very relatable.

@ricky_martin / Instagram

Who could ignore Ricky?? Well, I guess his boys can since to them he’s probably just boring old dad. However, I just can’t stop stairing into those eyes.

5. James Rodriguez is all teeth and sweetness with his little girl, but we see you setting that thirst trap.

@jamesrodriguez10 / Instagram

No shirt?? I know what you’re doing and it’s working. Not only is he an amazing soccer player, but he is also clearly a doting and loving father.

6. Juanes and his boy Dante bring the fashion.

@juanes / Instagram

Poll: Who has the cooler hair? I’m leaning Dante. And, let’s just say it, Dante is also the one elevating the fashion game in this family.

7. Aaron Diaz’s baby girl Regina may be skeptical about something, but it can’t be her dad’s face.

@aarondiaz / Instagram

That’s just a good face. Not even a side-eye throwing baby can deny that. He is definitely one of the hottest Latino DILFS around.

8. If Mario Lopez passes his dimples onto his son Dominic, game over.

@mariolopezextra / Instagram

Those Lopez dimples are powerful. It is amazing just how easily a smile from Lopez can stop you in your tracks.

9. Ezequiel Lavezzi and his son Tomás lounging poolside are only missing one thing…

@pocho22lavezzi / Instagram

Me, eating buffalo wings and wearing SPF 50 and a big hat to cover my face from the sun. That’s kind of a dream of mine.

10. Hulk Paraiba and his boys Tiago and Ian hanging by the beach is family goals.

@hulkparaiba / Instagram

I’d be offering to run sunblock on Hulk’s hulking biceps like every five minutes. By offering, I am more saying I would be demanding.

11. Oscar de la Hoya enjoying a day at the ball park with his son Little Oscar is not only cute, but also, that family has good genes.

@oscardelahoya / Instagram

Take me out to THAT ball game. Especially if you can guarantee me that I will be in eye shot of de la Hoya.

12. Leo Messi reading to his little look-alike is just the sweetest thing ever.

@leomessi / Instagram

Plus he‘s loaded… Like way to melt my heart, Leo!? I don’t think I have ever felt love like this before and you don’t even know.

13. Canelo not only brings the knockouts in the ring, but he also does with his daughter Emily.

@canelo / Instagram

She’s so precious, and her poppa is no ugly duckling himself. Not only is he a handsome man to look at, he can defend your honor, if you are into that kind of thing.

14. Carmelo Anthony and his son Kiyan are chips off the same handsome block.

@carmeloanthony / Instagram

That‘s probably because all that Puerto Rican blood running through their veins! And if you think being Latino has nothing to do with it here‘s a list of other hot Latino athletes… just to prove a point.

15. Gerard Pique loves a daddy date with his little one Sasha.

@3gerardpique / Instagram

And that is no doubt the most adorable date that’s ever happened in history. Try to prove me wrong. I’ll wait but you’ll lose.

16. Danny and Gilbert Trejo bring the badassery to the father-son dynamic.

@officialdannytrejo / Instagram

That’s a lot of coolness in one photo. Of course, Danny Trejo would have a cool son. I mean, do you even know who this man is?

17. Luis Fonsi and his kids Mika and Rocco are too cute, even from behind.

@luisfonsi / Instagram

And now I‘m not sure what I crave more… a slice of cake or a piece of Luis… Maybe if I ace the Despacito quiz I could get one as a prize!? 

18. Marc Anthony getting treated to a little manicure from his daughter Emme is the sweetest.

@marcanthony / Instagram

Even while he throws up west side. Anthony is one of the most talked about men in the music industry and it isn’t just because he was J.Lo’s husband.

19. Alejandro Fernandez’s daughters Camilla and America show appreciation for their potrillo papa.

@alexoficial / Instagram

I don’t know when it happened but Alejandro graduated to zaddy status and I’m here for it. Sup, grey hairs. We see you doing your thing.

20. Andy Garcia serves up mega zaddy vibes too with his model daughter Alessandra.

@alessandragl / Instagram

That beard and hat gives me Sean Connery vibes or the old dude from “Jurassic Park” and I’m not mad. Way to age, Garcia.

21. Mark Consuelos is picture perfect with his daughter Lola Grace.

@instasuelos / Instagram

How did I forget hot Mark Consuelos is?? I’m gonna Google a lot later. He is one of the hottest men in the world and Kelly Ripa is one lukcy woman.

22. Freddie Prinze Jr. is handsome AF even with his son farting on his head.

@realfreddieprinze / Instagram

Dad life for real. These ’90s heartthrobs are still giving us all of the feels decades later and we are still eating them up.

23. Sure Vicente Fernandez is in his 70s but he’s still got the sauce.

@_vicentefdez / Instagram

What’s the grandpa version of zaddy? Gaddy? Paddy? Either way, his demeanor earns him a lot of points in the looks category.

24. Benjamin Bratt knows how to catch some rays while also teaching his son Mateo a thing or two.

Vida Vibrante

I mean, these beach day photos are too much. Everybody knows that a literate DILF is a DILF definitely worth keeping around.

25. Yandel throwing up dukes with his sons is tough and all, but really it’s kind of sweet.

@yandel / Instagram

Nice try, fellas. Those fists are fooling anyone. We all know that you are still just an adorbale dad and son gang and it is everything.

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