This Former Corporate Employee Founded Her Own Company To Empower Latinas

Marines Duarte is no stranger to the corporate grind. When she was in her twenties, Duarte was the publisher for Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and Good Housekeeping for the U.S. Latino market. After 7 years in that gig (and 3 years as a sales director for Terra Network), Duarte decided to leave corporate America behind and make it out on her own with her social and digital media company En Tus Zapatos. Her company is all about helping women find that balance between work, social life, and family life.

Marines Duarte is the founder of En Tus Zapatos “a multi-media platform for today’s modern woman.”

“We give easy and practical advice to help us carry out the greatest challenge we have – to be women,” reads the En Tus Zapatos About Us page. “What does that mean in our society today? It means being a mom, wife, professional, friend, and feeling beautiful on the outside and inside.”

As a mother of four with an impressive résumé, Duarte knows the complexities of being a modern woman.

A lot of making it all work, as she told Forbes, is about time management.

“I wish I could give you a magic formula but to tell you the truth, 80 percent of it is instincts and, of course, experience,” Duarte told Forbes. “The key is having your priorities and goals well set, sometimes we can get excited and carried away in the moment but that’s when you need to take a step back and think: if it affects my top priorities I will automatically spend less time on it.”

Duarte admits that since she was a young girl she knew that she wanted to empower women for her career.

“Another one of my passions was to work, to have a dream job,” Duarte said in a podcast. “At that time it was to be a CEO, to work in the corporate world and then my priorities changed and I wanted to create my own business. So all of that combined made me really realize that the dream job and that was actually empowering women. Just by realizing that women can do so much, that we have so many qualities, that women are needed in the world, the workforce, at home, with families. I also realized that now, that women work more outside in the workforce and we are changing the world but society is not changing at the same speed. Women are entering the workforce but men are not entering the kitchen.”

Part of how Duarte is empowering women is by talking and educating society about domestic violence.

En Tus Zapatos has an entire section of the website dedicated to speaking for and with Princesas Guerreras “Warrior Princesses” who are overcoming and battling physical, mental, psychological, and workplace abuse. The movement is not just an empowerment movement to give women the tools to fight back. Duarte started Warrior Princesses to bring attention and raise awareness of the statistics of abuse women face on a daily basis.

Duarte stands firm by her decision to start Princesas Guerreras.

“I needed Princesas Guerreras to be a two-way communication channel,” Duarte told Forbes. “[I needed it] to build a community and to keep growing without limits and [ultimately] to be managed and owned by the people since social media is our own media.”

¡Bien dicho, Marines!

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