These Pics Of Afro-Latina Instagram Stars Rocking Their Black Girl Hair Magic Are Major Goals

Updated June 3, 2020.

Don’t get it twisted: magical Black girls grow magical heads of Black hair. From our curls’ capacity to shrink into what might appear to be only a mere couple of inches and ultimately stretch the lengths of our backs to their ability to hold nearly any shape, Black hair is a dope wonder.

Check out these 9 pics of Black girls rocking stunning looks that show off all the magic things their hair can do.

1. Literally, our volume knows no bounds.

I can only imagine the length those rizos would stretch out to on a length check day.

2. And can we talk about the versatility?

Natural hair is the money, STILL, on days when you’re a chica just wanting to switch things up, you can literally pull on any kind of wig and rock a completely different style.

3. Our curl pattern can literally be changed with the twist of a finger, no heat needed.

Look at that twist out! All this chica needed was some damp hair and control of her fingers. Also look at how soft her hair looks! I bet she could wrap her hair up at night and feel like she was sleeping on a pillow with those curls.

4. FYI our hair can make a damn towel even look boss.

You don’t see a lot of women with Eurocentric looks and hair styling their hair with a towel and flowers and heading out to the mall. Nope, because they would look a bit crazy. But Black women? They can wrap their hair up in towels, scarves and look like they’re ready to take a throne.

5. Now that length check is actually magical though.

Shrinkage is one of the most incredible divine works of this world and don’t you forget it.

6. And the magic locs can do for our Instagram pics is cray.

You don’t have to color your locs for them to look fly and on fleek. TBH locs and braids are a LOOK and the moment you get them you need very little else to make your style look smart and ready for a fashion shoot.

7. Still, LBR no hair can pull of tints or dyes like Black hair.

Of course, to make sure we don’t ruin our curl patterns we have to make sure that we apply the right types of dyes to our hair, but going blonde, blue or púrpura are totally doable!

8. And you better believe our hair is full of all kinds of secrets.

From Avocado masks to hot coconut oil treatments, Afro-Latinas have a whole bunch of tricks for healing and caring for their hair in their bags. Never doubt: not only will our hair look like a snack, it’ll probably smell a bit like one too. Yumm.

9. Take note: all kinds of styles just WORK on us.

Because we are QUEENS. Natural ‘fros, twist outs, straightened hair, wigs, braids, buns, fulanis we can basically wear it all while teaching you that we are the greatest goddesses in all of the land.

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