These Pics Of Afro-Latina Instagram Stars Rocking Their Black Girl Hair Magic Are Major Goals

Updated June 3, 2020.

Don’t get it twisted: magical Black girls grow magical heads of Black hair. From our curls’ capacity to shrink into what might appear to be only a mere couple of inches and ultimately stretch the lengths of our backs to their ability to hold nearly any shape, Black hair is a dope wonder.

Check out these 9 pics of Black girls rocking stunning looks that show off all the magic things their hair can do.

1. Literally, our volume knows no bounds.

I can only imagine the length those rizos would stretch out to on a length check day.

2. And can we talk about the versatility?

Natural hair is the money, STILL, on days when you’re a chica just wanting to switch things up, you can literally pull on any kind of wig and rock a completely different style.

3. Our curl pattern can literally be changed with the twist of a finger, no heat needed.

Look at that twist out! All this chica needed was some damp hair and control of her fingers. Also look at how soft her hair looks! I bet she could wrap her hair up at night and feel like she was sleeping on a pillow with those curls.

4. FYI our hair can make a damn towel even look boss.

You don’t see a lot of women with Eurocentric looks and hair styling their hair with a towel and flowers and heading out to the mall. Nope, because they would look a bit crazy. But Black women? They can wrap their hair up in towels, scarves and look like they’re ready to take a throne.

5. Now that length check is actually magical though.

Shrinkage is one of the most incredible divine works of this world and don’t you forget it.

6. And the magic locs can do for our Instagram pics is cray.

You don’t have to color your locs for them to look fly and on fleek. TBH locs and braids are a LOOK and the moment you get them you need very little else to make your style look smart and ready for a fashion shoot.

7. Still, LBR no hair can pull of tints or dyes like Black hair.

Of course, to make sure we don’t ruin our curl patterns we have to make sure that we apply the right types of dyes to our hair, but going blonde, blue or púrpura are totally doable!

8. And you better believe our hair is full of all kinds of secrets.

From Avocado masks to hot coconut oil treatments, Afro-Latinas have a whole bunch of tricks for healing and caring for their hair in their bags. Never doubt: not only will our hair look like a snack, it’ll probably smell a bit like one too. Yumm.

9. Take note: all kinds of styles just WORK on us.

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Because we are QUEENS. Natural ‘fros, twist outs, straightened hair, wigs, braids, buns, fulanis we can basically wear it all while teaching you that we are the greatest goddesses in all of the land.

Latinas talk “Imposter Syndrome”


Latinas talk “Imposter Syndrome”

Oli Scarff / Getty

Imposter syndrome. It may happen when you finally got accepted to college and have found yourself overwhelmed by the student body, or when you accepted that dream job, or even while doing your job. It can happen in relationships, in friendships. Basically anywhere and amongst us Latinas too. Even despite our hard work and much-earned credentials.

We wanted to talk about Imposter’s Syndrome and how to deal with it, so we reached out to our FIERCE audience on Instagram for their thoughts.

Latinas got real with their responses about feeling as if they were undeserving.

Check them out below!

Remind yourself that you’ve worked hard and are deserving.

“Thank you for posting this! I actually just got hired on as a school counselor and I’m feeling this intensely right now. I have to keep reminding myself that I worked so hard for this and that I AM WORTH IT!” – adelitafamania

Understand that anything can trigger it.

“It happens to me every single day on so many levels. It’s been holding me back my whole life and I keep pushing against it, some days it gets the better of me but I won’t give up on myself even when I really feel I’m not capable. I get so stressed all the time thinking someone is going to discover that I’m not smart, or fun, or whatever it is at that moment that I shut down. It’s so good to openly discuss it with friends or even professional help.” – pinatapink

And it can lead to social anxiety.

“This is so hard, I feel like this nearly every day. Lately, it’s been getting in the way of my entire purpose and whether or not I want to work hard at all. I tend to think, “Like for what? I don’t deserve to have the things I want because I didn’t work hard enough.” Yet, I did. Probably more than anyone else in my programs, jobs, teams, even my friend group. This is so tough and often it leads to my social anxiety which affects a whole multitude of behavioral patterns like procrastination and chronic lateness.” –curlsofroses

But you can battle it by not shrugging off your achievements.

“Happens to me all the time. And when people give me praise I tend to say “oh it’s not a big deal.” But I’m trying to remember that I’m enough and hell yeah I’m a big deal.” – erika_kiks18

Because it can happen to brain surgeons and Fortune 500 CEOs too.

“Our country and our community has been through a lot since the middle of March. Now more than ever is the time to nourish our goals and inspirations. In my podcast, I bring together some of the highest achieving Latinos that our country has to offer: Dr. Quinoñes-Hinojosa: who went from migrant farm worker to a world-renowned brain surgeon
Hector Ruiz: one of the very few Latinos to be a Fortune 500 CEO of an American Company Louis Barajas: the #1 financial Latino expert in the USA. (He is most likely your favorite Reggaeton artist’s to-go financial guy.)
Cesar Garcia: an actor who has seen. dozens of times in music videos, shows, and movies. He’s known for his roles in Fast and Furious and Breaking Bad. Chef Aarón Sánchez: The most well-known Latin Chef in the country. Find an episode that catches your attention or share an episode to a friend of loved one that would like to hear from other Latinos on how they achieved their dreams and goals.” – trailblazinglatinospodcast

And you can cure it by not reminding yourself to not give weight to other people’s thoughts.

“I cured mine by not giving a fck! The enemy is a LIEEEE.” –stephaniesaraii

And last but not least, know that it can be hard to defeat but you ARE worthy.

“This was me on the first day after I transferred to University. The feeling still follows me sometimes. It hard to defeat.” – dianalajandre

Whippd Cosmetics Is Launching Nude Glosses for Black Women


Whippd Cosmetics Is Launching Nude Glosses for Black Women

Remember the terrible days when “nude” shoes were on-trend and Black women everywhere were forced to take part in something that was meant for white women? Welp, the nude lip trend has done quite a bit of not so great favors for women of color as well. Fortunately, the black-owned beauty shop Whippd Cosmetics is blessing Black women with nude glosses that work for all of our skin tones.

On June 27, Rachel Robins the entrepreneur behind the Whippd brand announced that she’d be launching a line of nude glosses for Black women.

“I created 6 nude lip glosses made with black women in mind and I just want them to go viral! Twitter do your thing,” Robins wrote in a tweet that featured a video displaying the line with meltaonin-rich shades.

Soon enough, Twitter did do its thing and her post wrangled in over 50,000 likes and 26,000 retweets. Speaking to Teen Vogue Robins says she was “extremely shocked but also humbled” by the support she received from Twitter. “So many people messaged me about how the collection made them feel seen. It warmed my heart and was the extra boost I needed to keep going.”

Whippd Cosmetics’ first launch, called the Coco Collection, will include six different nude shades.

The glosses are rich with pigments that cater to Black women who are so often overlooked by beauty brands that still use words like “nude” to cover only a portion of the beauty market. After all, what big brands call “nude” typically works for white women only.

Speaking about her own personal experiences, Robins says she wanted to create nude lip glosses that cater specifically for Black women.

“My experience of trying to find the perfect nude lip color to match me was always unsuccessful,” Robins explained. “The colors I would use would either be too light, too dark or have a blaring red undertone. I would often have to mix together my own shades and I knew other black women have encountered the same issue while shopping for the perfect nude lip.”

The gloss shades launched on July 1st and are available on

The Coco Collection promises to “compliment your complexion” with colors that as sweet-sounding as their names are. From latte, amaretto, butterscotch to brown sugar, ebony, and truffle these shades will sweeten your heart. While the entire collection costs $48, each gloss goes for $10.

If Whippd’s new gloss line isn’t exciting enough, you’ll likely fall in love with their line of body butters and scrubs which are infused with essential oils.