The U.S. Government Is Tracking Migrant Girls’ Periods And The Reason Why Is Even More Disturbing

The US can’t keep track of unaccompanied minors — in fact, there are at least 1,488 youth who are missing after being under federal government custody — but apparently they can, and are, monitoring the menstruation of migrant girls.

Harper’s Bizarre reports that the Trump administration has been tracking the period, pregnancies and reason for gestation of teen girls in their custody. According to the magazine, it’s likely that the data is being collected to prevent young pregnant migrants from receiving abortions, even if they need or want this lawful reproductive healthcare.

Anti-choice crusader Scott Lloyd, who is writing a book against the procedure, is behind the menstruation and pregnancy reports. When Lloyd headed the Office of Refugee Resettlement, he attempted to use a migrant girl as a way to test an “abortion reversal” method and often forced youth to carry their pregnancies to term. In one instance, he referred to a pregnant girl seeking abortion care who had considered suicide as “obnoxious” and said “the unborn child is in our care so the medical team should continue with standard prenatal care.'”

For migrant girls who are pressured to carry their pregnancies to term, it is also possible that the state will take their newborns away from them. Previously, many migrant children have been taken to Bethany Christian Services, a Betsy DeVos-supported adoption agency that doesn’t place children with LGBTQ couples. Even more, even if parents are told the child would be in temporary foster care, there’s still a possibility that they won’t ever be reunited.

Earlier this year, Jonathan White, the head of the Health and Human Services Department, said removing children from ‘sponsor’ homes to rejoin their parents “would present grave child welfare concerns,” making the argument that the government should focus on reuniting children currently in its custody and not those who have already been released to sponsor homes.

In short: the government is tracking the bodies of young migrant girls of color, taking away their autonomy and forcing them to carry out terms to then place the child with other, deemed more deserving, American families.

This isn’t a scene out of a Lifetime movie about a corrupt foriegn government. This is life in the US under a Trump presidency.

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