Stylist Sophie López Puts Together Special Looks For Barbie In Celebration Of Latinx Heritage Month

Let the celebrations continue! Colombian superstar stylist Sophie López has helped put together a series of fierce looks for Barbie in celebration of Latinx Heritage Month and we can’t get enough of these fashions. López, who has worked with stars such as Yalitza Aparicio, Christine Brinkley, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson, is giving her eye for fashion to our most beloved toy doll and the results are incredible.

Colombian stylist Sophie López helped create unique looks to help Barbie celebrate Latinx Heritage Month.

This is a collaboration we love to see. Barbie is teaming up with Colombian stylist Sophie López just in time for Latinx Heritage Month. The stylist has been tasked with creating a series of incredible looks celebrating the modern, fierce Latinas who make up our beautiful community.

The fashion-forward looks were released on Barbie’s global platform in a series of posts that will run from September 29 through October 1.

“This #HispanicHeritageMonth, we are proud to collaborate with celebrity stylist and costume designer @sophielopez,” the company said in a statement on social media.

López was also determined to make sure her once-in-a-lifetime collab with the iconic toy company helped remove outdated and dangerous stereotypes of Latinas. The collection reflects the diversity in our own community, through through different skin tones, hairstyles, body shapes and vibrant clothes.

“I’ve always been attracted to color, which is something that comes inherently from the bright, tropical colors embedded in Latin culture,” López said of the dolls released on @barbiestyle. “Vibrant, energetic happy colors evoke the memories from my childhood that have carried through my personal style and work as a stylist.”

For López, this collection is a dream come true.

In an interview with HOLA! USA, López explained more about how she is using this collaboration to help celebrate Latinx identity and heritage.

“Growing up, Barbie was both an outlet for me and who I wanted to be when I grew up. You could make your Barbie be whatever you wanted her to be, and looking back, Barbie helped inspire my choice of work, so working with the Barbie team for this collaboration feels like a full-circle moment,” she told Hola! USA.

And on her own Instagram, she shared how important the moment was for her.

“A dream to collaborate with @Barbiestyle for #HispanicHeritageMonth. Nothing brings me more joy than to see our beautiful features, bodies and shades reflected in Barbie. An honor to work on this project. Latin Barbie is strong, bold, unique and empowered. ✨”

The looks created by López are big and loud and reflect a lot of her own identity as a Colombiana.

“The looks I styled for the @BarbieStyle fashion editorial are very colorful, which is something I have always been attracted to and comes inherently from the bright tropical colors embedded in Latin culture,” she explains. “The memories from my childhood and time spent visiting Colombia is filled with vibrant, energetic, happy colors – the bright streets of Cartagena’s old town, the beautiful tapestries, tropical landscapes, lively music, and colorful clothing each serve as incredible creative inspiration. These memories have been carried through into my work as a stylist and my own personal style aesthetic,” she told HOLA! USA.

Barbie also has two new iconic dolls in celebration of Latinx Heritage Month.

It was just a couple of weeks ago when Mattel announced the arrival of two iconic figures to the Barbie world: Celia Cruz, the Queen of Salsa music; and Dominican author and activist Julia Álvarez. That news came just days after the announcement of a new version of the now widely popular Día de Muertos Barbie (and Ken this year!) along with a lineup of Barbies in honor of Latinx athletes who truly dominated at this year’s Paralympic Gams in Tokyo.

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