Twitter Fans Of This Woman Are Calling For Her To Get Sponsored By Ring Because Of The Way She Handled The App

What would you do if you caught someone trying to steal your precious package off of your front doorstep? For many, their first instinct would be to chase the thief away, but what if you aren’t home when the crime takes place?

You think that once your package is left behind by the mail carrier, that it will remain there, patiently waiting for you for you to return. After all, stealing someone else’s mail is a federal crime. Yet, that’s not always the case. Anybody walking near your home can easily pass by and scoop up your packages. You’re left hopelessly searching and asking around if anyone saw your package, even after you received the confirmed delivery notification from the mail carrier.

For Jasmine Le, preventing a burglary was as easy as pressing a button on her smartphone.

Smart Doorbells have gained popularity lately and it’s easy to see why. They add an extra layer of security when you’re not home. Thwarting away thieves away from your door has never been easier.

On Saturday, July 20, a Twitter User who goes by the name Jasmine Le, took to social media to share a video captured on her doorbell camera that shows a woman sneaking towards Le’s home and picking up a Sephora package meant for her.

In the now viral tweet, Le screams at the intruder just as she is picking up the package, “Get out of my house,” as heard via the Ring app.

The mystery woman then drops the package and walks away without ever looking back.

Afterwards, Le can be heard saying, “She dropped it,” clearly upset by the situation.

Le ends the video with her yelling at the intruder to, “Get the f*ck out of my house, you f*cking dumb b*tch.”

Not Today Satan!

The Twitter post received a number of replies, many of which applauded Le for her choice of words.

You have to be fierce when protecting your Sephora packages. Makeup is not cheap.

Twitter users have also praised Le for catching the thief in the act and scaring her at the perfect moment.

According to replies on the Tweet and comments made by Le herself, the Ring app notifies users when someone is near their door. This function is super convenient for when you’re away from home and someone is attempting to steal your goodies from your front door.

This motivated a number of users to want a Ring camera for themselves.

*adding this to the list of things I need, but also don’t need*

You and I both.

Twitter users in the replies urged Le to tell the world more details about her smart doorbell, like where she purchased it and the specifics of the model she owns.

A ver, tell us. We need to know.

According to Le, she purchased her doorbell camera at Costco for $189. You can check it out at your local Costco store for yourself to see what Ring doorbell cameras they have in stock.

On my way to Costco, brb!

Text me if y’all need anything from Costco. Snacks, wine, a smart doorbell perhaps?

If you’re a Costco member, hurry now to your local Costco so you can protect all of your packages!

Even though the specific doorbell camera used in the video is only sold to Costco members, it isn’t the only way to get your hands on a security doorbell.

From Target to Best Buy, you can purchase one at just about any major retailer. Buy one for yourself or for your loved ones as gifts. For example, you could get one for your parents so they can scold you, even before you walk through the door, as you’re trying to sneak in after a late night out aunque no sean horas de llegar a la casa.

You might think that these kind of things may never happen to you because they are so “rare,” but they do and can happen to anyone.

Thieves can strike at any moment and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Take this as a cautionary tale, y’all. You don’t want to be stuck on the phone trying to make a claim for your stolen package. Even though getting a doorbell camera seems excessive, it’s really not. They are bringing affordable wireless home security to many people nationwide.

Don’t be surprised when you have to pick up your phone to yell into it angrily whenever you spot someone eyeing your packages.

While some users focused on Le, others focused on the thief.

¿Para qué o qué?

It’s important for everyone to feel safe in their homes, but the identity of the perpetrator should be kept off the internet. That’s Le’s business to deal with, whether she wants to pursue a search for her or not. After all, the package wasn’t stolen. Let’s just hope she doesn’t try to do it again to someone else.

The tea was served piping hot.

It wasn’t a person of color who tried to steal the package, but a white person, bringing to light the fact that stealing is not an issue about race and that the stereotypes against POC are false.

However, the most pressing question that we all have on our minds: is the Sephora makeup okay?

Well, is it???? C’mon, I can’t be the only one asking this.

Praise the packaging gods.

The Sephora package was wrapped so well that not even a plunge to the floor could shatter it. It’s almost as unbreakable as your Nokia phone circa 2009. You gotta love the extra care that goes into packaging makeup.

Since she’s speaking so highly of the product that helped prevent this tragedy, here’s to hoping she gets that sponsorship from Ring!

If you’re still convinced that this will never happen to you, just search for ‘doorbell camera’ on YouTube for footage that will persuade you otherwise.

Take this as a sign to get some extra surveillance for your home and go out there to buy yourself a doorbell camera before someone tries to steal your packages. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to yell at someone from your phone and tell them to get out of your house.

Watch the full video here:

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Police Are Looking For Two People Who Attacked An Elotero In Long Beach

Things That Matter

Police Are Looking For Two People Who Attacked An Elotero In Long Beach

Another street vendor has been attacked while working. This time, an elotero in Long Beach was viciously attacked by two people in broad daylight. Police and the community are looking for the two and people in Long Beach want to see justice brought against the attackers.

A vicious attack on an elotero was caught on a Ring camera.

According to KTLA, police are searching for two Black men in their 20s who were caught on camera attacking Bililfo Fernandez. The elotero was pistol-whipped and beaten as the two men stole his property and cash during the senseless and unprovoked attack.

In true American fashion, a GoFundMe was set up to cover the old man’s medical bills.

It is common in the U.S. for GoFundMe pages to be set up to cover medical costs for people who are victims of crime or face unexpected health failures. People can be heard screaming to deter the violent attack but no one intervened to help Fernandez while being attacked.

A GoFundMe set up for the elotero has raised more than $80,000 to help the family.

Credit: GoFundMe

“He is an elotero and goes on his usual routes everyday,” writes his daughter, Erika, who organized the GoFundMe. “He is a very hard working man and known by many.  We had to take him to the Emergency Room so that they could help him and treat him because his injuries were pretty severe. His nose and head were busted open with a gun. My dad does not have insurance.Anything will be very much appreciated to help pay for his medical expenses. During these hard times I am currently not working because of covid, so anything will be a blessing for us.”

People on social media are angered by the two men attacking someone taking care of their family during COVID-19.

Latino families are experiencing the devastating financial impacts of COVID-19. Unemployment was highest among the Latino community than any other group of people in the U.S. during the crisis. This elotero was doing what he could to keep his family afloat during the pandemic and faced violence.

People cant wait for just to be served and Latinos are reminding people that this is not a time to let anti-Blackness fester in the Latino community.

Racism is a real issue in the Latino community. While people are angered at this attack, this is not to be used to generalize against the Black community. These are two bad people who attacked a man for his money and property. If you have any information about the two men in the video attacking Fernandez, call the Long Beack Police Department at (562) 435-6711.

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Doorbell Camera Shows A Woman Seeking Help From Neighbors As Captor Pulls Her Away

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Doorbell Camera Shows A Woman Seeking Help From Neighbors As Captor Pulls Her Away

There is a disturbing video out of Arcadia, California that shows a man attacking his estranged girlfriend. The footage was captured on a neighbor’s Ring doorbell as the woman ran for help. The culprit, Robert Michael Mendez, 27, has been charged with suspicion of attempted murder, kidnapping and false imprisonment after Arcadia Police say they received footage of him dragging and assaulting the women. 

Ring doorbell surveillance footage shows Richard Michael Mendez dragging away his estranged girlfriend from a neighbors front door. 

The doorbell video shows the woman running to a neighbors front door and knocking for help. Mendez then runs up to her, grabs her by the hair and drags her away as she screams.

Authorities received the Ring doorbell footage taken from a home in the area of Santa Anita Avenue and Camino Real Avenue at around 11:40 p.m. that appeared to show a man, later identified as Mendez, dragging the woman who had showed up at the home begging for assistance. 

“The extent of the female’s injuries were severe enough to warrant hospitalization,” a police news release said. “Investigation also revealed that the female victim had been held against her will inside the residence since late (Sunday) evening.”

Many people have been shocked to see the disturbing footage that has made rounds on national news. 

Credit: @kandisscronetv / Twitter

The homeowners of where the attack happened sent the video to the police who then began searching through the neighborhood for Mendez. Upon knocking on his door, authorities identified him as the suspect. They also found the woman inside his home and she was quickly rushed to the hospital with significant injuries. Mendez was taken into custody without incident. 

Authorities say the woman was being held against her will at Mendez’s house since September 29. While fellow neighbors said that Mendez had kept to himself, they did notice numerous cars coming in and out of his house.

“I thought she was going to die,” Arcadia neighbor Tammy Raycraft told KCAL/KCBS, noting that she saw the entire incident go down. “We looked out the side window over here and witnessed him stomping on her, pulling her by her hair … it was awful. It was really traumatic to watch.”

The surveillance footage was provided by Ring, the Amazon-owned technology company, which has partnered with more than 400 police departments nationwide. But some people say this might infringe on privacy rights.

Credit: @mayawiley / Twitter

This incident is an example of how Ring and other tech companies have helped law enforcement agencies across the country find similar fugitives. As of now, Ring has stated that they are working with 405 police departments nationwide. The goal of this partnership is to convince people to not only buy the device but also sign up for its neighborhood watch app. In return, police get access to your Ring video footage with your permission. 

While the technology partnership has support, some worry about certain privacy issues. Police can still request video footage directly from Amazon if it has been uploaded to its cloud and the request is sent within 60 days of recording. This can happen even if an individual denies police access to that video footage.

While this only applies to users who live near law enforcement agencies that are working with Ring, it does set precedent for future surveillance technology. In this case, it helped lead to an arrest that might have never happened if it wasn’t for the video footage.

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