These Swimwear Lines By Women Of Color Will Make You Look Like A Firework On The 4th Of July

Summer has arrived, which means that bathing suit season is in full swing. And although we’re all on a journey of self-love and body acceptance, sometimes there’s nothing more daunting than heading into a fitting room with an armful of bikinis in tow. And as Latinas, shopping for swimwear can be especially irritating when many of the styles seem to be pandering to the white gaze.

However, we’re also lucky enough to live in a time when women of color of all shapes and sizes are carving their own paths in the fashion industry. Gone are the days when we were forced to buy unflattering bathing suits from large corporate entities that definitely did not have our best interests in mind.

Check out our round-up of WOC-owned swimwear lines below!

1.Viva La Bonita


Viva La Bonita, the Latina lifestyle and apparel brand that is “inspired by the women who are fearless” has a delightful collection of one-piece swimsuits in any color that suits your fancy. Sizes run from XS to XXXL. Shop for your Bonita-wear here.

2. Boutique + Swimwear


Created by Puerto Rican plus-size model Jessica Milagros, Boutique+ Swimwear is a JC Penney-based line that caters to curvy women. Sizes range from 1X to 3X. Shop here.

3. Agua Bendita


Agua Bendita is a swimwear line founded by Catalina Álvarez and Mariana Hinestroza, two Colombian women who “wanted to tell their story to the world”. Their line highlights Colombian culture through their well-thought-out detail and handicraft. Sizes go up to XL. Shop here.

4. Gabi Fresh x Swimsuits For All


Gabi Fresh is the WOC fashion blogger and designer we didn’t know we needed. The body-positive activist has released a new swimsuit collection with longtime-partner Swimsuits for All which she describes as “Retro Barbie, but make it fat”.

Top sizes range from D/DD-G/H while bottoms run from 1-24. Shop here.

5. Lybethras Swimwear


Brazilian designer Luciana Martinez created Lybethras Swimwear to emphasize “functionality, innovation, and style”. According to Martinez, her goal was to create a swimwear line that caters to all body types to “allow everyone to feel beautiful and confident”. Their collection goes up to XXL.

They also have a custom option for all other body types. Buy here.

6. Rachel Roy


Indian-American fashion tycoon Rachel Roy is famous for her strong and sexy looks. Her swimwear line is no exception. Her sizes range from XS to XL and are famously devoid of any child labor.

Buy here.

7. Nicolita


Nicolita was founded by Latina designer Nicole Di Rocco who wanted to “design swimwear to fit curvy Latina hips”. The line’s aesthetic is inspired by the glamour of 1940s Cuba. The website boasts an in-depth size guide to help people who struggle with finding the perfect bathing suit. Shop sizes S-XL here.

8. B. Yellowtail


The fashion line B. Yellowtail was created by Native American designer Bethany Yellowtail in order to “carve out a space where an authentic voice and an authentic representation of Native America exists and thrives”. The swimwear line is set to launch on June 28th.

Shop the collection here.

9. Ahuixa Swimwear


This swimwear lines is for all the goth Latinas and brujas out there. Founded by LA-based Latina designer Diana Mayoral, Ahuixa was made to be “alternative swimwear for dark hearts “. The line of swimwear was named after AHUIC, the Aztec goddess of running water. Sizes go up to XL.

Shop here.

10. Rue107


Rue107 is a black-owned online shop that caters to women of all sizes.

Check out there incredible swimsuit collection here. Sizes range from S-4X.

11. Agua Clara


Agua Clara is a swimwear line co-founded by Peruvian designer Liliana Villalobos with her brother, Jorge. The line is inspired by nature and the Amazon. Sizes go up to XL.

Shop here.

12. Antigua Collection


According to Venezuelan designer and company founder Silvana Isaacs, Antigua Collection is meant to be a “timelessly chic” line that “perfectly fits the body of every woman, regardless of their age”.

Shop here.

13. Maygel Coronel

@ lamilanesa.bag/Instagram

Colombian brand Maygel Coronel is a luxury swimwear line that specializes in architectural, structured pieces that look just as good on the runway as they do on the beach.

Buy here.

14. Martha of Miami


Cubana entrepreneur Martha Valdes has long made waves in the fashion industry for her commitment to “staying true to [her] Latin roots”. That commitment is on full display with her adorable collection of one-piece suits that sport lines such as “Mimosas With My Chismosas” and “Latina AF”.

Shop here.

15. MarAcuyá Swimwear


MarAcuyá Swimwear is a bathing suit line that has been designed and handmade in Puerto Rico with their fabric sourced from Colombia.

Shop their collection here.

16. Mauna Loa Beachwear


According to Mauna Loa Beachwear’s founder, Andreina Oliver Godoy, her swimwear line was “inspired by the tropical climate of Venezuela”.

Shop here.

17. Yemaya


Paraguayan-American designer Carla Pallares started Yemaya Swimwear (named after the Yuroba Goddess of water) in order to create swimwear that comfortable and well-fitting as well as being fashion-forward. Sizes go up to XL.

Shop here

Here Are The Latino Sodas You Need To Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Here Are The Latino Sodas You Need To Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign

nataliedrawn / topochicousa / Instagram

While the rest of society is tapping into how nature is a significant signaler to our emotional and spiritual needs, Latinos grew up finding meaning in every change in the wind, and every dream. We’re superstitious AF, but we’re also highly in tune with nature.

We’re also chugging soda and eating Goya beans from a can because it’s 2019 and we have full-time jobs and three other gigs to get to. Whatever you have on your plate today, these zodiac-aligned sodas are destined to be more effective for you, hijo de las estrellas.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Credit: steph_joachim / Instagram

Honey, the arrangement of the stars this summer is signaling you to stay off the ‘gram. Get away from social media and get out of your head. There’s nothing like a sweet, tropical Jupiña to take with you to the beach or mountains.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Credit: titan_doom / Instagram 

Taurus’s are often misunderstood as lazy, but the fact is that you are more in touch with your self and your needs than any other sign. You’re free from the shame of indulging as an act of self-love. So when you have a Malta, you definitely add condensed milk to it to maximize the effects of every self-treat. Plus, it reminds you of drinking Malta as a niño and feeling like you could kick your feet up with the beer-drinking adults.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Credit: ztiworoh / Twitter

You’re represented by celestial twins–signifying a range of meanings, primarily to represent your many interests. The story goes that the goddess had so many passions, she doubled herself to get it all done. Cuba’s Iron Beer hasn’t decided whether it’s root beer or cream soda, and that’s because, like you, it can be both. 

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Credit: jarritos / Instagram

This summer, your space is yours. Whether you’re staying home to reflect and refuel your tank or burning up that gasolina on the dance floor, Jarritos stay with you. Nourishing both your home realm and your social side will be important for you. Pro tip: spiked Jarritos is even better.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Credit: @coastward / Twitter

Leo, your allure could be spotted from a mile away. Inca Kola’s neon yellow bubble gum flavors will make you glow in the dark. Don’t play like that doesn’t sound like your dream.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Credit: topochicousa / Instagram

The energies of the lunar eclipse in Capricorn is still inspiring productivity like never before in you, hermit. Topo Chico is not a soda, per se, but it is a bubbly drink that you can enjoy anytime. Whether you’re drinking it straight from the bottle at your desk or adding your favorite fruits, Topo Chico is the only bubbly you need to keep you in the zone.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Credit: lovelovegoose / Instagram

Ooh, Libra, your summer is set to look very physically (read: so much sex) active. You always have many people vying for your attention, but as you work on building trust with your chosen partner, you’re going to need to hydrate. Materva is brewed with mate leaves, giving you a bit of caffeine (alongside 40 grams of sugar, but who’s counting) to fuel your love life.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Credit: CityandStateUS / Instagram

Like Mexican Coke, you, scorpion, have a cult following. But this month isn’t about what other people think of you. No matter the expectations of you, it’s time to turn inward and go back to old wounds that cause all the classic drama in your life. Don’t worry, when you let it go, you’ll still be a classic inside and out.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Credit: squirrelseatnuts / Instagram

Travels are in your future, Sagittarius. There’s nothing more germane to its country of origin than Colombiana soda. Its bubble gum scented cream soda flavors will always remind you of the importance of honoring the place you visit.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Credit: sidralmundet / Instagram

Fellow sea goats–it has been un mes tan pesado. No te preocupes–instead of trying to find out where you fit, it’s time to realize you belong everywhere in this world. You’re not just a Mundet, you’re an elusive green apple cider. Embrace your individuality. It will set you free.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Credit: sylver907 / Instagram

You, Aquarius, are in a humanitarian activist mode. With Puerto Rico’s police force firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters, PR’s favorite soda, Kola Champagne, will be fuel for your fire.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Credit: coco_ricooficial / Instagram

Our favorite water-lovers can take their game to the next level this summer with Coco Rico. This soda is here for you when you want to drink out of a coconut on the beach, but with more sugar and carbonation. It’s next-level water, básicamente.

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Puerto Rico Is Entering Hurricane Season Still Recovering But Trump Has Money For A 4th Of July Parade

Things That Matter

Puerto Rico Is Entering Hurricane Season Still Recovering But Trump Has Money For A 4th Of July Parade


Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico in 2017. Nearly two years later and infrastructure is still in planning mode. That’s because, even though Congress allocated $20 billion to rebuild Puerto Rico, very little has been released to Puerto Rico.

As campaign season for 2020 is in full swing, Trump has ordered the largest, most expensive parade in U.S. history. Military tanks will line the National Mall. Warplanes will fly over the Washington Monument, and he’ll have his own televised address. Celebrating America’s Independence Day will cost $92 million, and it leaves behind Puerto Ricans.

On July 1, The House Oversight Committee sent a letter demanding the White House release sealed documents surrounding Hurricane Maria.

@JRehling / Twitter

A similar letter was sent on May 6th with no response. Democrats are now seeking a “compulsory process” that would legally require the administration to hand over the documents. The Bush administration released 18,000 documents related to Hurricane Katrina when asked.

The Trump administration has come under fire for its lack of response to the disaster. What is it hiding?

In October 2017, Trump visited a Puerto Rican church and tossed paper towels.

@6halfdozenother / Twitter

Given that nearly 3,000 people lost their lives, critics point to this moment as an example of the lack of empathy shown by the President of the United States for U.S. citizens in the midst of a worsening tragedy.

At the time, he painted the death toll of 16 people as a victory.

Trump argued that Maria wasn’t “a real catastrophe like Katrina.”

@climateprogress / Twitter

In an attempt to downplay the impacts of Maria, Trump used the false death count toll as a symbol of victory. He later refused to acknowledge the official death toll of nearly 3,000 deaths.

The death toll rose in the six months following the storm as a result of the lack of electricity, clean water, and weakened healthcare.


San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz blames the Trump administration for “neglect.” “I screamed, literally, out at the top of my lungs to say ‘We’re dying here’ and the bureaucracy and the inefficiency of the federal government was killing us,” she told BBC news.

The Puerto Ricans who used FEMA’s hotel vouchers on the mainland are now largely homeless.


Netflix’s documentary After Maria depicts a total lack of strategy for Puerto Ricans whose homes were destroyed by Maria. They were granted a fixed amount of time in hotels on the mainland, without any support to rebuild their home. When the time ran out, they were transferred to homeless shelters.

The state of Georgia has implemented a ‘Puerto Rican interview’ for those applying for a driver’s license.

@carlitocenteno / Twitter

After Georgia’s Department of Driver’s Services refused to return Puerto Rican Kenneth Cabán’s identity documents, Cabán is suing the department for “unlawful and discriminatory treatment of American citizens from Puerto Rico.” The agency claims Puerto Rican documentation is cause for “fraud review.”

All this making it clearer that Puerto Ricans are second class citizens.

@ricardorossello / Twitter

Twitter user Carlos Centeno thinks that “too many white folks, we Puerto Ricans are undocumented immigrants until we prove otherwise. What Georgia is doing is not only racist, it’s economically debilitating to these U.S.-born citizens and their families.”

In After Maria, we witness how these experiences lead displaced Puerto Ricans to conclude that they’re not wanted.


As devastating as Hurricane Maria was to the infrastructure of Puerto Rico, what After Maria shows is the psychological effects of what happened after. We see a young pre-teenaged girl fall into a depression as she’s bullied by her new peers in New York. We see how the system failed Puerto Ricans and how there could be no other reasonable conclusion for the survivors.

There’s the trauma of experiencing that hurricane and surviving, while so many didn’t.

@yarimarbonilla / Twitter

Folks are already tweeting about the stress of the power going out already, in July. Puerto Rico isn’t ready for another hurricane season. It’s still recovering from 2017.

And the trauma of prepping for another season.

@luvsjoonie / Twitter

Many Puerto Ricans want to be granted statehood. They want the same treatment and respect offered to victims of Hurricane Harvey. They do pay taxes, but they don’t benefit like other taxpayers.

Largely, Puerto Ricans have taken it upon themselves to cope and recover.

@NPR / Twitter

These are volunteers at a retirement community in Rio Piedras. They’re helping to train its residents on how to cope and deal with the stress and depression that persists years after Hurricane Maria. Given that those communities were at much higher risk of mortality after the hurricane, the fear is credible.

With news that Trump’s Fourth Parade might get washed out, this Puerto Rican has one thing to say:


Hope it helps. Happy 4th of July.

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