She Dropped Out Of High School When She Got Pregnant And Her Farm Working Parents Gave Her All The Advice She Needed To Get A Master’s

Agriculture work is one of the most grueling jobs. Kneeling for hours upon hours, picking fruit and vegetables in extreme weather conditions is brutal. Ask any farm worker, and they will tell you the same thing: white people would never do this kind of work. That is why parents who work in the fields say to their kids to get an education because they do not want their kids to do the kind of work they do. That’s the advice that stuck with an incredible woman who has faced insurmountable obstacles of her own.

This recent grad went above and beyond to make her dreams comes true, thanks to her hard work, and her parent’s struggles.

Meet Erica Alfaro. She just got her master’s degree from San Diego State University in education, with a concentration in counseling. She is the daughter of Claudio Alfaro and Teresa Herrera who both work in agriculture at California’s Central Valley tomato fields.

“One day, I was very tired and told my mom, and she said to me, ‘This is how life is going to be from now on. The only people who don’t have to go through this get an education.’ Those words stuck with me,” Alfaro told CNN.

The 29-year-old dedicated her master’s degree with her parents and celebrated with a powerful photoshoot where they work.


“With love I dedicate my master’s to my parents. Their sacrifice to come to this country to give us a better future was well worth it,” Alfaro wrote on her social media accounts.

Erica may not have had to struggle like her parents, but she did face several setbacks during her educational years.


Not only did Erica quit high school at 15-years-old after she got pregnant, but her boyfriend at the time (who she moved in with), made her and the baby sleep outside. She moved back in with her parents and finished high school via homeschooling.

In 2012, she was accepted into California State University San Marcos but soon had to drop out because her son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.


“It took me almost six years to get my bachelor’s degree,” she told CNN.

She graduated in 2017 and had to the honor to be the commencement speaker at her graduation ceremony, and now two years later, she has her master’s degree.

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People on social media are praising her and her parents for all they have done.


Such a beautiful rendering.

She got a cool shoutout from her school.

She has such an inspiring story that has touched so many.

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Her parents inspired her, now she is doing the same for her son.

We can only imagine what her son will achieve thanks to his mom’s hard work.

The American dream is alive and well.

Congrats, Erica!

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