A Selena Stan Made A Thread Of La Reina As Fanta Bottles And It’s Adorably Hilarious

Selena Quintanilla has a devoted fan base to rival the likes of the Bee Hive or the Barbz (both of which have been known for go for blood when they’re stanning their Queens). Recently, fans of the powerhouse singer of Tejano music have taken to Twitter to compare the prolific singer’s outfits to everyday objects (oddly enough, whisks).

One stan matched Selena with Fanta bottles!

omg hahah I love how colorful this is!

And got creative with all of the colors revealing something that’s pretty sweet.

That our music queen was also a reina of vibrancy .

They even did Mariah Carey did it!

This time around, Mariah stans have decided that they have truly found the inanimate object that resembles their queen above any other inanimate object: the champagne bottle. Yes, you heard that right. A trend started by Mariah Carey uber-fan, Twitter user @extrapettychris, the biggest Mariah fans are now comparing photos of her in a range of outfits to photos of assorted champagne bottles. The result is an oddly hypnotic gallery of satisfying look-alike images.

1. The black and brilliant one.


Most Twitter users who are fans of Mariah’s preferred the champagne bottle comparison over the whisk ones. “This over whisk all day,” said @plasstick4k.

2. The blue and bold one.


“She’s never been my favorite but this may have changed my mind a little #fabulous” – @WP_Realtor1

3. The gold and glittering one.


Ms. Carey always did have a soft spot for glitter…even if it wasn’t always in her best interest.

4. The red and risky one.


Mariah has always been known to love to dress up. It’s no wonder some people call her the Queen of Costumes!

5. The silver and sparkling one.


The collection of pictures made more than one person’s day. “This got me rollllllling” said Twitter user @BoydTess.

6. The pretty in pink one.


“After seeing this I am hereby convinced she based her outfits after champagne bottles…only logical explanation,” said Twitter user @IAmThePlush.

7. The white and wonderful one.


“WHO HAS THE TIME TO MAKE THESE BRUH” said one @lilswampass. Umm, a dedicated Mariah fan–that’s who.

8. The perfect and platinum one.


In response to a comment saying “Someone put a lot of time into this”, @extrapettychris responded: “About a solid 15-20 minutes”.

9. The navy and nice one.


Some other fans noted how looking at bottles of champagne that oddly resembled Mariah Carey somehow hit the spot: “This thread was very satisfying,” said Twitter user @guaranteed_O. Indeed, it was. Indeed, it was.

10. The green and gorgeous one.


When asked if he’d been holding onto these image comparisons for a while, @extrapettychris responded, “Honestly, no. It was part stan behavior, part THC. Just thought of it last night”. We call it divine inspiration.

11. The leopard and luscious one.


@Extrapettychris went all out when creating this list. Just check out this spot-on comparison of Mimi with a spotted champagne bottle. “Omg the water makes this,” said user @ArtieODaly. Agreed.

Some of his followers chimed in with their own versions of the “Elusive Chanteuse” as a champagne bottle

The champagne/Mimi mashup became a very passionate group effort.

12. The Sparkling Siren


The simple act of comparing the Queen Diva to an intoxicating bubbly liquid seemed to actually be bring a small corner of the internet together to celebrate something they love. “I want to be friends with everyone here that’s a @MariahCarey fan!” said @SassClassNiceAs.

13. The Radiant Rainbow


@Extrapettychris responded to the follower that created the above rainbow image with “Nailed it”. The creator of the image @xochelzzz responded, “Ha thanks bae! This thread is everything.”

14. The Morose Monochrome


Some users couldn’t put into words as to why they couldn’t look away. Like Twitter user @JSquaredStyle who so aptly wondered: “Why am I so intrigued by this?”

15. The fun and festive one


Of course, any Mariah-related fan list wouldn’t be complete without a reference to her status as a Christmas icon.

16. The Heavenly “Hero”


“So many pretty, shiny things to look at! Also, wine bottles…I guess”, quipped @YePirateLiberal.

17. The Glittering Goddess


“This is the most on-point thread I’ve seen lmfaooo”. – @sowr0ngitssteph

18. The Femme Fatale in Forest Green


We can’t tell what has more curves, the bottle or MC? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

19. The Bronze Beauty


Of course, @extrapettychris’s followers had to give him props where props were due: “This is an absolutely fabulous thread…hope #QueenMimi sees it, top work,” said @Amazing Airedale.

To the delight of everyone, Mariah Carey herself responded to the viral thread. And it was glorious.

As for what the Elusive Chanteuse thinks of it, it seems as if she might have even find the whole thing…amusing?

As for us, we can’t get enough of the bizarre comparisons either. Now, we’re just crossing our fingers that Twitter stans will set their sights next on another Latina goddess (Cardi B, we’re looking at you!)

Lea Michele Half-Apologizes For Subjecting Former Co-Star To Relentless Microagressions


Lea Michele Half-Apologizes For Subjecting Former Co-Star To Relentless Microagressions

Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

The world is watching and reacting as the investigation into the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Activists have been raising their voices and organizing to maintain and grow sustained protests around the world demanding justice. Celebrities have been swept up in the anger and protest as well and, for some, it has backfired.

Former “Glee” star Lea Michele tweeted about the death of George Floyd.

Michele joined the trend of celebrities who have started to join in the protests against racial injustice inflicted by police in the U.S. Even major corporations joined the Black Lives Matter conversation after being silent for years with many participating in #BlackOutTuesday. Yet, Michele is facing accusations of her own microaggressions against former co-stars.

Samantha Ware had issues with Michele’s tweet of solidarity.

Ware played Jane Hayward in the sixth season of “Glee” and accused Michele of microaggressions. The microaggressions were relentless and traumatic enough to make Ware’s tenure on the show “a living hell.”

Ware’s response immediately rang true for so many who have faced a lifetime of microaggressions.

Microaggressions are a major issue in everyday life for people of color. They are defined as verbal, behavioral, or environmental things that have underlying hostile and prejudice roots. They are things like assuming that a Black woman is wearing a wig or locking your car doors when a Black person walks by you.

Dabier Snell also spoke up about Michele’s behavior.

Snell continued with a second tweet explaining that he is always here to make content that people will enjoy. He tries to stray away from creating anything negative in the world. However, according to Snell, seeing Michele’s tweet for George Floyd brought back bad memories of her treating him as less than while on set.

Another “Glee” co-star, Alex Newell, echoed Snell and Ware.

Three of Michele’s co-stars have come forward to call her out in public because of how she treated people. All three have been Black actors who have accused the actor of treating them with no respect and lodging microaggressions against them.

Some people are doing the work and reminding us that Naya Rivera tried to call Michele out first.

In her memoir “Sorry Not Sorry,” Rivera recounted how Michele treated her while they were on “Glee.” Rivera did not hold back when she described Michele’s reaction as Santana Lopez became a more and more important character in the “Glee” universe.

“As Santana moved from a background character to one with bigger plot lines and more screen time. I think Rachel – erm, I mean Lea – didn’t like sharing the spotlight,” reads the memoir. “If I’d complained about anyone or anything, she’d assumed I was bitching about her. Soon, she started to ignore me, and eventually it got to the point where she didn’t say a word to me for all of season 6.”

Michele offered a half-apology to address the accusations while admitting to them at the same time.

“While I don’t remember ever making this specific statement and I have never judged others by their background or color of their skin, that’s not really the point, what matters is that I clearly acted in ways which hurt other people. Whether it was my privileged position and perspective that caused me to be perceived as insensitive or inappropriate at times or whether it was just my immaturity and me just being unnecessarily difficult, I apologize for my behavior and for any pain which I have caused,” reads part of the statement. “We all can grow and change and I have definitely used these past several months to reflect on my own shortcomings.”

Her apology sparked more backlash from people who claim to have been part of the “Glee” cast and crew.

Credit: leamichele / Instagram

Other people have commented on her apology claiming that she is not really apologizing if she claims not to remember. Others are frustrated that Michele is apologizing for how people have perceived her words, not for the words itself.

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Turns Out ‘Machete’ Director Robert Rodriguez Is Behind ‘Rain On Me’


Turns Out ‘Machete’ Director Robert Rodriguez Is Behind ‘Rain On Me’

As a director, Robert Rodriguez never fails to deliver.

From the hits of the”Spy Kids” franchise to “Machete”, the seasoned Mexican-American filmmaker has built a career on high-action movies that always deliver colorful punches. It’s why, when it was recently revealed that he added Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s latest music video collaboration to his lineup of films we were pretty surprised. And awestruck.

“Rain on Me,” is the latest Gaga X Ariana Grande collab to go viral and the first music video to be directed by Rodriguez.

Over the weekend, the second single from Gaga’s upcoming sixth studio album Chromatica dropped much to the delight of fans. The song, which visits the genres of dance-pop, disco, house, and electropop has been described by Gaga as a “celebration of tears” and has already received quite a bit of praise from users online. According to Rolling Stone, “In addition to Grande, the 16-song Chromatica will also feature contributions from Elton John and South Korean group Blackpink.”

Of course, over the weekend, fans could not get enough of the video.

Or the chemistry between the collaborators.

Check out the music video below.