Salma Hayek Got A Secret Tattoo On Her Boob

Tattoos and the taboos around them have come a long way from the days in which we were berated about having them by our mamas. These days just about any celebrity can be seen rocking a tattoo, with many of them getting the pieces of designs to their bodies to permanently memorialize a huge accomplishment in their life. Some get them for movie projects others to honor family members.

Salma Hayek’s newest tattoo is for a role and (behalf of our moms, thank god) it’s just watercolor!

For her latest role, the Mexican actress got a black raven tattoo on her chest.

@salmahayek / Instagram

One of the latest Salma Hayek tattoos really is just a watercolor piece for her role as Sonia Kincaid in the upcoming film “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard.”

In a post to her Instagram page, the actress wrote “A little peek of #soniakincaid secret tattoo! El tatuaje secreto de Sonia Kincaid!” The photo has a painting of a black raven placed on her left breast and it looks a whole heck of a lot like a real tattoo.

It’s not the first time Hayek hasn’t gotten fake ink for her role in a Kincaid film. “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” is a sequel to the action thriller comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson called “The Hitman’s Bodyguard.” In the original film, Hayek has a tattoo of a rosary her wrist and an assortment of other pieces along her arms.

While this piece of ink might be fake for Hayek, plenty of other of our fave Latinos have gotten the real needle deed done.

Kehlani has EspĂ­ritu Libre

Credit: @kehlani / Instagram

Kehlani has several tattoos en español and this one across her temple says ‘EspĂ­ritu Libre’ in a cursive font. We think it’s a good description of the singer’s personality.

And Lauryn Hill on her arm

Credit: @kehlani / Instagram

The Bay Area native has said that she is a big supporter of strong women. She has several of her role models tattooed on her, one of them being Lauryn Hill on her left arm. This image of Lauryn Hill is taken from ‘The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill’ album.

Kat Von D Got Beethoven’s face on her thighs.

PHOTO: thekatvond/Instagram

In a tribute to Ludwig van Beethoven, her favorite composer, Kat Von D had him tattooed across her thigh.

Also, the stars across her face.

PHOTO: thekatvond/Instagram

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