Rihanna’s New Breast Cancer Survivor Line Features Mostly Latinas And We Are Here For The Recognition

Throughout the month of October, women and men across the globe are observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month to highlight the importance of early screening. The issue of breast cancer, as most fans of Rihanna know, is very near to her heart and recently, the singer announced that she is jumping into the ring, once again, to join the fight. Bad Gal Riri recently announced that she is releasing a Savage X Thrivers Xtra VIP Box for Breast Cancer Awareness month and her strategy is decked out in a whole lot of lace and pink frills.

The singer took to her Instagram account to announce the all-pink limited edition collection and her effort to support survivors and fighters.

Savage x Fenty / Instagram

Taking to her Instagram account, Rihanna shared a post of four women modeling her new line while also battling breast cancer. This October, @savagexfenty and I are highlighting 4 of the strongest, most badass and inspiring women we like to call our #SAVAGEXTHRIVERS in support of breast cancer awareness month! With every pink style purchased, you’ll help the @ClaraLionelFdn fund critical research for this lesser-known group of young women living with aggressive forms of breast cancer. Read their stories and shop the collection NOW at to join the fight!” she wrote. 

Speaking to Paper magazine the singer stated that she wants “to raise awareness for under-served breast cancer communities and the Savage X Thrivers represent young women of all walks of life living and thriving with cancer. The easiest way for people to get involved and make a difference is by shopping this box and collection.”

The limited-edition range, called Thrivers, will send proceeds to Clara Lionel Foundation.

Savage x Fenty / Instagram

The American nonprofit organization was founded in 2012 by Rihanna and was made in an effort to help and support impoverished communities across the globe.  The singer founded the organization in honor of her grandparents, Clara and Lionel Braithwaite. In 2012, the singer’s grandmother died after battling cancer and Rihanna has set out to honor her life and battle with cancer in the years since. All purchases will include donations to the Clara Lionel Foundation with a minimum donation of $3.75 for each product sold.

Rihanna’s new line spotlights a lesser-known group of “thrivers” who are living with aggressive forms of breast cancer.

Inspired by the stories of a group of women who experienced aggressive forms of breast cancer, the collection was named after them and features health and breast cancer influencers Bianca Muniz, Johanna De La Cruz, Natalie Agustin, and Stephanie Seban.

Speaking about their experiences of battling cancer and modeling for Rihanna’s fashion line, each of the influencer’s opened up about their journeys of finding hope and self-love through cancer. “Sharing the evolution of your journey and your experiences makes other people feel less alone, less of an anomaly. It also raises awareness that if something feels wrong, you should get it checked out,” Seban says in the campaign. “I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 24-years-old. Did not think it could happen at that age so I decided to be really open about my story and I started vlogging my entire story.”

Muñiz also shared her journey, saying that her cancer diagnosis presented new struggled she had not been prepared for but in the long run taught her quite a bit about self-love. “I hated my body for the longest time the most difficult part for me was probably the skin reaction. I prepared for the scars on my chest I prepared for the hairless but it’s so your face the acne and I was not prepared for that so that has been the longest journey to self-love is my skin. it sucks that it took cancer to get there but I’m here,” she said before continuing on to say  “I’m still learning, but I feel like I love myself and I love my body more than I ever have. It sucks that it took cancer for me to get there, but I’m here, and I’m learning every day,” adds Muniz.

The Savage X Thrivers collection is so SO bomb, chicas. 

Savage x Fenty / Instagram

The new range includes bras, robes, underwear, and sleepwear, all of which are quickly selling out. 

You can buy individual items or buy the VIP Box which features the best of the line.

Savage x Fenty / Instagram

Not only does the new Fenty range present intimate and beautiful pieces it also features survivor stories from the women featured in the campaign. Each women’s story is being shared on Savage x Fenty site throughout the month of October. So break out your credit cards and get ready to fill up your cart with the cutest bra sets yet. You won’t feel guilty since it’s for such a great cause! 

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Rihanna Hilariously Took A Jab At Trump While Taking Out The Trash On Inauguration Day— ‘I’m just here to help’


Rihanna Hilariously Took A Jab At Trump While Taking Out The Trash On Inauguration Day— ‘I’m just here to help’

Rihanna just proved that she’s capable of just about anything. Last week, the class act proved that she can class up even the trashiest of things. While on a walk to the curb with bags of trash the singer rocked diamonds and a pair of satin pink peep-toe heels and gloves in a pointed jab at former President Trump. 

She might be a star but Rihanna isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to taking out the trash on behalf of President Joe Biden.

Last Wednesday, the singer and fashion designer celebrated Biden’s inauguration and Trump’s exit with a silly post on her Instagram page. Dressed in stilettos, the “Love On The Brain” singer carried two bags of garbage out to the curb with a caption that read “I’m just here to help #WeDidItJoe.”

The comment was a clear nod to Vice President Kamala Harris and President Biden’s historic win and their ultimate swearing-in last week.

Dressed in a vintage tee-shirt reading ‘End Racism By Any Means Necessary’ Rihanna threw some shade and the trash away. 

Continuing to throw shade in the caption, Rihanna added: ‘I’m just here to help.’ The singer has proven herself to be an ultimate fan of the Biden-Harris ticket. Last year when they won the election she tweeted about their win writing “The faces of history makers, boundary breakers, and WINNERS!!CONGRATULATIONS to you both, and mostly to the American people!! So much work to do, so much hurt to undo! Let’s GO! I’m so proud of you America!”

Fortunately, it looks like Rihanna is showing no signs of slowing down her celebrations this year.

On Sunday, the Savage x Fenty owner shared a video of herself dancing in a hotel room while sporting some of her own line’s lingerie.

After doing some twerks and showing off a Savage x Fenty dotted mesh skirt, and a set of matching gloves, RiRi gave fans a fun Valentine’s Day champagne toast.

“Cupid could NEVA!” she captioned her post. “#ValentinesDayCountdown.”

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Rihanna Revealed A Childhood Experience That She Says Connects Her To Mexican Migrants In The U.S.


Rihanna Revealed A Childhood Experience That She Says Connects Her To Mexican Migrants In The U.S.

Rihanna has never been afraid to speak her mind. She’s a woman who speaks up for issues she cares about and people listen to her. That’s why so many love her – present company included.

The ‘Umbrella’ singer, how has been kind of off the musical radar as of late, spoke out in a new interview with British Vogue and she had a few things to say about her upcoming music, where she’s been living, and her relationship with migrant communities.

Rihanna continues to use her platform and reach of over 200 million followers across social media to bring awareness to social issues that are important to her.

Credit: Chesnot / WireImage

In an interview with Vogue, the creator of “Fenty Beauty” explained feeling empathy with Mexicans and Latinos who are discriminated against in the United States, since she says that she knows how it feels to be on the end of discriminatory policies.

“The Guyanese are like the Mexicans of Barbados,” she said. “So I identify—and that’s why I really relate and empathize with Mexican people or Latino people, who are discriminated against in America. I know what it feels like to have the immigration come into your home in the middle of the night and drag people out.”

Similarly, she recalled the times in which she suffered and the difficulties her and mother experienced when they emigrated from Barbados.

Credit: badgirlriri / Instagram

Rihanna was born Robyn Rihanna Fenty in St. Michael, Barbados to a Guyanese mother and Barbadian father.

In the Vogue interview, she added: “Let’s say I know what that fight is like. I have witnessed it, I have been there. I think I was eight years old when I had to live that in the middle of the night. So I know how daunting it is for a child, and if my father had been dragged out of my house, I can guarantee you that my life would have been a disaster.”

In that same Vogue interview, Rihanna confessed to something that few people outsider her inner circle even knew.

Credit: badgirlriri / Instagram

She explained that in recent years she has become a bit of a nomad, having a house in London, Paris, Barbados and Mexico, where she feels more relaxed.

“I just love Mexico. I really need to do my DNA test,” she jokingly told Afua Hirsch of Vogue. Perhaps she was an agave plant, in a past life, she pondered.

Rihanna has been vocal about immigrant rights in the past and takes great pride in her origins.

Credit: badgirlriri / Instagram

The Grammy Award winning singer and entrepreneur has very publicly thrown shade at President Trump over his cruel immigration policies.

Rihanna, who’s been appointed as the ambassador of her native country Barbados, is no stranger to political matters. She sent a cease-and-desist letter to President Donald Trump in early November after he played her music at one of his rallies. She also rejected the opportunity to perform during the Super Bowl LIII in February 2019 out of protest for Colin Kaepernick.

Plus, in an interview with The Cut last year about the word ‘immigrant’, she said: “For me, it’s a prideful word. To know that you can come from humble beginnings and just take over whatever you want to, dominate at whatever you put your mind to. The world becomes your oyster, and there’s no limit. Wherever I go, except for Barbados, I’m an immigrant. I think people forget that a lot of times.”

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