Cardi B’s Blinged Out Nails Have Inspired Reebok New Dazzling Limited-Edition Shoe

If there’s anything Cardi B has taught us, it’s to always grind hard and secure the bag. So we’re not surprised that in her latest venture, she’s now collaborating with Reebok and thanks to her new collab, we’re getting some Cardi B-inspired sneakers. 

Can you say, “OKURRRRR!”?

Reebok and Cardi B’s recent collaboration called “Nails” for their “Sport the Unexpected” campaign has now inspired the classic sneaker brand to release a limited edition Club C pair of sneakers decked out in Swarovski crystals. 

It’s basically Cardi B in shoe form! And tbh, we can’t wait to get our hands on these. But more on that later.

Earlier this summer, the Bronx native starred in Reebok’s latest commercial as the face of the brand. In the commercial, Cardi B can be seen enjoying a relaxing day at the salon, gossiping with other women getting their hair did, nails did — everything did.

In the commercial, as she starts going on about a conversation having to do with a certain love interest in her life, all eyes turn to her Reebok Classic C’s getting untied. Since she’s in the middle of getting her done, there’s no way she can possibly reach down to tie her shoes without messing with the process! 

So, Cardi B somehow channels some superpowers to make her flawlessly and with such ease, tie her Classic C’s without messing up with hair styling process. Suddenly, her acrylic nails start to grow longer and longer — think of Rapunzel’s hair or something — and without moving a muscle, she finishes tying her shoelaces. Then she goes, “nailed it.” 

While we’re kind of bummed out that our acrylics can’t actually grow that long, that fast, to help us with basic things like tying our shoes – or heck, helping us reach that iPhone cable from the floor – we’re still excited after Reebok’s announcement that they’re giving away a pair of Swarovski-covered C Club sneakers. 

We’re about to make our way downtown, with a pep in our step. Or more like a sparkle. 

So, how will you be able to get your hands one of these pairs of C Club sneakers? We’ve got the 411. 

According to Teen Vogue, now through September 7, you have the chance to get your manicured hands on these “Crystal Coated” Club C sneakers. But you need to act fast because only 50 winners will be selected to win the limited-edition sneaker. 

Instead of securing the bag, you’ve gotta’ secure the sneaker. 

(Photo by Reebok)

In a press release from Reebok, per Teen Vogue, they explained that the design for the sneaker was “inspired by Cardi B’s appearance in their newest campaign video, as Cardi’s flamboyant choice of fashion fits the vibe of a shoe that defies expectations with crystal additions. Each pair is specially designed and individually numbered, making these sneakers an actual work of art.” 

Thankfully, the sneaker brand is also giving 100 runner-ups the chance to win a pair of Club C shoes — without the crystals though.  

But there’s a catch… in order to enter to win the Classic C sneakers, you must have Alexa or a Google Home (Labor Day is coming up, so get in on those sales!). 

Now, if you already have Alexa, you’ll just say, “Alexa, OKURRRRR.” Just kidding. You’ll have to say, “Alexa, open Reebok Sneaker drop.” If you have Google Home say, “Google, open Reebok Sneaker Drop.” 

After that, the Reebok Sneaker Drop will download and then you’ll just have to answer a bunch of personal questions and basic information. 

Finally, on September 7th, you’ll have to check back in from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. E.S.T to check if you’re the winner. When checking if you’re the winner, you’re going to say, “Hey Google, ask Reebok Sneaker Drop if I won” or you’ll ask, “Hey Alexa, ask Reebok Sneaker Drop if I won.” 

If you don’t win, though, don’t be too sad about it — you can still order your own pair of Club C classic sneakers and customize them yourself. You might not get the same #CardiBVibes as the pair that Reebok is giving away, but hey, it can be your time to get creative and add your own types of crystals. 

Good luck, y’all. 

Light a velita, cross your toes, fingers, speak it into existence so you can be out here stunting like Cardi B in your decked our Swarovski Club C classic Reebok sneakers.

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