Queer Eye’s First Latina Client Who Opened Up About Not Speaking Spanish Starts New Skincare Routine

Netflix’s most recent season of “Queer Eye” gave us its first Latina client, and the episode made us cry seven different ways to Sunday. Deanna Muñoz is a Latina-American mother and founder of the Latino Arts Foundation. She felt like she was stuck between two worlds: of not being white enough for her suburb and not Mexican enough for her suegra. As Deanna learned to treat herself to higher-quality clothes and skincare than Ross and T.J. Maxx (no shade, I’m not there yet either), we saw her face light up.

Fans have taken to following @deanna.munoz_latinoarts on Instagram and are delighted to see her thriving post-Queer Eye. One of her most recent posts has sparked a discussion on what skincare routines work for other melanized Latinas.

Muñoz is swearing by Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm and finally gets what the fuss around skincare is about.

@deanna.munoz_latinoarts / Instagram

“First Friday! In case you’re heading out this evening I wanted to share a beauty skincare love that @jvn gave to me,” Muñoz captions her post. “I never took care of my skin (nope never) & it’s Bc I didn’t know what to use or how. This product Dr. Jart has been my go-to ever since the show. I use it alone or under Born This Way light foundation when I go out for the evening.”

For those of you wondering, Dr. Jart’s Beauty Balm sells for $39 at Sephora.

@drjarts / Instagram

It’s advertised as a “cult-favorite all-in-one beauty balm perfects the complexion with a powerful anti-aging complex while shielding skin from UV damage.” The product comes in different tints for different skin tones, meaning it smooths out your complexion while protecting it with an SPF 45.

“Love love love….” writes Muñoz. “Is there any skincare that you use & recommend? Always looking to add to my collection ❤️”

Fans immediately started recommending their favorite products for their routine.

“Currently obsessed with the @sundayriley Vitamin C Rich hydration cream,” comments Lizzie Loves. “Major results in the 1 month of use.”

Of course, the “Aztec Healing Clay Mask” was recommended.


You can buy this oldie but goodie for just $8 at Target. The base ingredient of the product is calcium bentonite clay, which means you can also use it in a clay bath or a foot soak. One fan commented, “The Aztec healing clay mask is AMAZING! When on your face you feel it pulsate and afterwords your skins feels so clean and fresh! It’s really cheap too!”

Another fan thinks Muñoz’s “brown girl genes” already make her perfect… but also loves Too Faced’s Born This Way Serum.

“The born this way serum + the Pixi glow tonic are my go tos right now.” @amorycupcakes offered. “Your skin is amazing already, brown girl genessss ✨????????‍♀️”

The Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer comes in 35 different shades and is cruelty-free to boot. Find it at your local Sephora for just $29.

Someone else recommended talking to staff at Sephora for recommendations.

@sephora / Instagram

“For what it’s worth, I never would have guessed that you didn’t have a pretty serious skincare routine…” one Instagram user said. “You are gorgeous! Have you considered going into a Sephora and asking the staff there what they would recommend for you? I’ve always had good luck with that. Sephora can be SO. OVERWHELMING., so it’s helpful to engage the staff to narrow down choices. Just let them know how your skin behaves, what you are already using, and your target price point, and see what they come up with. They will usually give you samples when available so you can try it before you commit. I like the Sephoras at Town Center and Oak Park Mall (the freestanding store, not the one in JCPenney). Good luck beautiful!”

Others just wanted to send besitos.

@deanna.munoz_latinoarts / Instagram

“Hey Deanna, just watched your episode and wanna say hi from another Munoz from Brazil! U made me cry girl haha besos ????,” comments Livia Munhoz. Muñoz is welcoming all the bendiciones and even replied to Munhoz saying, “awww!! Hi all the way from KC!!! Thank you so much!!! ❤️”

What are your favorite products that light up that brown girl magic skin?

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Netflix Has Confirmed That ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Is Coming Back For Season 3 Without Diego Luna


Netflix Has Confirmed That ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Is Coming Back For Season 3 Without Diego Luna

Azhar Khan / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

“Narcos” is one of Netflix’s most wildly popular original series. Over the years, fans have learned about Narcos culture and history through the show and we are officially getting another season. Here’s what we know.

“Narcos: Mexico” Season 3 is coming to Netflix and, like, omg.

“Narcos” first started with following the drug trade in Colombia with Pablo Escobar. The fourth season was instead “Narcos: Mexico” and the beginnings of the Mexican drug trade became the focus of the series. Fans went wild for the show and it has continued to enjoy success with the Netflix audience.

Showrunner Eric Newman is stepping down in the coming season.

Instead, co-creator Carlos Bernard is stepping up and taking on the role of showrunner. Newman was the showrunner for five seasons since “Narcos” first started and is excited to see the show develop under Bernard.

“I am grateful for my five years at the helm of ‘Narcos’ and ‘Narcos: Mexico’ and am immensely proud of what this spectacular team has achieved with these shows,” Newman told Variety. “Carlos Bernard is the first person I ever spoke to about this project, over ten years ago, and I am extremely pleased to leave the steering of Season 3 of ‘Narcos: Mexico’ in his very capable hands.”

Brace yourself because Diego Luna is not joining the cast this season.

Tbh, Luna was one of the best parts of the show. He isn’t everything but he was a major part of the iconic and beloved show. The news is bumming out large parts of the “Narcos” fanbase who have come to love and look forward to him.

People are ready for this to happen yesterday.

Like, thank you for letting us know it is happening Netflix. Now we need to know when the show will actually be released. We appreciate the little update but we just need to know when we can watch the show.

We look forward to the release date, Netflix.

We are ready to sit on the couch and binge the season the moment it drops. Let’s get this together and get the show streaming. Thank you so very much!

READ: Diego Luna Talks The Importance Of The Storytelling In ‘Narcos: Mexico’ And Why Mexico City Will Always Be His Home

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Latinas Are Sharing The Best Tips For Applying Eyeliner


Latinas Are Sharing The Best Tips For Applying Eyeliner

Rosdiana Ciaravolo / Getty

Just about everyone who loves makeup has heard the infamous adage about a cat-eye: “Never ask a woman with a cat-eye why she’s late.”

The thing is that it’s true. For most of us anyway, learning how to apply the perfectly drawn cat-eye takes years and years of practice. And even then we don’t always get it right the first time! To get the best secrets about applying the best cat-eye we asked our FIERCE readers for the best advice on how to apply a good cat-eye and boy did they deliver!

Check out the answers below!

“Approach with confidence. Winged liner can smell your fear.”- hichewlove

“Kat Von D Tattoo liner CHANGED MY LIFE.”- zimmyloo

“Voting.” –bevthegreat

“Pray.” – chichichatz

“Pray🙏🏽.” – emaleebee12

“NYX professional make up eyeliner! That’s the point eyeliner! It’s my fave!!!” –dreawashere

“Tape 🙌🏽” – solrodr

“My secret is a brow brush! It has the best shape and gets really precise tips.” –lianakayarr

“You will need any eye liner, a q-tip and a pack of makeup remover wipes Draw the wing, doesn’t matter if it looks neat or even matches at first. Take the q-tip and press the cotton into the makeup remover pack. You now have a eyeliner corrector without using a whole sheet or concealer 💥 💥💥. Erase away the part of the wing you don’t want and shape to your liking. Re-dip if you need more. I use this every time I want a smaller wing.”- n.a.t.t.y_b

“I start by outlining the wing and then fill it in.”- jesstaco_food

“Steady hand & a prayer.” – __geminisantiago__

“Make the wing outline on your non-dominant side and then match it on the other. (If youre right handed, starting on left eye). I found it to be a lot easier that way!” –bluntdivaenergy

“The sharpie PEN as an outline.” – myrealnameisdrake_

“I use Milani’s Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eyeliner (it’s kind of like a fine, felt tip marker) to outline on the lid then go in and outline the wings and fill in everything with Milani’s Stay Put Matte Eyeliner (which is a liquid).”- la_savanita

“Stilla.” – santo.santo

“Almay.” –lunaysolmoz

“Use eyeshadow to trace and then go in with your favorite eyeliner.” –artsyannaart

“I’ve been putting liquid liner since I was 15. Kat Von D tattoo liner is the best hands down!!! I see a lot of people start from the wing 🚫 don’t do that. If you want that perfect swish at the end. You gotta start from the inner corner of your eye. Start thin and gradually apply pressure to thicken the line. Once you get to the end of the eye, stop and continue your swish. I always follow the crease of my eye for where to position my angle. Always make sure to go back and get that bottom outer corner for the full swish effect. ✨ In fewer words, as said by Hermione Granger, ‘swish and flick!’”- primalys

“Put concealer around it it give you that sharp nice looking effect.”- jetsemanytamayo

“Rest the end of your hand against the side of your eye by your cheekbone and dont stop until you made the full line.”- bori_bomba

“Wing them outside in.”- nyccurve

“Just use the stamp and get on with your day.” – thevickeys

@sweetstreetcosmetics has thee best eyeliner and the perfect tip to create the perfect wing!!!!”- jesstaco_food

@lianakayarr it’s your time to shine baby.” – mrs2saintsperez

@reinarebelde’s rebel eye definer liquid in Zapatista is my go to! 👌🏽❤️❤️❤️ it doesn’t smear at alllll.”- pwr_girlz

“I’ve been using the @stilacosmetics stay all day liquid eyeliner for years. Others don’t seem to stay on me all day and I use the pen like tip to create it.”- miriguti

“Practice! And liner with a brush tip like @urbandecaycosmetics or @nyxcosmetics. I wanna try @sweetstreetcosmetics I heard their liner is amazing too!” –bitches.have.boundaries

“I love @sweetstreetcosmetics eyeliner! Amazing.” –jackiengigi

“The best is the one from @thekatvond.”-xv_photography

@nyxcosmetics matte liquid eyeliner is the goat of all eyeliners.” – _xoangeles

“Practice and a steady hand! Acceptance that one eye ALWAYS looks better than the other and it must be a brush tip! My top two are @kvdveganbeauty tattoo liner is a game changer 🙌🏼 @nyxcosmetics Epic Ink Eyeliner does not budge and if you’re on a budget this is a great option!” –just_caro66

“Follow the waterline and set with eyeshadow.”- ainhoanegro

“One little bottom line on one eye. Then another line on the other eye. Make sure theyre even and then fill it in starting from the lash line. If the lines arent even then its a lot easier to just erase the line instead of the whole wing you just did.”- mariela_romero_

“Lots of practice and a slow strokes if you have a shaky hand like me.” –xtina_ace

@thebalm Shwing liner!”- lily_a90

“PATIENCE.” –yourstrulymell

“Clean it up w a concealer brush underneath the wing!”- elisaeatsapizza

@artbyanitaheart time to give up your secret.” –jessy.mndz

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