A Waitress At A Bar Changed A Pregnant Woman’s Cocktails To Virgin Without Her Permission

Motherhood is stressful. Especially when you have a newborn baby. Your body is a minefield of hormones and emotions and is trying to repair itself after giving birth. During this time, you only have baby on the brain and are too exhausted to worry about anyone else besides that new little guy. If you have other children in addition to your newborn, it’s even harder. 

We’ve got to give it up to moms and — especially — we’ve got to cut new moms some slack. 

However, not everyone feels this way and we’ve recently seen some major mommy-shaming aimed at women who are just trying to take a break from all of their mom duties. 

Instagram / @snooki

On July 30th, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi shared a photo of herself and her newest bundle of joy, baby Angelo. Angelo is the brand new addition to Snooki’s household and joins siblings Lorenzo and Giovanna. With such a full house, it must be a rare occasion to capture calm moments like the one Snooki posted in this pic. In it, Angelo enjoys a bottle of breast milk while Snooki relaxes with her own beverage. The problem people see with this is that the drink Snooki happens to be sipping is a glass of red wine.

Haters were quick to mom shame the “Jersey Shore” star, judging her decision to drink alcohol while obviously giving her son milk that she expressed herself. 

Instagram / @snooki

Some comments questioned Snooki’s fitness to mother while under the influence of one glass of wine. This comment, in particular, painted a hypothetical situation where Snooki would spill her wine all over her baby’s face. The Instagram user even accuses MTV of being the reason why Snooki is drinking a glass of wine. 

This comment tried to shame the reality star for breastfeeding while imbibing but Snooki was quick to school them about the lengths breastfeeding mothers go through to provide safe milk for their babes.

Instagram / @snooki

Most people may not realize this but breastfeeding women can ingest alcohol without harming their babies. The American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Breastfeeding says that drinking no more than 1-2 8 oz glasses of wine per week is completely harmless. They also advise mothers to hold off on breastfeeding for 2 or more hours to minimize any presence of alcohol in the milk. 

There’s also something called the “pump and dump” method. In doing this, breastfeeding mothers pump their breast milk after drinking alcohol and dump it down the sink to avoid giving any milk to their babies that might contain traces of alcohol. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics has said that this really only benefits moms by easing any concerns they might have. As long as they follow guidelines, their milk is safe. In summary, moms like Snooki put in the work to make sure their babies get the good stuff while still having an occasional drink and that’s totally okay. 

However, Snooki isn’t the only one being mom-shamed over pregnancy, babies and drinking alcohol. 

Reddit / AITA

Recently, a thread in Reddit’s “Am I The Asshole” section discussed this very topic. A waitress at a restaurant was serving four women when she overheard one of them comment that she was “14 weeks along.” The women had each ordered a house cocktail but the waitress didn’t think much about it since it was only one drink. 

Things changed when the group of women began ordering more cocktails. 

Reddit / AITA

At this point, the waitress decided to make a decision for the possibly pregnant woman. She went to the bartender and convinced him to make one of the cocktails a virgin. This non-alcoholic deception continued for several rounds. 

Then, things took an ugly turn when the deceit was uncovered. 

Reddit / AITA

The possibly pregnant woman’s drinks were marked as “virgin” — as they should have been — but this note exposed the waitress’ trick. The woman came back and asked about the notation on the receipt and the waitress finally fessed up. She told the woman she assumed that she wanted virgin drinks because she was pregnant. 

After the woman left with a refund, the waitress was verbally reprimanded by her manager and taken off the schedule. The bartender was also forced to take leave while the event was investigated. As her manager explained, the restaurant can be charged with discrimination for a stunt like the one the waitress pulled. 

Obviously, tons of people had a lot to say about this, but overall she was marked “YTA.”

Reddit / AITA

As this comment says, if the waitress was uncomfortable with the situation, she should have just refused service or talked to her manager. It would have avoided the well-meant deceit. 

Basically, these two instances teach us a very valid lesson: when it comes to pregnancy, breast feeding and child rearing, mind your own business.

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A Mother Was Arrested For Leaving Her Kids To Go To Work At Little Caesars, Now Moms Are Rallying Behind Her


A Mother Was Arrested For Leaving Her Kids To Go To Work At Little Caesars, Now Moms Are Rallying Behind Her

A recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that nearly 2.3 million women in the United States have been forced to leave the workforce as a result of the current pandemic. For many, their reasons for being forced out of work have come as a result of closed schools and a lack of child care. The new statistics underline that Black women and Latinas have been hit particularly hard by the economic crisis with over 1 in 12 Black women ages 20 and over and almost 1 in 11 Latinas remaining unemployed this January.

It’s no wonder that women and mothers are being forced to go to extremes to ensure their children have roofs over their heads and food to put in their mouths.

Recently, one Ohio mother was arrested on charges of child endangerment after facing little options regarding child care.

Twenty-four-year-old Shaina Bell was arrested recently after police officers arrested her leaving her young children in a motel room while going to work at her job at Little Caesars.

According to WFMJ-TV, Liberty Township police wet to a local Motel Six after 6 p.m. on Feb. 11 and found two of Bell’s kids alone in a room. Bell’s 10-year-old told police at the time that the moter was at work and was meant to return by 10 p.m. Bell told officers that she had asked someone to check on her children every hour while she was away. 

Bell was charged with two counts of child endangerment. The charges count as a first-degree misdemeanor which carries a possible maximum sentence of six months in jail and fines of up to $1,000.

In response to the arrest, supporters put together a GoFund Me account with a $5,000 goal.

The page describes Shaina as a single mother to three young children.  “She works hard and she loves her family very much,” notes the page. “On Thursday February 11, 2021 Shaina was arrested at her job and taken to jail for leaving two of her children (ages 10 and 2) alone in their hotel room while she went to work. She was released the next day but found herself in the need of immediate housing.”

“This is a sad story. Arresting single parents in cases like this only furthers the goalpost for them,” one GoFundMe donor commented on the fundraiser page. “An arrest can mean a loss of job & income, court fees, time away from work and barriers for future employment. I hope this young lady is able to get on her feet and get housing for her and her children.”

As of Wednesday morthing, the GoFundMe page has already brought in over $100,000 in donations.

Bell pled not guilty to the charges against her, according to Vice and she was released from jail last Friday. Her next hearing is currently slated for April. 

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This Poor Mom Had To Spend 20 Hours Detangling Her Daughter’s Hair To Free It Of 150 Velcro-Toys


This Poor Mom Had To Spend 20 Hours Detangling Her Daughter’s Hair To Free It Of 150 Velcro-Toys

I think it’s safe to say that during this strange time of quarantine, that we can definitely count parents among the heroes.

Stay at home orders and efforts to keep children at home, have caused parents to have to reevaluate their daily schedules. Now, so many parents are working double time to give their students the attention and education that they truly need.

A Pennsylvania mom recently highlighted the chaos of this new reality after showing what happened when she let her children play with toys after they’d finished their school work.

In a post shared on her Facebook Lisa Hoelzle shared a nightmarish experience of having to detangle her daughter Abigail’s hair after her son Noah dumped her into a hairy situation.

I post the good …. well here is some of the bad ☹️☹️☹️ Friday at 4pm until Saturday at 10pm was my worst Mom…

Publicado por Lisa Tschirlig Hoelzle en Domingo, 10 de enero de 2021

Hoelzle’s children are both 6 years old and like most kids in the United States right now, staying at home and doing virtual school. After finishing their school day, Noah and Abigail headed down to their basement to play with Bunchems, a toy that includes tiny Velcro-like balls that stick together.

It didn’t take long for sweet Noah, who Hoelzle describes in her post as a “jokester,” to dump a full container of the Bunchems on his sister’s head. Little did he know he’d just launched his sister into a mother’s “worst Mom nightmare.”

“I think I had an out-of-body experience,” Hoelzle wrote of the moment she saw her daughter’s hair. “She had about 150 of these things layered and matted in her hair. They made it worse trying to remove them themselves because they connect together kinda like Velcro.”

Bunchems hair

Speaking about her initial plan of action Hoelzle, said that it took around three hours to remove fifteen of the Bunchems. When her husband, Dan, arrived home the two Google their next approach and only then realized “the severity of what we were up against. It suggested using conditioner and vegetable oil to loosen it but that made it worse and so messy. He got out about 10 more Before you knew, it was 1 am and Abigail could not keep her eyes open I slept with her head on me so they wouldn’t get more tangled. Not that I really could sleep.”

When it came to cutting her losses and, cutting her daughter’s hair Hoelzle said she just couldn’t do it. “If we cut them out because of how deep they were she would have winded up with a short pixie cut,” she explained. “It crushed my heart and I just couldn’t in my heart give up without trying my best to get them out. I am that Mom that has a bow to match each outfit! Haha”

The next day, Lisa went back to work, this time armed with mineral oil and a detangling comb.

“There was also a lot of tears (mine)” Hoelzle joked. “Abigail consoled me and Noah because he felt awful what he did. Abigail was surprisingly amazing about it !! She is usually the child that acts like you are killing her when I brush her hair! When she started to wine about it my Mom brought in a Lollipop and stuck it in her mouth! Lol. Hey, you got to do what you got to do! It was such a long day. I never watched so much kids U tube to entertain her but after 20 hours total after pulling and working them out of her head and lots of hair loss I got them all out. Followed by an hour or more in the bath tub with conditioner and combing out the knots.”

“I feel like we had a miracle with all of our prayers,” Hoelzl added. “We saved her hair and although it is thinner it wasn’t as damaged and ruined as I thought so Thank you God!!!” she wrote.

While Hoelzle says her fingers are “literally swollen” from the experience she is thankful to be done with the “awful situation.”

Bunchems hair

She is now set on getting the word out about Bunchems and the severe consequences the toys can have.

“This will be something we will never forget very traumatic experience in the Hoelzle household this weekend,” she said before asking her friends to spread the word. “Trash you Bunchems if you have them or if you love them where a shower caps when playing with a sibling! Lol. This will be something we will never forget very traumatic experience in the Hoelzle household this weekend. I kept trying to think we have our health it [could] be worse but boy oh boy what a sickening feeling!”

Bunchems are still available to purchase but they were discontinued last year, likely for this reason.

According to New York Post, spokesperson for Spin Master, the company behind Bunchems said that they “quickly developed instructional videos for our YouTube channel and websites as a way to proactively educate people on how to play with the product and how to remove Bunchems from hair if they do get tangled.”

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