Netflix Thriller “The Society” is a Perfectly Suspenseful Summertime Binge

With the temp heading towards triple digits, staying out of the heat is quickly becoming out top priority. Lucky for us, Netflix has our backs with fresh new content. Our favorite streaming service recently released a trailer for their new suspenseful thriller, “The Society,”. TBH, it’s giving us major chills.

“The Society” is an eerie drama about a group of teens who find themselves mysteriously transported to a bizarre imitation of their affluent hometown.

Netflix / The Society

While the place looks like home, there’s one big difference: their parents and every other citizen are nowhere to be found. Besides being electronically cut-off from the outside world, the teens find they’re also trapped by a dangerous forest surrounding the surreal town; baring them from escape.

The surprise isolation results in a bunch of young adults alone together with no supervision. What could possibly go wrong?

Netflix / The Society

Sure, there’s plenty of partying at first but the fun only lasts so long. In an effort to get things back to normal, some members of the group work to build a new community based on rules and order. However, not everyone is down to return to civilization. Left to their own devices, the group teeters between maintaining their society and devolving into chaos.

The plot might sound a bit familiar to you if you’re a fan of classic literature.

Netflix / The Society

With its themes of civilization versus anarchy, “The Society” is a modern retelling of the 1950’s William Golding masterpiece “Lord of the Flies.” However, this chilling series goes even darker than the esteemed novel. Instead of bloodthirsty preteen boys, sexy intrigue and dynamic power struggles are the focus of the Netflix Original series.

The suspenseful imagery in the trailer for “The Society” creates more questions than it answers.

Netflix / The Society

Where did the parents go? Who’s working against New Ham’s success? What’s going on in that mysterious forest? Will mayhem win out or will their new society persevere?

It’s these questions that “The Society” showrunner Christopher Keyser says drive the intrigue of this series.

Netflix / The Society

“It’s a long term mystery that needs to be teased out over time,” Keyser shared with IndieWire. “It’s a many-layered question.”

He continued, “That’s going to get stretched out over the course of the series because the answer — the ultimate answer, the fullness of it — you wouldn’t want known until close to the end.”

Keyser — whose TV credits include “Party of Five” and “Tyrant” — has been working for several years to get this show made. Before Netflix picked it up, Showtime was eyeing “The Society” but passed. They were concerned about the challenges of working with a young cast.

However, it’s the cast that really makes the series shine.

Netflix / The Society

Besides intrigue and aprehension, “The Society” features an ensemble cast of 18 up and coming stars that bring life to the troubled teens. Kathryn Newton of “Detective Pikachu” fame plays Allie — the new society’s reluctant leader and peacemaker.

Actor Toby Wallace plays Campbell, Allie’s adversary. It’s Campbell who causes most of the turmoil in New Ham purely for chaos’ sake. The role is Wallace’s first in American but the Australian actor is a household name with tweens in his home country.

Though set in an upper class Connecticut community, “The Society” isn’t lacking in Latinx representation. José Julián of “Shameless” plays Gordie, a bright teen set on solving the mystery surrounding New Ham. In what’s being regarded at his breakout role, Emilio Garcia-Sanchez portrays jock Jason. You might recognize him from his time on “Criminal Minds.”

Though the series has only been available for a few weeks, there’s already talk of a Season 2.

Netflix / “The Society”

Netflix usually decides the fate of their Original Series after they take a few months to gauge viewer reactions. Still, initial reception has been very positive for the thriller. Showrunner Keyser feels confident as to where “The Society” leaves off at the end of Season 1.

 “I kind of like to think that we’re at the end of the beginning,” Keyser explained to IndieWire. “If we’re lucky, we’ll get to tell it all the way through.”

The mysteries “The Society” Season 1 left behind have our fingers crossed for news of a Season 2 asap. In the meantime, the series is now streaming on Netflix for all of our binging and re-binging summertime needs.

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Reports Of A New Series Depicting The Life Of Frida Kahlo Has The Internet Asking All Sorts Of Questions


Reports Of A New Series Depicting The Life Of Frida Kahlo Has The Internet Asking All Sorts Of Questions

Getty Images

There are few people in this world that are as iconic as Frida Kahlo. She’s captured the minds and imaginations of generations of people from all over the world. We’ve seen her story told before, including on the big screen, but fans have long awaited a Netflix rendition of the artists unique story and now it seem like we may finally be getting what so many of us have wanted for so long.

The Frida Kahlo Corporation is developing a TV drama series based on the artist’s storied life.

Acording to a report by Deadline, the Frida Kahlo Corporation is working with a media company and famed Venezuelan composer and singer Carlos Baute to produce a drama series following the life of the iconic artist.

Frida Kahlo has inspired and influenced fans around the world and has had a major impact on the Latinx diaspora, the art world, feminism and culture as a whole. So, it seems that producers are pulling out all the stops to make sure they do right by the artist.

The series is being written by Latino talent, lead by Joel Novoa and Marilú Godinez. Novoa, who has worked on Arrow, Blood and Treasure and the feature film God’s Slave is attached to direct. The partnership will create a slate of content to celebrate the life of Frida Kahlo in different genres.

“The idea is to talk about what the books don’t,” said the writing duo in a joint statement. “The subtext behind each painting, the richness of Mexico’s 20th century and the revolution. Themes that are incredibly relevant at this unprecedented time.”

Carlos Dorado of the Frida Kahlo Corporation added, “Frida Kahlo corporation is always looking for talented people who know how to exalt the life of an icon like Frida Kahlo. In this case the professional team that has been formed is distinguished by its great professionalism, experience and most importantly the sensitivity to be able to approach a project as important and transcendental as Frida Kahlo. This high professional team will always have the support of Frida Kahlo Corporation.”

So when can we expect to see a series about one of the world’s greatest artists and feminist icons?

The team expects to start production of the series during the second half of 2021. A studio has already shown interest and the presentation of the project to the market is expected to occur in February.

“We are currently developing and writing the basis of the series and expect to be ready to present the project in the upcoming weeks,” the team said in a statement.

Also, why has it taken so long?!

Should the series find a studio and distributor, this would be the first drama series focusing on Kahlo in recent history. It’s been almost twenty years since her story was told on the big screen, when Salma Hayek portrayed the icon in the 2002 film Frida. That film went on to earn six Oscar nominations, winning for Best Makeup and Best Original Score. More recently, Kahlo was voiced by Natalia Cordova-Buckley in the Oscar-winning Pixar pic Coco. 

In addition to this, in 2019 it was announced that there would be an animated film about the painter.

But fans of the iconic feminist and artist have long hoped to see a TV series depicting her larger than life personality and role in shaping the world we live in today and it looks like we may finally get what we’ve asked for.

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New Netflix Docuseries Explores The Summer The Night Stalker Terrorized Los Angeles


New Netflix Docuseries Explores The Summer The Night Stalker Terrorized Los Angeles

Bettmann / Getty Images

Richard Ramirez, a.k.a. The Night Stalker, spent the summer of 1985 terrorizing Los Angeles. Ramirez murdered 13 people during his reign of terror in Southern California. Netflix’s new docuseries is exploring the crime by interviewing law enforcement and family of the victims.

“Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial” killer is now streaming on Netflix.

“Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer” is the latest Netflix docuseries diving into the true crimes that have shaped American society. Richard Ramirez is one of the most prolific serial killers of all time and single-handedly terrorized Los Angeles during the summer of 1985.

Ramirez fundamentally changed Los Angeles and the people who live there. The serial killer was an opportunistic killer. He would break into homes using unlocked doors and opened windows. Once inside, he would rape, murder, rob, and assault the people inside the home.

The documentary series explores just how Ramirez was able to keep law enforcement at bay for so long. The killer did not have a standard modus operandi. His victims ran the gamut of gender, age, and race. There was no indicator as to who could be next. He also rarely used the same weapon when killing his victims. Some people were stabbed to death while others were strangled and others still were bludgeoned.

While not the first telling of Ramirez’s story, it is the most terrifying account to date.

“Victims ranged in age from 6 to 82,” director Tiller Russell told PEOPLE. “Men, women, and children. The murder weapons were wildly different. There were guns, knives, hammers, and tire irons. There was this sort of feeling that whoever you were, that anybody could be a victim and anybody could be next.”

Family members of the various victims speak in the documentary series about learning of the horror committed to them. People remember grandparents and neighbors killed by Ramirez. All the while, police followed every lead to make sure they left no stone unturned.

“Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer” is now streaming on Netflix.

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