From Drinking Pickle Juice To Having Sex, Here’s How Latinas Are Getting Rid Of Their Period Cramps

There are tons of awesome things about being a woman. The beauty of sisterhood and the fierce protectiveness that comes with raising up the next generation of women are just some of the great things that come to mind. Still, there’s one thing about womanhood that we can all agree that we’d love to do without: menstrual cramps. Every month, we dread the appearance of Aunt Flow and it isn’t just because of the 3 to 5 days of bleeding. Headaches, bloating and nausea is one thing but the worst symptom of our monthlies has to be the killer cramps that accompany them. 

Over our ovulating years, we’ve tried all sorts of remedies to combat these uterus-shattering pains. We’ve experimented with everything from over the counter medications to traditional brujeria to find something to ease our aches. In order to get the very best treatments there are, we here at FIERCE asked our Instagram followers to share their best cures for period cramps.

 Here’s what the had to say. 

1. This one will get you out of a pickle.

Instagram / @organic_facts

“Pickle Juice! Soaking in the tub!” — mijacultura

Did you know that vinegar — the main component in pickle juice — can suppress the pain and discomfort that come from cramps and spasms? The juice can also replenish your electrolytes which also helps with cramps. If you can’t handle pickle juice on its own, have a few pickle chips or make a cocktail using a splash of pickle juice and still get some relief. 

2. Add this to your daily diet. 

Instagram / @health_geekss

“2 Tbsp Apple cider vinegar, in 8 oz of water with honey, and staying hydrated.” — luisa_monterrosa

Apple cider vinegar is one of those miracle foods that are good for a million things. Besides being excellent for your skin and a weight-loss aid, the calcium found in apple cider vinegar is also great for easing cramps. Do as this comment suggests and take a few tablespoons in 8 ounces of water to help with menstrual pain. 

3. The health benefits of cannabis without the high.

Instagram / @earth.habit

“Extra strength CBD honey (30 mg per tsp) & red maca root powder in my smoothie every morning. It’s a godsend. ????????” — @nuyoricanteacher

CBD oil is extracted from cannabis and can be used for pain relief without the high that comes with marijuana’s THC. This oil can be ingested straight or added to food products. One of the more versatile options is CBD honey. Additionally, maca powder helps to balance hormones and ease PMS symptoms. 

4. Try for a good, old fashioned release.

Instagram / @chut_je_decore

“An orgasm. Or cbd oil. Or both.” — maryantoniaa

The hormones released during orgasm — especially oxytocin — helps the mind and body relax. If you are having menstrual cramps during this time, the oxytocin will help to ease these pains. So, if all else fails, get back to bed and make your own cramp relief. 

5. Add heat and repeat.

Instagram / @plannedparenthood

“Heating pads are literally my savior” — annaphilipous

When cramping, cold is your enemy. This especially goes for menstrual cramps. If you are feeling those aches and pains starting up, try taking a warm bath. If you aren’t able to get into the tub, grab a heating pad and apply it to your abdomen, back or wherever you’re feeling those cramps. 

6. An antidote that works as great as it smells.

Instagram / @sweetlavenderessentials 

“Jasmine oil on the tummy! It works in seconds ????” — browngirlswhobruja

Like many essential oils, jasmine oil is helpful for many things. Specifically for our needs, this oil can help stop cramps and muscle spasms. You can get the oil straight or buy a lotion or cream that includes the jasmine extract. Next time you feel the start of your cramping, apply some jasmine oil and see how quickly it helps. 

7. Get active. 

Instagram / @healthylatinalifestyle

“Working out helps a ton.” — dey_nz_

To quote “Legally Blonde,” “Exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy.” Endorphins also help to ease your pain. Exercise also released oxytocin which helps relax our bodies and makes us feel a little bit sleepy. Even if you start off feeling like death, a good exercise routine and a nap can help do your body good during your period. 

8. Don’t caffeinate. Hydrate! 

Instagram / @cuppacoffee2019

“For me, I try to stay away from coffee and increase my water intake. I usually drink a strong espresso in the mornings, but during my period, I drink tons of water instead. Staying hydrated really helps.” — teoami

Caffeine is one of those foods you want to avoid during your period. A little here or there is fine but a lot can make you more jittery and worsen symptoms of PMS. Water, on the other hand, is very helpful while menstruating. Keeping yourself hydrated will help limit the severity and frequency of your cramps.

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