Melt Cosmetics Came Out With A Día De Los Muertos-Inspired Amor Eterno Line That Has So Much Colors

We’ve said it for years, Melt Cosmetics is the Goddess’s gift to Latinas and women of color in general. The divine brand known for its rich and high-quality beauty products captured our hearts years ago during their first launch and have continued to fill it with each passing new collection. This past summer the brand got us pumped for spring with their Impulsive” Pressed Pigment Palette and this fall they’ve got us ready for a season of orange and red leaves with their Amor Eterno collection.

Si, chicas, your Día De Los Muertos-inspired Fall makeup designs just got bumped to the next level. 

In honor of Día De Los Muertos, the Melt cosmetics brand launched a collection packed with vibrant designs. 

Melt Cosmetics

The new collection includes a Vida Pressed Pigment Palette, Muerte Eyeshadow Palette, Iluminación Highlighter, Inmortal Gel Liner, Fortuna Gel Liner, Cultura Gel Liner, Santos Gel Liner, Monarca Liquid Set Lipstick, Mariachi Liquid Set Lipstick, Fiesta Liquid Set Lipstick. Brushes and a Sarape Bag.

“Our most meaningful holiday collection yet! Amor Eterno is a colorful collection that celebrates the joy of life and the eternal bond you have with the ones you love, even when they are no longer with you,” the brand explained in a caption about the new beauty line.

The new line is a clear reference to the beloved Mexican ballad “Amor Eterno.”

Melt Cosmetics

The song which was first released in 1984 by the late singer Rocío Dúrcal on her album “Canta a Juan Gabriel Volumen 6,” represents an inherited part of Mexican culture that celebrates and openly mourns death. The song was introduced into the Latin Grammy Hall of Fame in 2013 and speaks to the loss of a Dúrcal’s son when he died in an accident in Acapulco. Similar to the way in which it represents Mexican mourning culture, the new line celebrates this aspect of Mexican culture with the embrace of Día De Los Muertos and colors and names associated with it. 

The cruelty-free and vegan collection includes palettes that are meant to honor life and death.

Melt Cosmetics

The line includes three bright liquid lipsticks, four long-wearing bright colored gel liners, six skull-inspired makeup brushes, and two skull eyeshadow. With names like Lagrimas, Noche Eterna, y Corazon its clear that the creators of the brand wanted to pay homage to the celebrations of Día De Los Muertos and the people who observe it. 

The line is fun and stunning and coming soon and includes: 

Vida Palette 

Melt Cosmetics

According to the site, the pressed pigment palette “honors life with rich tones of marigolds, fiery reds and warm neutrals, inspired by music and traditional food.” It includes colors such as Sarape which is inspired by green salsa and mixed with a sensational gold glitter, Papel picado which features a  lime popsicle color, Amor Eterno that has a yellow green tone and a citrine tint and Agua Ardiente which is inspired by agave nectar and has a smoky olive undertone.

Muerte Palette 

Melt Cosmetics

The intense burgundies, plums, velvety greens and dazzling blues of this palette are supposedly inspired by the night sky “after a long cheerful fiesta commemorates loved ones that have passed.”


Melt Cosmetics

This  iridescent pink opal digital dust highly has delicate pigments combined with the “perfect formula for the truest color imaginable achieve a highly polished glow from within.”


Melt Cosmetics

This vibrant royal purple lipstick is infused to with rich hues that are sure to make you break out your best moves on the dance floor.


Melt Cosmetics

This brilliant mandarin color is supposed to be soft in texture with a citrusy tone that evokes the liveliness of monarch butterflies.


Melt Cosmetics

This intense and beautiful strawberry sorbet colored liquid is meant to stay put all night, even as you throw back the tequila.


Melt Cosmetics

This electric bright ocean blue color has aqua-colored glitter that will surely launch you into the night sky.


Melt Cosmetics

This strikingly pitch-black tone has a dark and ultra-matte color that will undoubtedly make you the bell of your skull ball.


Melt Cosmetics

This deep emerald green gel liner has an opaque green color that will make your eyes rich with color and good fortune.


Melt Cosmetics

This cinnamon orange gel liner looks every bit the marigold color that will connect you with your ancestors.

Amor Eterno Brush Set

Melt Cosmetics

Melt Cosmetics boast that this “elegant face and eye metal brush set with custom Papel Picado design, and ultra-soft synthetic bristles, vegan! The set comes complete with a vibrant sarape print pouch for safekeeping.”

Sarape Bag 

Melt Cosmetics

This beautiful and colorful sarape print pouch has festive pompoms and a custom Melt zipper that will lovingly hold all of your Amor Eterno beauty products!

The collection is set to come in limited edition PR box while supplies last

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