Lupita Nyong’o Just Did The Nerdiest Analysis Of ‘Game of Thrones’ White Walkers

Lupita Nyong’o has established herself as a woman of many titles since the launch of her career a little over six years ago in “12 Years A Slave.” She’s an Academy Award-winning actress, a woman of Kenyan-Mexican descent, a newly minted author, and the nerdiest “Game of Thrones” fans.

Fans of Nyong’o and GOT likely know that the actress’s love for the HBO series has been expressed regularly on her various social media platforms. Last night after a war between mankind and White Walkers left so many of us shook, Nyong’o shared her own opinions on White Walkers. And “Us” fans beware. There’s a whole lot of comments about the Tethered in her tweets too.

Nyong’o compared White Walkers with the Tethered and came up with some pretty spot on comparisons.

@lupita_nyongo/ Twitter

TBH I love these theories but nothing would bring me more delight than seeing Nyong’o having an appearance at the end of the GOT series!

If you finally caught your breath after watching last night’s insane battle then congrats you survived.

And get ready for some intense laughs!

Because this one is so accurate

And we gotta laugh about what Cersei has in store now!

But TBH i would love to see what these elephants look like. They better be giant.

Dying at this about Millessandre because so true.

@_LeadByXample / Twitter

She came through on motivations. Literally, after she told Arya to kill someone with blue eyes our girl was like BRT!

Seriously who put this together??

Arya literally slayed guysss

@famouslos32/ Twitter

We all knew it was a wrap when Arya dropped that knife though!

Seriously Who did this though?

@Aqua174 / Twitter

Hahaha so beyond beyond.

Arya came though last night!

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Basically the whole show in one meme

Twitter: @AyruuGamer

“Cuando hay fiesta pero estás preocupado por los white walkers.”

Twitter: @_Marib3l_

Literally on fire.

Twitter: @A_DreamOfSpring

They’re super on to something here.

Twitter: @RecklessDuuude

Also, can we talk about the subtitles for the show?

Los subtítulos de HBO latino

And this meme which is so accurate about the depiction of the world if Latino music stars were to take over.

@Telemundo / Twitter

LOL GOT a Raven spin off series would be my favorite.

And if those memes aren’t proof enough that Latino GOT fans are the best of GOT fans

Game of Thrones/ HBO

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