Lupita Nyong’o Just Did The Nerdiest Analysis Of ‘Game of Thrones’ White Walkers

Lupita Nyong’o has established herself as a woman of many titles since the launch of her career a little over six years ago in “12 Years A Slave.” She’s an Academy Award-winning actress, a woman of Kenyan-Mexican descent, a newly minted author, and the nerdiest “Game of Thrones” fans.

Fans of Nyong’o and GOT likely know that the actress’s love for the HBO series has been expressed regularly on her various social media platforms. Last night after a war between mankind and White Walkers left so many of us shook, Nyong’o shared her own opinions on White Walkers. And “Us” fans beware. There’s a whole lot of comments about the Tethered in her tweets too.

Nyong’o compared White Walkers with the Tethered and came up with some pretty spot on comparisons.

@lupita_nyongo/ Twitter

TBH I love these theories but nothing would bring me more delight than seeing Nyong’o having an appearance at the end of the GOT series!

If you finally caught your breath after watching last night’s insane battle then congrats you survived.

And get ready for some intense laughs!

Because this one is so accurate

And we gotta laugh about what Cersei has in store now!

But TBH i would love to see what these elephants look like. They better be giant.

Dying at this about Millessandre because so true.

@_LeadByXample / Twitter

She came through on motivations. Literally, after she told Arya to kill someone with blue eyes our girl was like BRT!

Seriously who put this together??

Arya literally slayed guysss

@famouslos32/ Twitter

We all knew it was a wrap when Arya dropped that knife though!

Seriously Who did this though?

@Aqua174 / Twitter

Hahaha so beyond beyond.

Arya came though last night!

Facebook: MemesGeeks

Basically the whole show in one meme

Twitter: @AyruuGamer

“Cuando hay fiesta pero estás preocupado por los white walkers.”

Twitter: @_Marib3l_

Literally on fire.

Twitter: @A_DreamOfSpring

They’re super on to something here.

Twitter: @RecklessDuuude

Also, can we talk about the subtitles for the show?

Los subtítulos de HBO latino

And this meme which is so accurate about the depiction of the world if Latino music stars were to take over.

@Telemundo / Twitter

LOL GOT a Raven spin off series would be my favorite.

And if those memes aren’t proof enough that Latino GOT fans are the best of GOT fans

Game of Thrones/ HBO

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Lil Nas X’s Next Big Drop Is A Children’s Book Called ‘C Is For Country’


Lil Nas X’s Next Big Drop Is A Children’s Book Called ‘C Is For Country’

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty

Turns out Lil Nas X has more than just country rap up his sleeve. The 21-year-old “Old Town Road” rapper has a penchant for literature too.

On Tuesday, the rapper revealed that he’s written a children’s book called C Is for Country.

“I’m dropping the best kids’ book of all time soon!” the rapper shared in a Tweet earlier this week before adding that he couldn’t “wait to share it” with his fans and young readers.

Nas’s children’s book is being published under Random House Kids, a division of Penguin Random House. It is currently available for preorder on their site.

According to the Random House Kids’ website, the book is a story about Lil Nas X and Panini the pony.

“Join superstar Lil Nas X—who boasts the longest-running #1 song in history—and Panini the pony on a joyous journey through the alphabet from sunup to sundown. Experience wide-open pastures, farm animals, guitar music, cowboy hats, and all things country in this debut picture book that’s perfect for music lovers learning their ABCs and for anyone who loves Nas’s signature genre-blending style,” Random House describes in its explanation.

The book is illustrated by Theodore Taylor III and promises “plenty of hidden surprises for Nas’ biggest fans.”

C Is for County comes out Jan. 5.

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Netflix’s Newest Musical Teen Hit Series Stars a 16-Year-Old Afro-Latina Newcomer


Netflix’s Newest Musical Teen Hit Series Stars a 16-Year-Old Afro-Latina Newcomer

A new teen series has dropped on Netflix that the internet can’t stop talking about. The newest cultural phenomenon that has hit the juggernaut streaming service is a musical series called Julie and the Phantoms, based on the 2011 Brazilian show of the same name.

The series follows a 16-year-old insecure girl named Julie who has lost her love of music after the tragic death of her mother. But with the help of a (stay with us here) band of musical ghosts she stumbles across in her garage, she soon re-discovers her love of singing and performing. Backed by her band of “phantoms”, Julie confidently takes the stage again, blowing everyone away in the process. ,

But the wacky, heartfelt story-line isn’t the only reason people are excited about the show. The buzz around the show is building because its star, 16-year-old newcomer Madison Reyes, is an Afro-Latina singer-actress of Puerto Rican descent.

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Que Bonita bandera 🇵🇷

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Before landing the role of Julie, Reyes was just a regular shmegular Nuyorican girl going to high school in Brooklyn. Needless to say, the process of auditioning for Julie and the Phantoms was both a whirlwind and a game-changer.

“I found out about Julie and the Phantoms through my school. At first I was nervous to send my video in, but after talking to some friends, I sent it in and got a call back,” Reyes told Refinery 29. “From there it was just figuring out when I could fly to L.A. When I finally made it out there, the audition process lasted two days.”

Reyes, for one, understands the burden of her load. “[Julie] is Latin American, she’s got textured hair, she’s a strong and independent female character,” Reyes recently told the LA Times. “As a person of color who wants more diversity [on-screen], I’m kind of scared about the hate comments that I’ve seen other people have to go through, especially women.”

As if having an Afro-Latina actress at the center of a popular Netflix show wasn’t exciting enough, the series is also being helmed by Mexican-American director and all-around legend Kenny Ortega. For those of you unfamiliar with Ortega, he is the creative genius who directed bonafide classics like High School Musical and Hocus Pocus.

Ortega has been publicly effusive in his praise of Reyes. “She has this raw talent that can take on any genre of music, and this promise of greatness that excited everybody,” he told the LA Times. “And yet she’s so relatable and grounded.”

Fans are already calling for a second season after watching the cliffhanger season finale. Reyes, herself, can’t wait to get back in the shoes of Julie. When asked in an interview about where we’ll see her next, she responded: “Hopefully in the next season of Julie and the Phantoms!”. We second that wish.

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