Latinas Accepted The Ten Year Challenge And TBH It’s Just Proof That We’ve Always Been Glowing

A lot can change in ten years. It’s easy to forget that ten years ago, Barack Obama was still the President and Netflix was just a humble mail-order DVD service. The dawn of 2019 has made many, Instagram users recognize just how much time has flown by and all of the changes that have come with it. The viral trend is called the #tenyearchallenge (also the #agingchallenge and the harsher #howharddidaginghityouchallenge) and Instagrammers are using it to show their friends and followers just how much has changed between 2009 and 2019. Time truly does fly.

The trend  has been particularly godlen amongst Latinas, who are having fun documenting everything that’s changed with their faces, bodies, and lives in the last ten years. From weightloss journeys, to gender transitions, to eyebrow transformations, the changes run the gamut from big to small. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite #tenyearchallenge transformations along with the lessons we’ve learned through growing older.

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1. Glowing-Up


During your teen years, it can seem impossible to imagine yourself fully grown and (gasp!) actually comfortable in your own body. The best part of growing up is finally being done with the hell that is puberty. Part of the joy of browsing through #tenyearchallenge posts is seeing how glowing-up isn’t reserved for rom-coms and fairytales. Just remember that the real transformation comes from the work you do inside yourself.

2. Nailing Down Your Hair-Care Routine


It may seem trivial, but finding out what hair products work for you and your rizos is a journey that can only be accomplished through many years of trial-and-error. Afro-Latina Instagram user @curlelia explains the ten year journey it took for her to get to where she is now. “Back in the day, I had inches for daaaays…but I was HORRIBLE to it…I didn’t feel pretty with curly hair,” she says. “Fast forward to now- I chose a picture with really big frizzy curls only because never in a million years did I think I’d find myself beautiful in this state…I’m so grateful for the growth I’ve had within these 9 years & the growth that has yet to come. I’ve learned so much about myself through this journey & it has been one of the most gratifying experiences ever”.

3. Embarking on a Weight-Loss Journey


With hard-to-tackle journeys like weight loss, the most difficult part can often be how daunting the task ahead seems at the beginning. But Latinas like Instagram user ninfis83 prove that the end result is worth it. Captioning the photo “antes y después”, you can see from her face how much happier she looks in 2019. This just proves again how true change doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes it can take years.

4. Finding the Courage You Didn’t Know You Had


Colorado-based health coach, Instagram user bruja_mota shared both her anti-aging skin care tips (“Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen”) and the dramatic change her body has gone through from 2009 to now. This Latina shared some inspirational words of wisdom about her dramatic weight loss. “This year I learned that if you want something, you have to put in the work to get it, BUT it’s ok to ask for help. In fact, engaging with other people that have similar goals of getting healthy has helped me stay the course, with my goals on the horizon. Since June 12th of this [past] year I’ve lost 47 lbs and almost 11% of my body fat”.

5. Discovering Your True Self


Some of the starkest #tenyearchallenge transformations came from Latinas with gender dysphoria who finally realized their true-selves in the ten years between 2009 and 2019. There’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing people who weren’t happy with themselves and decided to take action to change their situation.

6. Realizing How Strong You Actually Are

Johanna Gomez/Facebook

TV Personality Johanna Gomez revealed through a Facebook post just how much she’s been through in the last decade. “Here is my #10yearchallenge. I’m going to celebrate what my body did in 10 years,” she said. “I had three babies, went through chemo, mastectomy, reconstruction and I’m beating #cancer. 2009 pregnant with Z and this morning”. From the story she shared, it’s obvious that she endured a difficult journey and is stronger than ever.

7. Feeling Gratitude for Your Past


This Latina seemed grateful for the experiences the last ten years gave her, saying <<Si la vida me diera otra vez la misma oportunidad, la tomaría y sin pensarlo.>> (“If life gave me the same opportunity again, I would take it without a second thought”). Time gives up perspective on the events in our past.

8. Defining Your Personal Style


Even if you look back on your past fashion choices and say “What was I thinking?” like Dominican beauty blogger Arabella Lopez wrote on her Instagram page, at least you’ll recognize that your past fashion mistakes were part of your journey to your true style potential.

9. Getting Older


So much stigma surrounds the act of getting older, that it’s easy to forget the upside of it. As time passes, we learn so many lessons and we grow, not just physically, but emotinally as well. On the other hand, we’re usually lucky enough to hold onto the things we love about ourselves, like this Latina‘s self-described “cara de ángel” (angel face).

10. Putting Down the Tweezers…


If there’s one thing we’re grateful for with the passing of the years, it’s the death of the “pencil thin eyebrows” trend. One pattern we noticed the most when browsing through the #tenyearchallenge posts is how Latinas have truly embraced the natural brow look. It’s also fun to tease your former self about your questionable beauty choices, like this Instagram user did, hashtagging her picture with “#whereweremyeyebrows”.

11…and Discovering Eyebrow Pencil


Say what you want about Instagram’s negative impact on society, but at least it’s made the public recognize the beauty of full, natural brows. This Latina’s whole face changed in ten years, and it’s mostly thanks to her brow transformation.

12. Saying Goodbye to Braces


Like puberty, braces are one of those ordeals that are painful to go through, but so worth it once everything is said and done. This Mexican Instagram model drives that point home with a “before” picture of her younger self with a full metal mouth and an “after” picture of her all grown up, showing off her pearly whites. Luckily, some things never go out of style, though–namely, denim jackets.

13. Becoming More Self-Assured


We’ll allow Instagram user irene_paola7‘s #tenyearchallenge caption to speak for itself: “Más vieja. Más arrugas y ojeras. Pero Más segura de mi y de lo que quiero. Más consciente y centrada. Más apasionada y llena de vitalidad. Más llena de viajes, sueños cumplidos, risas, llantos, amores y desamores, despedidas y bienvenidas, experiencias frustrantes y situaciones de transformación. Más sonriente y feliz…Más mía“. In other words, “Older. More wrinkles and dark circles. But, more sure of myself and what I want. More aware and more centered. More passionate and full of life. More travelling, dreams fulfilled, laughter, tears, loves and desires, farewells and introductions, frustrating experiences and moments of transformation. More smiles and happiness. More me.”

14. Realizing What Works for You and What Doesn’t


Sometimes it takes years of experimentation and trial-and-error to really get into your style groove and find out what works for you and what doesn’t. We noticed again and again that so many Latinas have slayed their makeup game. For example, this Latina proved that a little red lipstick and liquid eyeliner, when applied correctly, can go a long way.

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