Just like Frida Kahlo, Never Apologize For Who You Are

History is full of fierce, brave, and unapologetic women. Frida Kahlo is one of these iconic historical figures – known for never apologizing for celebrating her culture through her bold style and beautiful artwork.

Photo by Ivan Dmitri/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

The Frida Kahlo by Ulta Beauty Collection is a new line of makeup inspired by the famous Mexican artist and woman who revolutionized the world with her unique perspective on life and who, to this day, is a true example of strength and pride. Despite the adversity she faced in life, Frida never limited herself or shied away from her dreams. Her art and life are an example of her strength and perseverance.

In partnership with Ulta Beauty, three of our mitú staffers tried the exclusive Frida Kahlo by Ulta Beauty Collection which includes a Signature Box with a 12 pan eyeshadow palette and new hue shadow switching pan, four creamy matte liquid lipsticks, cosmetic bag, a Frida Kahlo inspired artist brush set and collector’s tin, two shades of the duo blush and bronzer, a face primer, a beauty brow master, a liquid illuminator, and a red floral headband. The collection is online now and will be in all Ulta Beauty stores Sunday July 21st.

We also asked them to finish the phrase “I will not apologize for…” as it not only embodies Frida’s approach to life but also reminds us to stay true to who we are. Their answers are inspiring and a beautiful homage to the spirit of Frida herself! 

“I will not apologize for celebrating my culture.” – Jessica

Jessica takes pride in celebrating her Mexican culture and heritage through her creative work and sense of humor. As a content creator at mitú, her work illustrates the relatable, humorous struggles that young Latinos experience while growing up. Whether that be through funny memes, quotes, or videos, Jessica (like Frida Kahlo) is unapologetic about putting her culture front and center.

Jessica is rocking the Frida Kahlo by Ulta Beauty Collection for this red and bronzed look. On her face, she’s wearing the Perfect Canvas Face Primer and the Blush & Bronzer Duo. For her eyes, Jessica is wearing Perla, Muse, Infinity, Lava and Mystical from the eye shadow palette. Her brows are done with Brow Master Palette and her lips are Matte Liquid Lipstick in Red/Pasión. To finish off the look, she’s sporting the Frida Floral Headband. The Artist Brush Set was also used to apply her eye shadow, as well as her blush and bronzer.

Que Viva La Frida

Frida Kahlo never apologized for celebrating her Mexican culture and indigenous heritage which in turn influenced her art and her very being. Frida was so proud of her Mexican roots that she even lied about her age so that her “birth” would coincide with the Mexican Revolution. She claimed that she was born on July 7, 1910, which is the year that the Mexican Revolution began.

“I will not apologize for my style.” – Arrianna

Arrianna’s fashion style is an extension of her creativity and reflects her fascination with colors, textures, and fabrics. She expresses her creativity and artistry through her clothes – especially by rocking bold colors and fabulous hats. She often searches for unique, vintage pieces at flea markets, making her outfits stand out from anyone else. Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s unapologetic motto, Arrianna will always seek to express herself through fashion.

Arrianna’s look was inspired by the sun. Her makeup was created using the Frida Kahlo by Ulta Beauty Collection. On her face, Arrianna is wearing Perfect Canvas Face Primer , the Blush & Bronzer Duo and the Liquid Illuminator. On her eyes, she’s wearing Perla, Muse, Lava, Agave, and Sol from the eye shadow palette. Her brows are done with the Brow Master Palette and that awesome lip color is  Matte Liquid Lipstick in Mauve/Sensual. Her blush, bronzer, and eye shadow were applied using the Artist Brush Set.

Friducha Style Icon

Frida never apologized for her style, or who she was. Frida’s fashion was bold and daring and she always challenged societal beauty and gender norms. When she was young, she even posed for a family photograph in a men’s suit and slicked back her hair, making a gender-bending fashion statement. Through her clothing, she also celebrated being mestiza (her father was German-Hungarian; her mother was half-Spanish, half indigenous Tehuana), she often mixed western fashion with traditional indigenous garbs. Her clothing solidified her as an icon of cultural identity and feminism.

“I will not apologize for making a statement.” – Jamie

Like Frida, Jamie exudes confidence and is not afraid to have all eyes on her when she walks into a room. She embraces her inner power and is proud to make show stopping statements, whether through her candor or big personality. Being bold and confident are things you should never apologize for.

To capture Jamie’s fiery look full of reds, yellows, and oranges, she is wearing Perfect Canvas Face Primer , the Blush & Bronzer Duo and the Liquid Illuminator on her face. Perla, Lava, Adobe, Amor and Mystical from the eye shadow palette adorn her eyes, and her brows are done with the Brow Master Palette. Jamie is also wearing the Matte Liquid Lipstick in Mauve/Sensual, and her blush, bronzer, and eye shadow were applied using the Artist Brush Set.

Show-Stopping Frida

Frida was not shy about making a show-stopping entrance. In 1953, despite being bed-ridden she made her way into her first solo art exhibition in her bed and with a full ambulance escort. Now, that’s making a statement.

Fierce Like Frida

Frida left a great legacy – not only in her paintings and artwork but also through her commitment to defend her ideals, beliefs, and convictions. She lived her life unapologetically and serves as a source of inspiration, to this day, to live authentically.

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