The Internet Is Praising Nessa For Telling Jenelle Evans About Herself During The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion

Teen Mom 2 fans, the drama just got hella real. During Monday’s screened get-together for the MTV series, Jenelle Evans walked out crying when host Nessa Diab shared receipts of the show star talking negatively about her boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick.

During the program, Evans shared her disappointment in Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood calling her husband, David Eason, abusive. Eason has recently been under fire after shooting and killing Evans’ dog for biting their 2-year-old daughter Ensley in the face.

While speaking with Diab, Evans said she wished that Portwood, who she has feuded with in the past, had contacted her directly and privately instead of calling him abusive on social media. Diab took that opportunity to ask Evans, 27, why it isn’t OK for Amber to call out her man for being cruel and brutal but it is acceptable for Evans to talk bad about her own boo, Kaepernick, when he signed a deal with NIKE last year.

“You posed hateful comments on social media about my family. My man, Colin Kaepernick,” Diab, who has been dating the former NFL star since July 2015, said.

Evans denied ever saying anything about Kaepernick, 31, and added that she did not know who he was.

That’s when Diab brought out receipts. Back in September, Evans expressed disappointment in Nike on Facebook after the brand revealed Kaepernick, who in 2016 declined to stand for the National Anthem before games to peacefully protest police brutality against communities of color, was the face of their “Just Do It” campaign.

“‘Let’s choose the most disrespected guy in the NFL for our promos. Let’s add a slogan about sacrificing, everyone will love it.Let’s choose the man that kneels at our flag,’ YOU’RE WRONG,” Evans wrote on a Facebook post that was read aloud during the show.

The post continued: “I will not be buying Nike anymore. Chris Kyle’s wife wrote a huge letter about how she feels and I couldn’t agree more. HER husband actually DID sacrifice A LOT. Nike should change their ‘motto’ immediately. Nike needs a new PR person pronto.”

In a later post, Evans also praised President Donald Trump while mocking Kaepernick.

“Donald J. Trump unemployment rate is so low, even Colin Kaepernick found a job! MERICA,” she wrote.

Diab, hoping to have an open and healthy discussion with Evans about both what her man is protesting and the hypocrisy of her reaction toward Portwood’s comments, addressed the topic calmly and respectfully.

“Please understand something — my man uses his platform to peacefully protest systemic oppression in this country. Specifically, police brutality against black people. Men, women and children are dying — wrongfully dying. People who are doing this are not being held accountable. That is the issue. It has nothing to do with military men, military women, OK,” Diab explained.

She continued: “Because they fought for our constitutional right to peacefully protest. All of us. I would have appreciated if you had contacted me. I would’ve been more than happy, Jenelle, to have a healthy conversation.”

Evans, still denying knowing about Kaepernick, stormed off the stage crying.

“I’m done with this bullshit,” she said. “This is about my storyline and you want to bring up your issues. You want to bring up Teen Mom to bring up your issues.”

In addition to this week’s reunion drama, Evans was also recently fired from the docu-series in response to Eason fatally shooting their pet.

“I was a little bit shocked but I saw it coming,” Evans told Us Weekly of the firing. “It’s shocking still but I respect their decision and have nothing but love for MTV.”

Evans, who said she is trying to make things work with her husband, added: “This is a new chapter for me and my family [and] I will continue to try what’s best for me and my family.”

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