The Best And Blackest Halloween Costumes To Wear For The Chica Who Thinks Straightening Her Rizos Is Too Spooky

When it comes to Halloween, there’s no doubt Latinas would rather go big than go home. With so many Latinas to pay homage to, the season is ripe with opportunity to be the ultimate Reinas for a night. From Selena Quintanilla to Mariah Carey Halloween has a chance to turn us all into amazing divas. And while, slicking back our hair and doing a silk press can be fun for a night for a sleek look, but for us naturals the world is our oyster.

Whether you’ve got time to plan or need a last minute Halloween outfit, there’s so many ways to embrace the beauty of your natural curls. Whether your choose to go for a full on Afro poof, or something sculpted and wavy, for Halloween you can one hundred percent change your look for a night of spook and horror that will hardy be scary for your tresses.

For the ultimate look we scavenged the internet for easy Halloween looks that will help you put your beautiful rises on full display. 

For a night of sophistication, go for Beyonce all of the way.

beyonce / Instagram

We all know Queen B is always down to take on a different look. The goddess of diversity and style regularly delivers on looks that are straight, curly, cropped, and braided. For an ultra Beyonce look go for long blonde braids, some lethal baby hairs and a look that could kill. With the right braids and perfect attitude it won’t necessarily even matter what outfit you sport on October 31st. Light it up Reina.

Be Rosalind from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for a night that’s red hot.


When Rosalind Walker made her first appearance on “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” we were all thrilled. The courageous Black teen marked by a terrible curse has had her hand in saving the town of Greendale and as such makes for the perfect Halloween character to channel. To get Walker’s beautiful curls, go for a defined wash-and-go. Poof up your locks a bit to get the look that guarantees Rosalind’s hair is full of secrets. Pair your outfit with a plaid skirt, black glasses, a turtleneck and a set of diverse and fun-loving friends and you’ll be ready to go!

Be the ultimate diva supreme for your Halloween diva look.

dianaross / Instagram

Make the ultimate statement the night of spooky Halloween by showing up to your parties dressed as Diana Ross. For the ultimate look worthy of channeling Miss Ross, go all out with a fluffed up afro or long curly flowing natural hairs. You’ll want to play up Ross’s famous look with tons of blush and pink eyeshadow and a long flowing dress of any bright color. Bring the whole thing home with a broad fan and a microphone.

Be the new Black Little Mermaid for the ultimate revamp and upgrade.

chloexhalle / Instagram

Halle Bailey made literal waves this past year when it was announced the Black actress was cast in the iconic role of Disney phenom Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.” Pay homage to her upcoming, breakout role by channeling her fun and sleek braids by getting a cool design and adding pearls to your locs. Go for the classic Little Mermaid costume and go rock the night away.

For a fun x poppy get up for you and your BFF go for Chloe x Halle.

chloexhalle/ Instagram

If you’re totally down to rock your braids or locs for Halloween (yes to locs in the Fall and winter! They’re not just for summer!) and plan on doing a costume that coordinates with your BFF consider the Bailey sisters as a whole. Wear your long braids or locs in any style and go for an outfit that either matches or coordinates with your BFF.

Be the Danai Gurira you want to see at Halloween.

Danai Gurira/ Instagram

For the chica who just got her big chop or just loves rocking a mean buzzed look, go for Danai Gurira all of the way. The Black actress of Zimbabwean-descent has been known for defying any type of stereotypes that might be lobbed at a Black woman and as such rocks hair style that show off her Blackness, femininity and physical strength. For the ultimate Gurira look wear your natural buzzed or cropped look and pair it with a T-shirt and jeans OR opt for one of Gurira’s looks from her more famous roles in The Walking Dead or Avengers.  

The Black actress of Zimbabwean-descent has been known for defying any type of stereotypes that might be lobbed at a Black woman and as such rocks hair style that show off her Blackness, femininity and physical strength. For the ultimate Gurira look wear your natural buzzed or cropped look and pair it with a T-shirt and jeans OR opt for one of Gurira’s looks from her more famous roles in The Walking Dead or Avengers.  

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UPS Finally Lifts Its Discriminatory Ban on Natural Black Hairstyles

Things That Matter

UPS Finally Lifts Its Discriminatory Ban on Natural Black Hairstyles

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

UPS is finally catching up with the times and making some broad-ranging changes to various parts of its dress code.

The delivery company announced on Tuesday that it would lift its long-standing restrictions against natural Black hairstyles like locs, braids and afros. In addition, the company is lifting its policy on requiring drivers to be clean-shaven. The company also announced that it would no longer have gender-specific guidelines about dress and appearance–such as putting restrictions on the length of its drivers’ shorts based on their gender.

UPS released a statement saying, “these changes reflect our values and desire to have all UPS employees feel comfortable, genuine and authentic while providing service to our customers and interacting with the general public.”

Per UPS, their decision to finally overhaul the long-detested policy came from their CEO, Carol Tomé, who received feedback from employees that their appearance policies made them less likely to recommend UPS as an employer to potential employees. On a recent conference call, Tomé also announced that UPS would be providing trainings to employees on anti-racisms and how to identify and combat unconscious bias.

While the announcement is obviously a step in the right direction, the change still feels like a long time coming. Back in 2018, UPS was fined $4.9 million by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The lawsuit alleged that UPS’s “strict appearance policy has operated to exclude Muslims, Sikhs, Rastafarians, and other religious groups from equal participation and advancement in the workforce for many years.”

Natural hair discrimination by employees has recently been making national headlines after the CROWN Act was passed as law in seven states. The CROWN Act (Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair) prevents employees from discriminating against Black people who wear their hair in natural or protective styles.

Again, while many people were happy with the news, the announcement nevertheless brought up some bittersweet feelings.

The fact that it took UPS so long to change what we now know is a blatantly racist policy doesn’t feel like it should be worth celebrating.

This Twitter user pointed out that UPS’s policies policing Black women’s hair is an example of the insidious nature of structural racism.

Why has it taken UPS 113 years to realize that its policies on employee appearances are discriminatory? Probably because they weren’t even realizing how much the policies penalized Black people for the hair that naturally grows out of their heads in the first place.

This person had a perfect response to people who say “It’s just hair.”

The fact that Black people have to change their natural appearance in order to be earn a living is inherently wrong.

This Twitter user shared his firsthand experience of being subjected to UPS discriminatory “appearance guidelines”.

We wonder how many other people with locs have similar stories. This man wasn’t even allowed to interview for the company–literal gatekeeping at its worst.

This person pointed out that UPS is not the only company to police their Black employees’ natural hair.

UPS is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a still a lot of work to do when it comes to dismantling the structural racism of many companies’ policies.

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Vanessa Bryant And Her Daughters Win Halloween With These Incredible Costumes


Vanessa Bryant And Her Daughters Win Halloween With These Incredible Costumes

VanessaBryant / Instagram

Life goes on.

Over nine months have passed since basketball great Kobe Bryant lost his life alongside his daughter Gigi and seven others in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

In the months since his death, fans have paid tribute to the former shooting guard who left behind three other daughters and his wife Vanessa and watched as his family has slowly attempted to pick up the pieces of their lives without them. Since then, they’ve celebrated holidays and their own birthdays. But holidays like Halloween present unique challenges, since they’re so focused on family.

However, leave it to Vanessa Bryant to show us what true resilience looks like. Over the weekend, she and her family celebrated Halloween in the best way possible and we’re living for their joy.

It’s official: they win Halloween!

Although it’s been a turbulent year – to say the least – for the Bryant family, Vanessa once again showed us all just how powerful and resilient she is by putting together an adorable family photoshoot to celebrate Halloween. Even though it’s the first Halloween without Kobe and Gianna Bryant, the family were all smiles.

Together as a family, they did a double photoshoot for Halloween this year that featured two sets of matching costumes between Vanessa and the three girls – the themes being Madeline (the beloved and popular children’s book series) and a Halloween classic, Star Wars.

The get-together seemed like a pretty joyous event, but of course the shadow of Kobe and Gigi still loom large, which makes the shoot pretty heart-breaking at the same time. Like we mentioned, this marks the first Halloween without them around — and yet, the Bryants carried on with the family tradition of dressing up like champs.

For their Matilda photoshoot, the family pulled out all the stops.

Credit: @Phil_Lewis_ / Twitter

So many of us grew up reading and watching Matilda, so this is an awesome idea for a Halloween costume. For their adorable photoshoot, Mama Bryant dressed up as the boarding school teacher, Miss Clavel, while Natalia and her baby sisters, Bianka and Capri, donned the traditional uniform of Madeline and her classmates, from the house in Paris covered in vines.

Needless to say, they look incredible, almost like they were torn right out of the page. It’s crazy, because this is actually more realistic and faithful to the illustrations than the live action movie from the ’90s.

Their Star Wars shoot was a total blast to the past.

Credit: nataliabryant / Instagram

For their take on Star Wars, the family channeled some of the film’s most popular characters. Vanessa was a shorter version of Darth Vader, Natalia was a much taller version of BB8 — and the two little ones were a Storm Trooper and an Ewok, respectively. These outfits were like the family-friendly ones you might find at a Target or something, which played well for the camera.

Of course, their Halloween celebrations were not the only touching and heartwarming firsts that they have had since the death of Kobe and Gianna.

Credit: vanessabryant / Instagram

On May 5, Vanessa celebrated her first birthday since the tragic deaths of her husband and daughter. She turned 38 years old.

In June, the family celebrated their youngest member, Capri’s first birthday. Vanessa penned a touching heartfelt tribute to celebrate the special day, which came five months after their loss. 

Vanessa has also tried to keep the memory of her loved ones alive with a heartfelt tattoo. In a post to her Instagram page, Bryant shared another video of herself. This time the video revealed that she was actively receiving a shoulder tattoo that is meant to honor her husband. 

“I wanted my boo boo’s @kobebryant sweet message transferred on me,” Bryant explained in the caption of the photo.

The year has been a turbulent one for the Bryants, and fans are delighted to see that they are healing and finding their own ways to be happy together.

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