Amazon Premiered Childish Gambino’s ‘Guava Island’ And Not Everyone Is So Pumped About The Non Afro-Latino Cast

The Island of Guava may have been born out of the mind of Donald Glover, it’s creator, but for Afro-Latinos it is a real place. “Guava Island,”, out now on Amazon, was a concept written by Glover, his brother Stephen, and developed by director Hiro Murai. It made its premiere at the Coachella Arts and Music Festival, and now that’s out to the general public, people have lots of thoughts about this so-called fictional island.

The film, completely shot in Cuba, tells the story of two loves played by Glover and Rihanna is being hailed as a short version of “Purple Rain” because it incorporates original music and love. It’s also so much more than that.

Audiences are loving how Glover perfectly captured the Afro-Latino culture.

Did we mention there’s Spanish in the movie? Oh yes there is.

Afro-Latinidad is not one type of person.

That’s the beauty of the Latino culture, it’s really so many types of people.

Oh, should we discuss Rihanna’s beauty and all that incredible fashion?

Rihanna’s talent and her colorful style in the movie is by far as important as the island and music itself.

Of course, tons of people mused over a chance to visit the island.

So sad not all of us can go!

Now we know what they were doing in Cuba.

For a second there we thought they were on vacation.

Rihanna loved filming the movie in Cuba, by the way.

So much good music too!

You will be dancing while watching it no doubt.

You can still watch it now!

But just be aware, it’s not all fun and games, so grab a tissue. The ending is everything.

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