Make A Fun Statement At Your Halloween Party This Year In One Of These Hilarious Latino-Inspired Costumes

Quick and inventive humor is vastly under-appreciated in Halloween, IMO. If you love a good play of words, pop, and Latinx culture references and being the funny one at the party,  and/or if you’re just too lazy to prepare an over the top Halloween costume, then you should definitely take a cue from the list below. 

Do you really want to be that basic person in a store-bought costume when you can be creative and witty instead?

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Yes, getting a store-bought costume will have you ready to go in a second and will rid you of the inconvenience of having to ideate and confection a costume of your own, but these super easy and funny costume ideas will guarantee a few laughs and won’t take much time to make. Rep your Latinidad even on Halloween, in these funny costumes that only Latinxs will get. 

We rounded up our favorite cute and witty costumes that make total sense if you grew up Latinx.

1. Taco al pas-thor

Dressing up as a taco just wasn’t inventive enough for this Twitter user. @Masomenosmar  added the God of thunder’s famous hammer, Mjölnir, to his store-bought taco outfit and created the very inventive wordplay costume; ‘Taco al pas-Thor’. Genius!

2. More Fabulosas than Fabuloso

Instagram @margiii_ramirez

You’re sparkling, fabulous, and you smell amazing! And if your favorite color happens to be purple, then this Fabulosa costume is for you and your gal pals. All you need is a Fabuloso-hued bodysuit, a printer, and a lot of attitude. 

3. Trompo and Taquero

instagram @sunflowermaxx

Another perfect idea for a couples costume. What would be of a trompo de carne al pastor without its skilled taquero? As inseparable as you and your bae, this costume is clever, cute and funny —and it won’t require much more than a quick trip to the craft store. 

4. Celia Cruz and her iconic ‘¡Azúcar¡’

instgram @darianysantana

There are few Latino celebrities as iconic as Celia Cruz, so it makes perfect sense that she would get her fair share of recognition on Halloween. With her bold outfits and signature colorful wigs, this rumbera’s look should be easy to recreate. And if you need a matching look for your BFF, no better match for the queen of salsa than her iconic, “¡azúcar!”

5. Lotería! ‘La Dama’ and ‘La Maceta’

instagram @ileenie_weenie

Technically we’re all borrachos on Halloween. This costume is hilarious, smart and so easy to DIY — just grab some cardboard, markers, scissors and glue — and you can go solo or as a group. Plus, the character options are almost limitless. You can be La Chalupa (a popular choice), El Diablito, El Borracho, El Mundo, La Dama, and so many more. 

6. A Hot family

instagram @lamadremuyloca_

 You can be the bottle or the character in the label, go simple or all out, but we can guarantee you’ll take the prize for most original and hottest costume of all. Whether you dress up on your own or pair up with your significant other or BFF, there are enough salsas in the market to dress up your entire family. 

7. Pan dulce con Chocolate 

Instagram @artofzyanya

Name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait. Nothing goes better together than a pan dulce with a hot cup of chocolate Abuelita. This iconic duo is the perfect choice for a cute couple’s costume. You’re matching looks will have everyone thinking ‘How didn’t I come up with this?’

8. Fanta Fantanas

instagram @lydia_oh_lydiaaa

Remember the Fanta commercial with The Fantanas singing the catchy jingle, “Don’t you wanna Fanta”? Well, there’s your cue. Get the girls together and get shopping for your Fanta-colored mini dresses and go-go-style knee-length boots —plus matching Fantas.

9. Vaporú

instagram @jasminerevilla

Growing up, you probably heard two things often: 1. “Don’t walk barefoot without socks on.” 2. “Ponte VapoRub.” Regardless of the ailment. In the age of the internet, where everything that’s important also happens to be a meme, it’s only right that we turned the legendary medicine Vicks Vaporú, into a Halloween costume. Perfect for kids of all sizes –little ones and the ‘all grow up’ ones. And if you want to go the extra mile, do as Jasmine Revilla did in the picture above, and add a little XL-3 to complete the iconic Latinx flu first-aid kit.

10. Veladora 

instagram @fannykahlo

With young Latinxs reclaiming the bruja identity, what better time of year than All Hallows Eve to dress up as the iconic tool that has secured extra protection from mal de ojos since time immemorial? None, the answer is, there’s no better time. 

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