Florida Sheriff’s Office Surprises 20-Year-Old, Who Is Raising Her 5 Siblings, With A New Car

For the past six years, 20-year-old Samantha Rodriguez has not been living the typical carefree life that a regular young girl would be. Her life turned tragic in 2013 when her mother lost her battle with cancer — and if that weren’t enough to shake her world, her father died of cancer three years later. Since then Samantha has been raising her five young siblings all on her own. She and her family do, however, have guardian angles very nearby.

The Florida Sherrif’s Office has been secretly raising funds to purchase a new car for Samantha and her siblings.


The law officers first met Samantha and her five siblings — Milagro, 15, Brenda, 14, Michael, 13, 8-year-old Bella, eight, and 7-year-old Destiny — during Christmastime last year. The sheriff’s office invited the family to their offices and what they got was much more than a visit.

“We took pictures with the officers and the helicopter,” Samantha said, according to CNN. “Then they said, ‘Let’s go into this room for milk and cookies.’ The room was filled with Christmas presents for the family.”

“We focused on clothes but also toys,” Lieutenant Antorrio Wright told CNN. “We wanted to give them a good Christmas.”

The officials said they have “adopted” Samantha and her siblings, and what to help them as much as they can.


When Samantha arrived at their offices in an Uber, officials realized they didn’t own a car, so their next goal was to get them a car. They launched a Gofundme page and within a day have raised more than $10,000.

Yesterday they invited Samantha for a visit but this time to surprise her with a brand new Nissan Versa.

“When they told me the car is for us, I remember thinking, ‘They just took away all these worries and stresses.'” she told CNN. “It was such a big weight off my shoulder and will help so much.”

According to Daily Mail, Samantha is also looking forward to doing the kinds of things they used to do before the tragic passing of their parents.

“Now that we have a car, we can go to church on Sundays like we used to. And the kids have already asked to go to the park. The possibilities are endless,” Samantha said.

As Samantha continues her job as a waitress at Disney Springs at Disney World, the Florida Sheriffs office is hoping to be able to assist them when they need it.


“Anything I can do, or we can do with the Sheriff’s blessing we will. I’m proud of my unit,” Wright said to CNN. “It’s heartwarming. It wasn’t just me — it was the unit, and all these people came together to help.”

Click here if you’d like to help Samantha and her family.

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