Female Soccer Players Go For The Gold By Challenging The Men Who Run Their Teams And Sexually Harass Them

The Women’s World Cup is fast approaching! It will take place this summer in France between June 7 and July 7. We’re totally gearing up to cheer on our favorite teams, but we’re not the only ones. These female futbolistas are looking forward to their World Cup, and it’s not only to win and score a goal but to improve their game overall.

Several Latina soccer players are using the momentum of the Women’s World Cup to bring much-needed change to how they are treated on and off the field.


Players such as Isabella Echeverri, Melissa Ortiz, Camila Garcia, and Nicole Rodriguez, are launching social media pages to get their point across that change in women’s soccer needs to happen now.

Their concerns include equal pay, ending harassment, among other matters.


“We have different fights,” Camila Garcia, co-founder of the women’s player association in Chile and board member for FifPro, the international player’s union, said about women’s soccer in Latin America, according to NBC News. “When you see that most of these elite teams have collective-bargaining agreements that we would dream about having, we don’t have any mechanism to negotiate. We can’t be at the table. So we’re trying, for the first step, to raise our voice, to say what we need, and try and figure out how we can develop women’s football.”

Garcia also announced via Twitter that women players in Chile will now have universal health insurance.

“We’re right now just asking for the basics,” Puerto Rico midfielder Nicole Rodriguez said to NBC News. “Like fields to practice on that aren’t waterlogged, and that we’re not the second-choice clubs to have priority. We want friendly games so we can continue to improve our FIFA ranking and be adequately prepared. And camps, like four camps a year. We don’t have any of that. So, yes, it would be really awesome to get paid, but right now our focus is being able to continue our development and have the respect we deserve.”

These women are making huge strides in women’s soccer and the World Cup hasn’t even begun yet. It will be so much more exciting to root them on knowing they are working toward equality.

Will you be watching Women’s World Cup this summer?

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