A Fan Tried To Troll Cardi B, Then The Rapper Body-Shamed Her

Cardi B is one of those celebs that we can always count on to speak her mind. In the past, she has boldly spoken up to strike down the cheating rumors against her husband, Offset. Recently, she denounced Tekashi 6ix9ine’s claims that she was a member of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. In the past, she has also expertly shut down trolls who have committed on everything from her body to her talent.

However, this time, a clapback she made towards a trolling Instagram user is getting Cardi called out for fatphobic language.

On Tuesday, the rapper turned actress harshly replied to an Instagram troll who was bashing Cardi’s skills as a songwriter, particularly collaboration with other writers on some of her most popular tracks.

Twitter / @ThePopHub

“Imagine needing help on a song like money bag, bodak yellow, & every other verse in any song… & getting called nothing above an entertainer,” the Instagram user wrote on a post Cardi made on her social media account. “LMAO a joke. stick to the movies luv.”

In retaliation, Cardi commented back to the woman, “Stick to your diet.” Supposedly, the Instagram user had made a post about being on a diet and working to lose weight and that is what Cardi was referencing when she spoke out against her trolling.

Many fans and critics immediately called out Cardi for the comments, calling them fatphobic and problematic.

Twitter / @chileanswiftie1

Some comments pointed out the difficulty that plus-sized people have in our society. Fat-phobia is rampant in the beauty and fashion industries. The diet and weight lose industry is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate that feeds off of societal desires towards thinness. Even the healthcare system is skewed against fat people. Stigma against weight often prevents adequate diagnosis and care to plus-sized individuals.

Further comments mentioned that the popular rapper has millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. By calling the troll out directly on Instagram and making an issue of her weight loss, it could be said that Cardi made her a target of all of her defensive fans.

Others pointed out that, as a public figure, Cardi is a role model and should be more careful with her words.

Twitter / @ohmagoddess

As a famous person, Cardi is held to a certain standard and there’s an obligation with that. As this Twitter user pointed out, the rapper’s own use of plastic surgery makes her comments sort of hypocritical. Many critics explained that Cardi should simply block trolling comments like these and be the bigger person in these situations.

Cardi was quick to defend herself and her response against what she described as “hate comments.”

Twitter / @iamcardib

Cardi produced receipts on Twitter showing the history of abusive messages that the Instagram user has sent the rapper in the past. She went on to question why she is being called fatphobic if she just told the user to focus on her diet instead of trolling.

“Wtf is fatphobic,” the “Bodack Yellow” rapper asked in her tweet. “People are so soft now and days. How ya going to survive a lunch table?” Cardi tweeted in response to critics denouncing her comments.

Despite the many fans and critics who condemned Cardi’s comments, just as many fans supported the rapper.

Twitter / @cardihanna

Some fans defended Cardi’s right to defend herself against trolling comments. The common sentiment was that if someone could dish it out, they should be ready to handle the criticism themselves. Others suggested that comments like the one Cardi responded to comes from jealousy and that basically the woman was a hater.

Regardless of whether Cardi was in the right or the wrong, this is another example of how social media is quick to hold us accountable for what we say. If nothing else, an unwise tweet or act of trolling is always sure to create some major drama.


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Cardi B Is, Once Again, Fed Up With Trolls Trying to Body Shame Her With Edited Photos


Cardi B Is, Once Again, Fed Up With Trolls Trying to Body Shame Her With Edited Photos

Cardi B, once again, took to Instagram to combat the neverending stream of trolls who are trying to tear her down.

Earlier this month, some unflattering photos of Cardi made the rounds on the internet, prompting people to publicly bully her for her looks. The unflattering photos showed her makeup-free, her hoodie up, appearing to be shopping at her local Target.

via PopCraveMusic/Twitter

Cardi was hone too pleased with the photos. In a now-deleted Instagram post, she shared a side-by-side photos of the viral picture next to the original one. The viral picture was noticeably photo-shopped to make her face look less attractive and her behind look more exaggerated.

In a lengthy Instagram caption, Cardi condemned the internet bullies, calling out people for sharing photoshopped pictures on their platforms for clicks and likes.

via PopCraveMusic/Twitter

“It’s the fact that people try to photoshop my face and body to post on their platform so people can bash me and make me feel down on my appearance on purpose….and the fact this a paparazzi picture from months ago,” she wrote.

She also added a note in her comments calling out the hypocriy of some of the female bullies who otherwise claim to be all about “supporting women” and “female empowerment”.

“And the sad sh– is,” she said. “That the people that be doing these rumors and be trying to make people bash me about my looks are WOMEN!”

Ironically enough, the shopping session that Cardi was papped at was allegedly dedicated to her buying $5,000 worth of gifts for children in need in the upcoming holiday season. The photos were from December 2019.

This isn’t the first time Cardi has publicly clapped back at body-shamers and online haters. In June, she was also the target of internet harassers who were criticizing her for gaining weight during quarantine.

At the time, Cardi posted a response video to Instagram joking that she “gained a little weight” but had “lipo money”, so the haters didn’t bother her. And in the past, it seems that haters never have bothered her.

via Getty Images

Cardi has always been transparent about her willingness to go under the knife in order to alter her appearance.

But she’s always expressed her frustration at the catch-22 that comes with plastic surgery. “I feel like women constantly body shame me. They wanna be like: your body’s mad fake. You got fake boobs, you got a fake ass,” she said in a 2017 interview with HOT 97.

“And it’s just like: if you love your body so much, then why are you mad that I have a fake body? Maybe I didn’t really like my body. Does it bother you that I didn’t like my prior body and I wanted to get it fixed? People is never happy.”

But as always, Cardi considers success the best form of revenge. She promised that the haters are going to be especially mad in the next months, seeing as she has a project in the works that will “make a sick soul nauseous”.

If her new project comes anything close to the success she’s had recently, we’re 100% here for it.

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Cardi B Shared on Instagram The Heartfelt Gift That Lizzo Sent Her After News of Her Divorce Leaked


Cardi B Shared on Instagram The Heartfelt Gift That Lizzo Sent Her After News of Her Divorce Leaked

Cardi B may be newly single, but that doesn’t mean the chart-topping female MC isn’t living her best life.

On Tuesday, Cardi took to Instagram to show off a gorgeous bouquet of flowers that was sent to her by none other than Lizzo. “Flowers for a flower!” the note read. “Congrats on all your success this summer–know you are loved and are love. P.S – I’m sending you something good this week. Love, Lizzo!”

via iamcardib/Instagram

Cardi couldn’t help but gush over her fellow rapper and Hustlers co-star.

“Isn’t Lizzo like the nicest person in the world?” she asked her Instagram followers. “Look what she sent me! She is just a beautiful-ass person, I just love her so much. These are so pretty!”

Cardi, for her part, has long-expressed her admiration for Lizzo. Back in August, Cardi admitted that she had originally wanted Lizzo to appear in her WAP music video. 

In an interview with HOT 97, Cardi revealed that she “had a whole vision” about how Lizzo would appear in her now-legendary music video. Unfortunately, Lizzo was out of town and wasn’t able to make the shoot. 

Lizzo’s gift as well as the note was ostensibly in response to the recent bombshell news that Cardi B is divorcing her husband, Offset.

The news, which also broke on Tuesday, took fans by surprise. According to the paperwork which was filed at an Atlanta courthouse, the marriage is “irretrievably broken” with “no prospects for a reconciliation.” 

Of course, this wasn’t the first time Cardi’s fans have heard about her martial drama. Cardi and Offset’s three-year marriage had long been plagued by reports of infidelity as well as public break-ups and reconciliations.

In the past, Cardi has always spoken publicly about her decision to continue to take Offset back after his many cheating scandals. 

“When me and my husband got into our issues—you know, he cheated and everything—and I decided to stay with him and work together with him, a lot of people were so mad at me; a lot of women felt disappointed in me,” Cardi explained in a tell-all interview with Vogue.

“But it’s real-life shit,” she continued. “If you love somebody and you stop being with them…you’re not really happy on the inside until you have the conversation. People that be in marriages for years, when they say till death do us part…that’s including everything.”

As of yet, neither Cardi nor Offset have publicly commented on the news of their divorce. The most recent post Offset has put on Instagram has been a picture of him leaning against a car looking disaffected. The caption reads: “Grind don’t stop”. The comments are, noticeably, turned off.

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