The Roasts About This Latina Who Challenged Reddit to Troll Her ‘Big Head’ Are Pretty Dang Brutal

A brave Latina took to Reddit on Wednesday purely with the intent of having her fellow Redditors make fun of her.

The young woman posted her picture on Reddit’s r/RoastMe subreddit, a community dedicated to telling jokes at other people’s expense.

The subreddit insists that the roasting should all be done in good fun, with rules against users’ comments crossing the line into abuse or threatening language. The subreddit says it’s a place for everyone to “laugh at themselves’.

According to the community’s guidelines, the roastee is required to upload a picture of themselves holding a note that says “Roast Me” to provide evidence that they, indeed, consent to the public roasting.

Reddit user u/gabycarrill0 appeared to be game for a little public humiliation, uploading a picture of herself to the subreddit with the heading: “Roast my big head while I wait for my twin in the Target parking lot.”

Reddit user gabycarrill0’s post quickly became popular, amassing 13K up-votes and almost 2,000 comments

In fact, u/gabycarrill0’s roasting thread became so popular, it made the front page of the website–a sign that it was one of the posts on the website that was drawing the most views and engagement.

Reddit users spared no expense poking fun at the brave young woman.

The roasts on the thread largely consisted at jokes aimed at u/gabycarrill0’s love of makeup. Quite a few Redditors wrote jokes implying that she goes overboard in beating her face.

Reddit user richards_86 wrote: “I can just imagine waking up, rolling over and seeing your face on my pillow, even hours after you’ve left.”

Another joke about u/gabycarrill0’s made-up face was from user u/Itroll4love, who quipped, “She’s got more cake on that face than a bakery”.

User u/iquimo said that she “must apply her foundation with a crop duster,” while u/Fetid_Dingo_Kidneys said: “Target’s cosmetics department would like to thank you for keeping them in business during these hard times”.

Some jokes seemed to be completely random, but pretty funny nonetheless.

For example, u/Potato3WaysYou told u/gabycarrill0: “You look like you belong in a Vagisil commercial”, which had over one thousand up-votes.

User RedSnapper45 told her that her face “screams ‘I don’t have any useful life skills'” and user u/-bout-tree-fitty said “I hate seeing people leaving their dogs in the car. It’s so inhumane!”

Surprisingly, the young woman took all of the jokes in stride, even responding to some of them.

In response to the joke that held her responsible for keeping Target’s cosmetics department in business, u/gabycarrill0 cleverly responded: “Taking one for the team!”.

We wish we were as comfortable with ourselves as this brave as this young Latina! We’re happy she felt confident enough to take so many jokes at her expense with a smile on her face the whole time.

Can We Please Talk About How 'Game Of Thrones' Has An Afro-Latina Actress As One Of The Key Characters??


Can We Please Talk About How ‘Game Of Thrones’ Has An Afro-Latina Actress As One Of The Key Characters??

Game of Thrones / HBO

Missandei, Queen Daenerys Targaryen’s right-hand woman and best friend, is one of those secondary characters on “Game of Thrones” that has developed a cult following. Captured by slavers when she was a young girl and raised in indentured servitude, Missandei was freed by Daenerys with the intent on having her become her translator. Five seasons later, she has risen in the ranks to become Daenerys’s closest adviser and most steadfast champion.

As if we needed another reason to love Missandei, Nathalie Emmanuel, the actress who brings her to life, is actually of Dominican descent. That means that one of the best characters on “Thrones” is Afro-Latina! In honor of the return of GOT, we’ve compiled a list of 20 times Missandei was the best character on the addictive series. Take a peek below!

1. When she got drunk with Tyrion

via Giphy

Missandei may be famous for her silent reactions, but she’s not exactly the most talkative character on GOT. That’s why it was nothing short of delightful when “Thrones” treated us to an adorable scene of her day-drinking with Tyrion and swapping corny dad jokes. We wish we could see her smile more often!

2. When she had no patience for misogynistic pigs

Tumblr via yocalio

After growing up under the hand of abusive slave-owners, Missandei’s newfound freedom as second-hand to the Queen makes it hard for her to tolerate ignorant and degrading comments from men–no matter what title they hold.

3. Her reaction when the Northerners looked at her like “Build the Wall”

via giphy

When Missandei and Greyworm find themselves among white people who, by the looks of it, have never seen brown skin before, the look they exchange is priceless.

4. When she acted as a TSA agent at Dragonstone

Tumblr user aryajon

We can’t help but feel a surge of pride whenever Missandei gets to boss people around–she’s been through enough to have the absolute right.

5. When she had a passionate sexual encounter with Greyworm

Tumblr via tomfooleryprime

The tension between Missandei and Greyworm had been building for so long, that we all breathed a collective sigh of relief when they finally consummated their love.

6. When she talks about said sexual encounter with her BFF right after

Tumblr via itsletalestrange

Just two girls bent on reclaiming their rightful thrown and eventually world domination while also talking about how good the sex was with the boy-toy last night.

7. When she consistently gave us #hairgoals

Tumblr via khaleese

We don’t know how Missandei kept her rizos so moisturized and defined while she was living in the desert, but we’d love to know her secret.

8. When she ALLOWED her friend to touch her hair

Tumblr via targaryensource

Missandei is close enough to Daenerys to give her permission to do her hair–but we’re sure she laid down some ground rules beforehand and maybe even gave her a talk about privilege.

9. When she introduced Daenerys in the most extra way possible and kept a straight face the whole time

Tumblr via lannisten

This scene will never get old.

Missandei: “You stand in the presence of Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, rightful heir to the Iron Throne, rightful Queen of the Andals and the First Men, protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains.

Davos: “This is Jon Snow…He’s King in the North.”

10. When she constantly proved she’s Daenerys’s best ally

Tumblr via gameofgifs

No one gives a better first-hand account of how much power Daenerys has to change lives than her OG devotee, Missandei. Missandei’s testimonial would make the biggest skeptic a Khaleesi-convert.

11. When she wore this outfit that will serve as our Halloween costume for years to come

via giphy

Missandei: offering inspiration to Afro-Latina cos-players since 2013.

12. When she taught viewers what REAL side-eye is

Tumblr via gameofgifs

There are whole Tumblr galleries devoted to the savage looks that Missandei doles out the idiotic men who populate GOT’s world. She’s truly the Queen of Dirty Looks.

13. When she revealed she speaks nineteen languages

Tumblr via gameofthronesdaily

In Season 3, episode 8 of “Thrones”, Missandei reveals to Daenerys that she speaks nineteen languages. She even gives Dany a humbling little lesson on Dothraki grammar.

14. When she served us this outfit

Tumblr via gotladies

Missandei has come a long way since her days of cleavage-bearing billowing robes. Now, she dresses in leather and armor.

15. When she turned to her BFF when she thought she was done for

Tumblr via chrjshemsworth

In times of danger, Missandei and Dany always turn to each other for comfort–like this touching time when they held hands before they thought they were going to die.

16. When she gave us this perfect “bless your heart” face

Tumblr via goldestina

One of the best parts about watching Missandei’s character arc is the newfound confidence she has when reacting to newcomers. Like this “bless you heart” look she gave to Jon Snow and his men in Season 7. episode 3.

17. When she had a tender moment with Greyworm after he was wounded in battle

via giphy

It was incredible touching to see how a man with self-proclaimed “no fear” admitted that since he met and fell in love with Missandei, he now was more afraid than he’d ever been.

18. When she first meets
Daenerys and is like “I like this girl”.

Tumblr via sansastormborns

We’ll never forget the look on her face when Missandei realizes what a badass Daenerys is. Priceless.

19. When she truly could not comprehend the concept of traditional marriage

Tumblr via westorosiladies

When Jon Snow tries to explain why his last name is different than his father’s, Missandei is completely confused and explains: “We don’t have marriage in Naath, so the concept of a bastard does not exist”. Poor Jon.

20. When she shut down Tyrion’s attempt at whitesplaining

via pinterest

“I appreciate you explaining to me the horrors of slavery, Tyrion, but I think I’m a bit more qualified to speak on the subjects. Thankssss.” – actual quote from Missandei

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