Becky G Debuts New Beauty Line Inspired By Her Mexican Heritage

Global Latina superstar Becky G is officially releasing her very own beauty line inspired by her pride in her Mexican-American identity. The Latinx singer has long been teasing the launch of her Treslúce Beauty line on Instagram and other social media platforms, but now we have more details than ever and can’t wait to get our hands on the products.

Becky G debuting beauty line inspired by her Mexican-American heritage.

Becky G is no stranger to the beauty industry, she was CoverGirl’s youngest spokesperson ever at age 15. And we’ve heard about the potential for a Becky G beauty brand for awhile now, so it’s extra exciting to finally be getting more details.

“Many of you guys know that this has been one of my biggest dreams for so long and it’s finally happening,” she captioned a campaign image of herself on Instagram. She continued, “It is a blessing to have this opportunity to share it with all of you.”

For Becky G, Treslúce is very personal. Every last detail, from the name to the brand colors and the artwork on the packaging, was influenced by her Mexican heritage. The initial launch includes an eyeshadow palette, multi-use color liners, makeup brushes, eyelashes, a lash case and 2-in-1 lash applicator starting at $8. Recycled paper is used in the packaging which features a removable mirror as well as a personal message from Becky G.

“I wanted to create a space in the beauty world that elevates our voices and our stories,” Becky G told People.

She also explained that Treslúce Beauty gets its unique name from two Spanish words: “Tres,” meaning three, and “Luce,” which is a slang term to compliment someone’s appearance. “The number three is a very spiritual number for me because it represents the mind, body and soul,” she says. “To me, makeup is a form of self expression not just of who we are on the outside but also what’s going on inside,” she told People.

The new beauty line is all about elevating Latinx voices and stories.

The new collection was less about creating another celebrity beauty brand and more about creating a line of products that celebrates and supports Becky G’s beloved Latinx community, according to a statement from the company.

One of the most standout products is the Treslúce I Am Palette, which includes a richly pigmented mix of 18 mattes and shimmers housed in colorful packaging that includes an illustration of Becky G that was done by artist Monica Loya. The vibrant array of shades were inspired by Mexican pottery and papel picado and formulated with Mexican blue agave sustainably sourced from Jalisco, Mexico

After doing some research on existing Latinx-owned brands, she found that most of the cosmetics companies featured shades of pink, purple, red, and tans, which she said were all beautiful colors, but “I never saw anything that was like oomph, strong, and bold, and in your face, and loud, and proud.” Yellow, the second brand color, is also her favorite color and “not gender exclusive,” which was important to her in creating the brand.

Treslúce will be released in stores nationwide on Friday, June 25.

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