Becky G Gets Real On Everything From Her Latinidad To Gender Roles And Mental Health In Powerful Facebook Live

Becky G has come so far since the world got to know her more than eight years ago when her teen pop hit “Shower” hit the airwaves. Today, the 24-year-old is an empowered young woman taking ownership of her identity as a fierce Latina and using it to uplift Latinx communities around the world.

She is educated, passionate, honest – and involved. Not only has she been churning out collab after collab with the likes of Bad Bunny and Maluma, but she’s also been busy with her podcast, En la Sala. There, she’s spoken to then-Vice President-elect Kamala Harris about politics to reggaetón sensation J Balvin on mental health.

The Mexican-American superstar continues that tradition of hard work to this day, and recently hosted a Facebook Live Audio Room alongside her mother and soccer star boyfriend, Sebastian Lletget, where the group spilled some serious chisme on some very serious topics.

Becky G invited her mother and boyfriend to talk serious issues in Facebook Live Audio Room.

Becky G has quickly become one of the community’s greatest role models – not only does she support the Latino community but she’s also extremely open with her own identity and even her struggles. She isn’t afraid to have conversations about difficult topics – which we need more of from our role models both inside the music industry and out of it.

Case in point: on Monday, Becky G hosted a Live Audio Room on Facebook with her Mom, Alex Gomez, and boyfriend, soccer sensation Sebastian Lletget. The event was held in honor of Latinx Heritage Month and tackled topics like Latin identity, gender roles, and mental health.

The three discuss their cultural identities and their family’s journeys that helped shape them into the people they are today. Becky G’s mom, Alex Gomez, discusses her recent therapy journey and credits Becky with helping her find her way. It’s a powerful conversation that more people in our community could benefit from having.

Becky spoke extensively about her identity as a Latina in the U.S. and the Latinx community as a whole.

Courtesy of Becky G

For Becky G, her Latina identity has long been an integral part of her identity as a performer and as an American. As a third-generation Mexican-American, Becky G knows the struggle so many like her face.

In the Live Audio Room on Facebook, Becky G pointed out how her culture is “so present in everything and everywhere” and that she shouldn’t have to choose which side she ‘belongs on.’ She goes on to add, “I was either too Mexican for the Americans or too American for Mexico. And it was hard to feel like I belonged somewhere…then I realized that I wasn’t the only one dealing with this Latinx identity crisis. I like to consider us the 200% where we are a hundred percent proud of our roots, where we come from, but also a hundred percent proud of, you know, being American and where we were born.”

If that’s not a sentiment so many of us can relate to…

Becky G also helped her mother start her path to therapy and embracing mental health.

Courtesy of Becky G

Mental health remains far too taboo within the Latinx community. And this comes with severe consequences for so many, as they’re afraid to reach out for help or to address serious health issues. Thankfully, there are major role models from the community slowly beginning to change this dangerous way of thinking. For example, J Balvin has been very open about his own mental health struggles.

Becky G has also been a powerful voice in this arena – including in conversations with her own mother.

“I’ve been on my journey with therapy…probably going on 10 months and I want to say that my only regret was that I hadn’t started earlier. It’s really empowered me again to find my voice,” Becky G’s mother, Alex Gomez, said.

She really credits Becky with inspiring her to find her own voice.

“Once you [were] like a teenager and had your voice, I really was inspired by you…I saw how you weren’t scared to speak in a room and just the way you were so present and your voice was heard…you impacted so many people….and  I started learning that I shouldn’t be afraid to speak in a room… you kind of pushed me to come out of that circle,” she said. What a beautiful gift to give someone.

Becky pointed out as well how so many of us aren’t just dealing with our own experiences and trauma, but we’re often carrying the weight of our parents and abuelos and all of those who have worked so hard to make sure we have a better life.

“I think our generation, as much as we’ve dealt with our own stuff, we’re also carrying the weight of the ones who came before us…,” she said.

If you haven’t listened to the powerful conversation yet, you can do so here.

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