These Hot Cheetos-Inspired Nails Will Turn You Into The Ultimate Snack

Have you ever eaten a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and ended up with the orange dust all over your fingers? This is a trick question: the answer is always yes. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to have it semi-permanently on your fingers? Wonder no longer, amigos. We’ve found some of the best and worst examples of Hot Cheetos-inspired nails for you to lust over.

Because, yes, there is actually a sub-category of nail art fanatics out there on social media that are inspired by Cheetos!

1. The tiny Cheetos nail.

Instagram / @briannasbeautylab

We figured we’d ease you in slowly into the world of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos-inspired nail art. If you have the dedication to decorate your nails in Cheetos branding, then you better follow through with an Insta-worthy post. Because if it’s not captured on Instagram, did it even happen?

2. The Hot Cheetos-inspired nail, featuring extra AF glitter.

Instagram / @__imthelma

Committing to the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos aesthetic, while also sporting some profesh-looking nails, takes some serious multitasking. It seems like this babe has got her finger on the pulse, though, with a fine mix of glitter and iconic Cheetos yellow, red, and orange in a gentle coffin shape.

3. Make the look work for you. No, seriously. Try to get paid for it.

Pinterest / @Women Top

Why not pair one OTT red diamanté nail with the entire Flamin’ Hot Cheetos logo over the nails on your opposite hand? Actually, don’t do it. At least, not until you have guaranteed royalties from Cheetos for advertising their brand.

4. They say purple and red shouldn’t be worn together. Don’t listen to “them”.

Pinterest / @bhad.shay.bitch

There’s something to be said about someone who has enough game to wear red and purple together. Especially when they’ve committed to it in the form of a very public, semi-permanent look like acrylic nails. But, you know what? If you’re gonna have a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos packet on one nail, why not go the whole hog and embrace your inner weirdo? Wear that red and purple and Cheetos logo with pride.

5. Hot Cheetos means one hella hot orange look.

Pinterest / @Prissy Braat

If someone had said to us that Cheetos-orange could be a real bangin’ aesthetic, we probably wouldn’t have believed you – not until you showed us this picture. A pastel pink morphing into a vibrant yellow, with an ombre into a deep orange? It actually surprisingly works. The silver diamanté swirl is a nice finishing touch.

6. It doesn’t get much cuter than a tiny cartoon cheetah.

Pinterest / @Beautylish

Committing to the Hot Cheetos look means taking painstaking hours to get the cheetah and its spots just right. Remember, babes, sometimes a nice nail is a small nail.

7. Don’t copy the Cheeto, be the Cheeto.

Pinterest / @Suavecito Pomade

It definitely took some talent to nail this look! Rather than mimicking the packaging, maybe consider just embodying the actual Cheeto on your nails when you decide to make waves in the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos nail art community.

8. Think about how Cheetos fit into your diet.

Pinterest / @Ammc

That is, think about how Cheetos can fit into your rotating roster of other junk food. This babe has got some pretty convincing skills – maybe there’s a payout in it if you’ve got your fingers in a few different brands?

9. Long nails are great for putting in detail.

Pinterest / @Taliyah Bowman

On the one hand, long nails can be kinda impractical. On the other hand, they give you more space to get as creative as you want! In this case, you’d be able to scrawl the entirety of the Cheetos logo on your nails.

10. Sometimes you’ve just gotta embrace color.

Pinterest / @Kiratine blastine

If you’re gonna rock an ostentatious yellow-orange combination, then why not think about what other ways you can brighten your nails? Sometimes that can mean embracing your love of everything between sweet and savory snacks, nail-art style.

11. You don’t need a logo to make it clear you love Hot Cheetos.

Pinterest / @Martha Lucas

Sometimes it’s enough to just use a few elements from Hot Cheetos to let everyone know what you love most about them. Is it their cheap price? The fact that they’re hot? Or perhaps it’s the cheetah spots? Whatever it is, chances are there’s some way it can be recreated on a nail.

12. Embrace the orange dust.

Pinterest / @Dana W. Seymour

Maybe one of your favorite things about Hot Cheetos is having to lick your fingers clean of all of the orange dust, once you’re finished digging into the packet. Well, have you considered just making it a more permanent look? Because apparently, it’s achievable. You do you, orange Hot Cheeto-dust fans.

13. 3D isn’t just for movie theatres.

Pinterest / @Amber Nguyen
You can take tactile to the next level with these ridged designs. But, you’ll probably need to develop some obscure branch of nail art sorcery in order to recreate an entire tiny Hot Cheetos packet on your nail.

14. Put the “flames” in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Pinterest / @Natalia Henrique

Want to go a bit more obscure with your Flamin’ Hot Cheetos nail homage? Consider investing instead in some seriously detailed red-orange-yellow flaming stiletto nails.

15. Add some shine to your nail art with a clear topcoat.

Instagram / @onailsbyme

Who can forget the classic topcoat? If you want to make your Hot Cheetos-inspired work of art last even longer, then make sure to finish with a final clear layer of nail polish. And also somehow don’t mess up every single other part of your meticulously-replicated Hot Cheetos packet on your nail.

16. Black is the new black.

Instagram / @ra_california

Even though black doesn’t feature so strongly as a color on the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos packet, it’s still a stunning shade to effectively draw attention to one feature nail. Plus, you don’t have to worry about trying to make a perfect Hot Cheetos packet replica on every single nail. You’re welcome.

17. Think about the shape of your nail.

Instagram / @beautylicious2824

The shape of your nail is going to determine how great the finished product will look. And sure, these almond nails are pretty amazing. What’s less swell is the way that the Hot Cheetos prints were recreated on the nail: the sharp, flat end to the packet design makes the nails look shorter than they really are! Keep that in mind, fellow Hot Cheeto nail art aficionados.

18. “Flamin’ Hot” is a descriptor for both Cheetos and nail art.

Instagram / @nailthegram

Refer to the above, if you’re not sure what we mean. But, “Flamin’ Hot” is where the similarities end. Please don’t start biting your nails simply because it says “crunchy” on the Hot Cheetos packet.

19. Remember: orange dust can also sit on top, rather than below, your nail.

Pinterest / @Nicole Cooper

The possibilities for a Cheetos dust nail are endless. You could have a half nail of an orange-dust inspired look. Or, you could print “Cheetos” across your newly-decorated nails. The sky’s the limit.

20. Hot Cheetos-inspired nails aren’t limited to reds, oranges, and yellows.

Pinterest / @Jodi Diamond
This Flamin’ Hot Cheetos example proves it. A simple lime green is also a-okay for all of you rabid Hot Cheetos fans out there.

There we have it: if you’re looking to embrace your inner Hot Cheetos geek, these nails are one way you can really get into the vibe. Which design was your favorite? Or, better yet, which one do you think was the most outrageous? Let us know on Facebook by clicking the logo at the top of the page.

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