Transitioning Your Natural Hair From Curly To Straight Requires A Lot Of Patience And Whole Lot Of Conditioner

If you’re going through a transition with your natural hair, getting acquainted with the new set of tools you’ll need to manage it can be tough. With days of relaxers, blow dryers and other heat tools in your past, you’ll likely have to endure the trial and error phase of spending on products you’ll love and ones you’ll regret the moment you use them.

To make sure your hair is set up for its beautiful transition, here’s a list of 9 tools key to the care and keeping of your curls.

1. A Spray Bottle

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Keeping the strands of your natural air moisturized is imperative from the start of your transition to end of it. Most natural hair care stylists will recommend that you always keep a spray bottle with your favorite oil and another one with water nearby to spritz on your hair in the morning and before you go to bed. For the best outcome on your hair, load up your bottle with a mix of your favorite oil and water, then spritz on your hair from root to end.

2. Bobby Pins


Whether you’re in transition or have already gone through the big chop, know that bobby pins will still be your saving grace. These classic pins can be the perfect accessory and tool when you want to create updos or sections in your hair. Pro tip: be sure to search for snack free larger pins to help you to better manage your thick hair.

3. Applicator Bottle

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Just because your days of straightening and or relaxing your hair are behind you, it doesn’t mean you get to neglect your scalp. One of the easiest ways to get direct access to your scalp through your tresses is to part your locs into sections and then use an applicator. Single tip pointy applicators will be your best in getting through your curls and straight to the root.

4. Rattail Comb

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Ah, that rat tail comb. It might give you a few shivers down your spine on sight and send you through flashbacks of the days your abuela used to whack the side of your head with them when you didn’t sit straight, but never fear. It’s a new era for you and your curls, and you got this! This time the rat tail is here to be your friend and make things easier for you as you part and manage your coils.

5. Speaking of combs, don’t forget your  Wide Tooth

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Detangling your natural hair from end to root can be tricky, but it’s essential for your effort in going natural and keeping your hair healthy. While detangling as much as you can with your fingers is great, never forget the damage an unattended to knot can do. Unless you’re actually going for a loc look, consider giving your tresses a good comb with a wide tooth.

6. Control Clips

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Now, before you go running out to the store, remember that your goal is maintaining healthy hair. That’s why I recommend going for a set of clips that’ll be less harsh on your wet coils as you style your hair. Use them to part, detangle and style your hair.

7. Microfiber Towel

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Nope, microfiber towels aren’t just for the carwash. Now, this one might catch you off-guard, but you know how sleeping on a cotton pillow cover is a big no-no? How cotton dries out your hair? Welp, it’s the same for those cotton towels you use to dry your hair. Microfiber towels create less friction which means less freeze and breakage.

8. A Good Conditioner

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Key to managing your curly hairs, particularly keeping them hydrated and free of frizz. A good conditioner that adds extra moisture to your rizos will not only help you to detangle your curls but will also help you to define them.

9. A Reliable Strengthening Shampoo.

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The key to long hair? A good shampoo that not only cleans your hair but helps to fortify it. Of course, everyone has their preferences when it comes to brands and shampoo types but FAST shampoo has become particularly popular in recent years. Also be sure to check out shampoos from Ouidad and Deva Curl!

This New Hello Kitty Birthday Line Will Help You ‘Celebrate’ Her 45th Birthday


This New Hello Kitty Birthday Line Will Help You ‘Celebrate’ Her 45th Birthday

Hello Kitty decided to big this year for her 45th birthday by collaborating with a Korean beauty brand to create the ultimate a skincare collection. In honor of the beloved Sanrio Japanese cartoon cat, who was first introduced to audiences in 1974, Korean skincare brand The Créme Shop has created a new line called Celebrate. All eight of the new line’s select products are focused primarily on skincare and add up to an entire regimen that start from face cleansing to makeup preparation.  

With all of the products holding a $20 max tag price, we’re pretty sure this new line guarantees price effective products that you don’t want to miss out on.

Hello Kitty Complete Cleansing Towelettes

thecremeshop / Instagram

There’s no doubt that makeup remover wipes are highly debated about beauty product. BUT if you are a fan of the easy off wipes, you might just get a real kick out of these strawberry rose-scented babies. Especially because they can even remove waterproof makeup! – $6

Brightening Apple Essence Serum

For the chica trying to stave away aging and wrinkles, this vitamin E packed serum could be the answer. Loaded with an “apple essence” and ceramides serum this product is meant to retain moisture. The instructions say to use five drops of the serum before applying to your skin that was washed.- $15

Pink Water Crème – Ultra Dewy Face Cream

Like the other fruitful scents in this line, Hello Kitty’s watermelon-infused moisturizer is loaded with hyaluronic acid and rich antioxidants and is meant to help reduce fine lines and promote a JLO-like glow. – $20

Under Eye Patches – Hydrogel Patches, Soothing & Brightening, Collagen + Caviar

thecremeshop / Instagram

Even though Hello Kitty’s under-eye patches are made with collagen and caviar might seem too fancy to be true but the $5   masks promise to alleviate dark circles and puffiness. The instructions say to keep the masks on for 15 minutes on freshly cleansed skin and gently press dry. – $5

Hello Kitty Celebrate Plush Spa Teddy Headband

Ahh, the venda. So heavily relied on but so under-appreciated for what it does to your skin-care and beauty routines. Hello Kitty’s Plush Spa headband isn’t just adorable for all of its logo designs but its material will totally make you feel as if you’re in a spa.  – $9

Hello Kitty Celebrate Setting & Priming Spray

This rose water and diamond essence priming spray will prep your skin and have it ready for your makeup routine when it comes time for application. For a dewy moisturized base, spray the water onto your skin after you’ve cleansed and moisturized. Once you’ve applied your makeup spray the product on afterward. – $14

Hello Kitty Celebrate Youth Promoting Sheet Mask

thecremeshop / Instagram

This cute Hello Kitty donut sheet mask looks tasty and delicious like a birthday treat. Infused with collagen, cucumber, and white tea to ensure a glowing and brighter complexion this product from Hello Kitty’s birthday collection is a guaranteed gift. – $4

Hello Kitty Celebrate Whipped Cacao Handy Dandy Hand Cream

Big-time fans of Hello Kitty know that The Créme Shop has a history of creating hand creams, but this one from the Celebrate collection is 100% for keeps.  The whipped cacao scented hand cream is enriched with vitamin E and shea butter for a lovely and subtle chocolate smell that will help to moisturize dry skin. A big plus? The 1.6 oz. bottle is travel-friendly. $10

Hello Kitty Holographic Clarifying Peel-Off Mask

Minimize your pores and blackheads with this apple and rose-scented clarifying peel mask that promises to also remove oil, and dirt right from your pores. For the most effective results be sure to keep the mask on for 15 minutes after cleansing and toning skin. – $12

Hello Kitty Treat Yo’ Self Spa Set

To really kick off celebrations for the beloved white cat go all out with your pampering and go for Hello Kitty’s boxset spa collection. The box includes a sleep mask, the spa headband, and strawberry champagne-scented bath crystals. – $20

The Best And Blackest Halloween Costumes To Wear For The Chica Who Thinks Straightening Her Rizos Is Too Spooky


The Best And Blackest Halloween Costumes To Wear For The Chica Who Thinks Straightening Her Rizos Is Too Spooky

@beyonce / Instagram

When it comes to Halloween, there’s no doubt Latinas would rather go big than go home. With so many Latinas to pay homage to, the season is ripe with opportunity to be the ultimate Reinas for a night. From Selena Quintanilla to Mariah Carey Halloween has a chance to turn us all into amazing divas. And while, slicking back our hair and doing a silk press can be fun for a night for a sleek look, but for us naturals the world is our oyster.

Whether you’ve got time to plan or need a last minute Halloween outfit, there’s so many ways to embrace the beauty of your natural curls. Whether your choose to go for a full on Afro poof, or something sculpted and wavy, for Halloween you can one hundred percent change your look for a night of spook and horror that will hardy be scary for your tresses.

For the ultimate look we scavenged the internet for easy Halloween looks that will help you put your beautiful rises on full display. 

For a night of sophistication, go for Beyonce all of the way.

beyonce / Instagram

We all know Queen B is always down to take on a different look. The goddess of diversity and style regularly delivers on looks that are straight, curly, cropped, and braided. For an ultra Beyonce look go for long blonde braids, some lethal baby hairs and a look that could kill. With the right braids and perfect attitude it won’t necessarily even matter what outfit you sport on October 31st. Light it up Reina.

Be Rosalind from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for a night that’s red hot.


When Rosalind Walker made her first appearance on “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” we were all thrilled. The courageous Black teen marked by a terrible curse has had her hand in saving the town of Greendale and as such makes for the perfect Halloween character to channel. To get Walker’s beautiful curls, go for a defined wash-and-go. Poof up your locks a bit to get the look that guarantees Rosalind’s hair is full of secrets. Pair your outfit with a plaid skirt, black glasses, a turtleneck and a set of diverse and fun-loving friends and you’ll be ready to go!

Be the ultimate diva supreme for your Halloween diva look.

dianaross / Instagram

Make the ultimate statement the night of spooky Halloween by showing up to your parties dressed as Diana Ross. For the ultimate look worthy of channeling Miss Ross, go all out with a fluffed up afro or long curly flowing natural hairs. You’ll want to play up Ross’s famous look with tons of blush and pink eyeshadow and a long flowing dress of any bright color. Bring the whole thing home with a broad fan and a microphone.

Be the new Black Little Mermaid for the ultimate revamp and upgrade.

chloexhalle / Instagram

Halle Bailey made literal waves this past year when it was announced the Black actress was cast in the iconic role of Disney phenom Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.” Pay homage to her upcoming, breakout role by channeling her fun and sleek braids by getting a cool design and adding pearls to your locs. Go for the classic Little Mermaid costume and go rock the night away.

For a fun x poppy get up for you and your BFF go for Chloe x Halle.

chloexhalle/ Instagram

If you’re totally down to rock your braids or locs for Halloween (yes to locs in the Fall and winter! They’re not just for summer!) and plan on doing a costume that coordinates with your BFF consider the Bailey sisters as a whole. Wear your long braids or locs in any style and go for an outfit that either matches or coordinates with your BFF.

Be the Danai Gurira you want to see at Halloween.

Danai Gurira/ Instagram

For the chica who just got her big chop or just loves rocking a mean buzzed look, go for Danai Gurira all of the way. The Black actress of Zimbabwean-descent has been known for defying any type of stereotypes that might be lobbed at a Black woman and as such rocks hair style that show off her Blackness, femininity and physical strength. For the ultimate Gurira look wear your natural buzzed or cropped look and pair it with a T-shirt and jeans OR opt for one of Gurira’s looks from her more famous roles in The Walking Dead or Avengers.  

The Black actress of Zimbabwean-descent has been known for defying any type of stereotypes that might be lobbed at a Black woman and as such rocks hair style that show off her Blackness, femininity and physical strength. For the ultimate Gurira look wear your natural buzzed or cropped look and pair it with a T-shirt and jeans OR opt for one of Gurira’s looks from her more famous roles in The Walking Dead or Avengers.