The James Bond Franchise Has Been Around For Decades But Only Recently Cast Its First Bond Girl

We’ve recently been treated to some more talk about next year’s Bond film, only to find out that our girl Ana de Armas will be gracing us with her presence once more on the big screen! Let’s be real: that’s hella exciting for us fans. But, how much of a true Ana de Armas stan are you? Test your know-how against our list of 23 facts about Ana de Armas.

1. Her birthday is on the 30th of April 1988.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

This makes her a Taurus, babes. If you were best friends with her, she’d be the down-to-earth, grounded friend out of the two of you. She’d probably also be the most stubborn, too – but at least you’d know that you can always count on her to pull through for you.

2. She was born and raised in Cuba.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

It wouldn’t surprise us if her heart is in Havana – she was raised there. In fact, Ana studied acting at Teatro Nacional de Cubafrom the tender age of 12. She clearly knew she was destined for acting, right from the start!

3. Even if you think you haven’t seen Ana before, you probably have.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Her biggest role to date was in Blade Runner 2049. That’s right, nerds – she played Joi, Officer K’s (Ryan Gosling) holographic girlfriend. Apparently watching the final cut of the film was a hugely emotional experience for Ana, who shed some tears and grabbed a box of tissues once the credits started to roll.

4. She’s been married … and divorced.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Our beloved Ana got married to Spanish model Marc Clotet in 2011. However, it didn’t last long: they split only two short years later. Even though Ana’s been linked to other guys every now and again, it seems that she’s been pretty comfortable living the single life. It wouldn’t surprise us if she said that life’s too busy these days for dating, especially now that Ana’s making a name for herself in Hollywood!

5. Ana made her acting debut in 2006.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

We know, we know: 2006 was a long time ago! We don’t blame you if you can’t remember that far back. But, that’s when Ana started her professional acting career, in the film Una rosa de Francia.

6. She has central heterochromia.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Don’t worry, as much as it sounds like a deadly disease, it’s not. It’s the technical term for someone with Ana’s eye color: even though both of her eyes are green, they have a brown center. Or more simply, she has hazel eyes!

7. Ana only spoke Spanish before moving to the US.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

She was so determined to get acting work in the US that she learned English in just two years! If we were a Lady Gaga meme, we’d say Ana is talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular – okay, you get the picture.

8. She has Spanish heritage.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Because Ana’s grandparents on her mother’s side are Spanish, she has a Spanish passport.

9. The first Bond movie she ever saw was Skyfall.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

And she also thinks that Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) “was the best villain ever”. We agree!

10. Ana has already worked with Daniel Craig before.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

While the pair are working together on the set of the new Bond film, the two of them have already filmed an upcoming thriller, Knives Out, together. Let’s hope they’re not sick of each other yet!

11. While she likes social media, she thinks deeply about the consequences of using it.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

As far as Ana is concerned, she believes that everyone should be accountable for what they say on social media, likening interactions on the ‘gram and Twitter to real life. Wise words, indeed!

12. Ana’s first English-speaking role was in the movie Knock Knock.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

This 2015 flick saw her sharing the spotlight with the notoriously kind Keanu Reeves. Even wilder is the fact that when she got the role, she didn’t speak a lick of English! It was at this stage that she had to really put her head down and hit the books.

13. So far, she’s appeared in 13 movies.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

But since she’s been such a busy bee, that’s going to change pretty soon! Ana’s already expecting four movies to be released this year alone. And, of course, she also now has the new Bond film on the horizon.

14. She’s really conscious about finding great roles to play.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

She recently said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that, “As a woman and a Latina … I have two separate labels to fight against, but I know I just have to stay strong and true to what I believe in. It’s important not to compromise your work and ideas for the industry and what some might be expecting you to do or recommending you to follow.”

15. Her character in the new Bond film is called Paloma.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

And that’s all we know, folks. Which is pretty fair – Ana’s been keeping tight-lipped about the role so that nothing is spoiled for us fans!

16. She moved to Spain at the tender age of 18.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

But nowadays, she tends to split her time between Cuba and Hollywood. Naturally.

17. Ana de Armas isn’t actually her full name.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

In fact, it’s Ana Celia de Armas Caso. 

18. She’s the star for the latest Campari campaign.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

What is Campari, you ask? It’s an Italian bitters, made with an infusion of herbs and fruits – and a prestigious brand that’s released its newest short film, Entering Red, with Ana at the center of it. “Wow” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

19. By the time she moved to the US, Ana was already a household name in Cuba.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Ana was part of the main cast for a show called El Internado, playing the role of Carolina Leal Solís. While the whole show ran for seven seasons, across 2007 to 2010, Ana had moved on to bigger and better things by the seventh season.

20. If you thought that she is an only child, you’d be wrong!

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Ana also has a brother.

21. Ana also has a pet dog!

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

That is, she has a pet dog who is a possible contender for the cutest lil animal in the world – and is named Elvis. Even though he looks like just a puppy, Elvis is now over eight years old!

22. She has 1.3 million Insta followers.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Are you jealous? We’re jealous. Although it’s definitely well-deserved since her feed is FIRE.

23. She appeared in her first music video only last year.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Check out the official video clip for Orishas’ “Everyday,” and keep your eyes peeled for Ana.Although it’s hard to miss her – she’s the leading lady!

So now you can call yourself a real Ana de Armas stan! Was there anything that surprised you about her, or were you already across all of the nitty gritty details? Tell us about it on our Facebook page – you can find it by clicking on the logo at the top of the page.

5 Makeup Looks From Your Favorite Telenovelas That Look Just As Fire Now As They Did 15 Years Ago


5 Makeup Looks From Your Favorite Telenovelas That Look Just As Fire Now As They Did 15 Years Ago

Canal de las Estrellas

Telenovelas are life. For a lot of us, these daytime shows were a part of our lives since childhood, and let’s face it, every time we visit mom or abuela, even now, we’re bound to gather around the TV and watch the drama du jour unfold. But it’s not just about the drama though, it’s the sex appeal, the glam, the over-the-top costumes and mansions —and the galán.

These daytime soaps are the perfect blend of beautiful people, intensely physical scenes and the lyrical drama of the Spanish language in all its romantic splendor.

Telenovelas are more than just drama, for a lot of kids these shows were a source of fashion and style growing up.

credit Instagram @telenovelasfans

But Telenovelas aren’t necessarily just about love and lust, they’re a source of trends of both beauty and fashion. There’s a reason why the cliché about Latina women being glamorous at all costs, is alive and well —it’s a major unspoken theme in just about every piece of Latin-American pop culture. 

There are so many things these shows teach us about makeup. There’s always a protagonist —who might be a little passive and a goody-two-shoes. There’s the evil antagonist —probably a bat-shit crazy evil lady. And then there’s the love interest —a wildly good-looking human, who most of the time happens to be a millionaire; and they all have their own, unique makeup looks that set them apart. The greatest thing about all of them though is that these dramatic characters weren’t just people we watched on the show, for most of us Latinx growing up watching them, they served as our first source of fashion and beauty inspiration. They all had their signature looks and you’d be lying if you said you were never inspired by Mia Colucci’s pink-hued glittery glam or Belinda’s masterful Silvana Del Valle and her signature red hair and pigtails.

So, are you a good girl, with a protagonist-worthy glow and perfectly coiffed hair? Or a bold, red-lipped bad girl? No matter who you want to channel today, Telenovelas have looks for everyone. So we went ahead and rounded up our favorite Telenovela glam looks that you can recreate in 2019 and will look just as fire now as they did way back then:

1. Mia Colucci from Rebelde

credit Instagram @miacoluccistar

The rich and popular but very spoiled Mia Colucci aka. Mexican Regina George, was a style icon for every Telenovela-watching teen in the early 00s. We chose her makeup because it’s very simple, dewy and glowy, basically the original Glossier no-makeup makeup look. Recreate the shimmery pink eye shadow look with Lime Crime’s iridescent Diamond Dew shadow in Rose Goals.  Go crazy with your highlighter and blush, we recommend Fenty Beauty’s Killawatt highlighter in Wattabrat for a pink shimmer or in Lightning Dust/Fire for a more pearlescent finish.  Finish off the look with a pink lipgloss, we’d go for the most iconic pink gloss of 2019, Nars’ Orgasm.

2. The queen of evil herself; Rubí

credit Instagram @rubisincera

Of course, we had to include the baddest of them all, the original gold-digger Rubí. This bombshell’s glam is nothing short of iconique. The bouncy hair, the full lips, and perfectly delineated eyebrows…swoon. We were almost more obsessed with her than we were with heartthrob Sebastian Rulli who played galán de galanes, Héctor Ferrer. The beautiful anti-hero’s makeup look was just as trendy in 2004 as it is now in 2019 —fifteen years later! The red lip, wispy lashes, dark brows, and perfect complexion are every beauty vloggers’ dream. So to do it yourself we say, you can’t go wrong with the classic Ruby Woo lippy for that crimson-red Rubí pout (it does carry our heroine’s name after all). Sculpt your brows with cult favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Dip Brow Pomade. And obviously go crazy with the falsies —blow-out strongly encouraged.

3. Marimar – Costeñita soy, con mis abuelos crecí yo.

credit Instagram @Diosathalia

Marimar was the story of a poor girl who lived by the ocean with her grandparents. She was sun-kissed, her hair had the perfect beachy waves, she was basically a beautiful Latina mermaid and we stan. Yes, granted, her makeup didn’t require much production —this character might’ve been the very precursor of the beachy-makeup trend way back in 1994. To get her mermaid-worthy hair, a Surf Styling Cream which adds texture and gives you that salt-water wavy finish would do wonders. Add a dark, copper-hued bronzer to ace the beach girl tan. And for the lips? Choose a matte, velvety lipstick to get the classic 90s nude lip, may we suggest Urban Decay’s Vice lipstick in the shade fuel? You won’t regret it.

4.  Jade from ‘El Clon’

Jade was every Latinx kid’s favorite middle-eastern beauty growing up, her and fellow gem-stone babe Jasmine, but we’re not focusing on Disney here. The Brazilian Telenovela ‘El Clon’ had all the best elements of the genre, love triangles, twins separated at birth, evil villains, lots of eyeliner, genetic experiments —nope, not kidding— and it all took place in the beautiful land of Morocco, needless to say, there was a lot of kohl involved. We loved the over-the-top styling, and even more over-the-top makeup looks on Jade. 

Trying to recreate her signature eyeliner might be complicated, to say the least. But with a lot of patience and a few Q-tips, we’re sure you’ll get there. Give it a go with a highly-pigmented and super precise pencil, Le Crayon Khôl eyeliner from Lancôme, might be your best ally to achieve a similar shape to the one Jade wore most of the time. For the rest of the look, she always wore natural tones, so add a dark brown eyeshadow on your lids and finish off with a matte nude lipstick of your choice. 

5. Soraya Montenegro from María la del Barrio

Credit Instagram @balmorepadilla06

“¿Qué haces besando a la lisiada?” has turned into the meme of an entire generation. Naturally, whenever there’s a conversation about Telenovelasevil mistress Soraya Montenegro simply must be involved. There will never be a more iconic villain than the woman who bitch-slapped an innocent girl in a wheelchair and murdered the sweet old lady who took care of la lisiada. 

Soraya sported the most perfect 90s hair flippin’ blowout there’s ever been, so we can’t recommend anything other than an appointment at the nearest hairstyling salon to emulate the look. As far as makeup goes, you have to choose an earth-toned lipstick like a deep brown or a warm terracotta like NYX’s velvet lipstick in the shade Berlin to get the super-villain pout. Add some statement clip-on earrings and a lot of sass, and you’re ready to kick some ass.

Check Out These Beautiful Ofrendas Dedicated To Beloved Latino Icons


Check Out These Beautiful Ofrendas Dedicated To Beloved Latino Icons

As the weather cools down and Halloween pops up on our calendars, there’s another holiday quickly approaching that deserves it’s own attention. Every October and November, people from Northern Mexico and around the world celebrate Día de los Muertos by building ofrendas to honor those who they have lost. Ofrendas are shrines set up with the photos of deceased loved ones along with personal items that they appreciated in life. Originating from the Aztecs, these shrines are meant to commemorate their dead loved ones and guide them home on the one day when their souls can journey from the spirit world to the world of the living. 

While ofrendas often honor deceased family members and friends, it’s not unusual to see alters also set up for famous people who have passed away. Fans build these shrines to celebrities in order to pay tribute to their legacy. These celebrity alters are usually as elaborate and amazing as the famous people they are meant to honor. 

Here are some of the remarkable celebrity ofrendas that prove that fame and the love of their fans are everlasting. 

1. Anything for Selenas.

Instagram / @sumnerboi

Selena is one of the most recognizable celebrities of the Latinidad so it makes sense that she’d have quite a few ofrendas built to remember her. San Antonio’s Mi Tierra Cafe & Bakery is a Mexican restaurant that keeps this shrine of Selena up all year long to celebrate the Queen of Tejano. 

2. Dedicated to the icons of Mexico.

Instagram / @eltinterodemama

This colorful ofrenda is a reminder that these shrines can be for more than one person at a time. On this alter, Mexican pop culture is represented by superstar actress Maria Felix, comedian and TV star Chespirito (Roberto Gomez Bolanos) and artist Frida Kahlo. Offerings of fruit, food and alcohol adorn this ofrenda to tempt and delight the spirits of these deceased stars. 

3. A shrine fit for a food god.

Instagram / @hunger_street

Two years ago, the food world lost a huge star with the untimely death of Anthony Bourdain. The celebrity chef was known for traveling the world and learning about local customs and cuisine in such a respectful way that it endeared him to the communities that he visited. This earned him the spot of honor on this ofrenda. 

4. Frida’s ofrenda.

Instagram / @raul_krnx

Frida Kahlo is an artist who has only become more beloved in death. Her image is used in everything from jewelry and makeup to home goods and tee shirts. This shrine pays tribute to the legendary artista with pots of food, Mexican marigolds and skeletal attendants. 

5. An alter for Poet Paz.

Instagram / @lamovidapanama

Octavio Paz was a Nobel Prize-winning poet and one of the most influential voices in Mexican literature. His words have been a source of comfort and inspiration to millions of readers over the years. He was also a diplomat and fought against fascism in Mexico and abroad. All these accomplishments deserve to be remembered and Paz is honored in this papel picado-filled ofrenda. 

6. An offering to two legends.

Instagram / @melodysev

This past decade, we’ve lost some remarkable souls but none more beloved than music artists Prince and David Bowie. The Prince of Funk and Ziggy Stardust have millions of fans across the world and they are still remembered for being innovators and entertainers. This ofrenda in honor of the two was fittingly built at the Santa Barbara Bowl an amphitheater dedicated to great music.  

7. RIP Tony Stark.

Twitter / @mkhenderson428

Sometimes fictional characters touch us so much that they become real to us. So, when a character like this passes away, it’s only natural to honor them the way we would a real person. This Day of the Dead project was dedicated to Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Gone but never forgotten. 

8. Dedicated to las mujeres.

Instagram / @ilaments

This ofrenda was built in tribute to powerful Latinas. Women like Celia Cruz, Jessica Torres, Margarita Neri, and Delores del Río are immortalized among other great women who will always have a special place in history and in the hearts of their fans.

9. An icon from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.

Instagram / @chableresort

Besides ofrendas, grave sites are also decorated as alters for Día de los Muertos. One of the biggest actors of Mexico’s Golden Age of cinema, Pedro Infante is buried in the Yucatan. For the Day of the Dead, his grave site was adorned with Mexican marigolds and candles to guide his spirit back to the world of the living. 

10. The King has entered the building.

Instagram / @beijingemily

One of the most legendary celebrities to have ever lived is Elvis Presley and the man has become a bigger icon in death. There are still claims of Elvis sightings all over the world. Maybe, those fans are just seeing Elvis’ spirit as he returns to visit the thousands of shrines that are dedicated to him for Día de Los Muertos and year-round.