The James Bond Franchise Has Been Around For Decades But Only Recently Cast Its First Bond Girl

We’ve recently been treated to some more talk about next year’s Bond film, only to find out that our girl Ana de Armas will be gracing us with her presence once more on the big screen! Let’s be real: that’s hella exciting for us fans. But, how much of a true Ana de Armas stan are you? Test your know-how against our list of 23 facts about Ana de Armas.

1. Her birthday is on the 30th of April 1988.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

This makes her a Taurus, babes. If you were best friends with her, she’d be the down-to-earth, grounded friend out of the two of you. She’d probably also be the most stubborn, too – but at least you’d know that you can always count on her to pull through for you.

2. She was born and raised in Cuba.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

It wouldn’t surprise us if her heart is in Havana – she was raised there. In fact, Ana studied acting at Teatro Nacional de Cubafrom the tender age of 12. She clearly knew she was destined for acting, right from the start!

3. Even if you think you haven’t seen Ana before, you probably have.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Her biggest role to date was in Blade Runner 2049. That’s right, nerds – she played Joi, Officer K’s (Ryan Gosling) holographic girlfriend. Apparently watching the final cut of the film was a hugely emotional experience for Ana, who shed some tears and grabbed a box of tissues once the credits started to roll.

4. She’s been married … and divorced.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Our beloved Ana got married to Spanish model Marc Clotet in 2011. However, it didn’t last long: they split only two short years later. Even though Ana’s been linked to other guys every now and again, it seems that she’s been pretty comfortable living the single life. It wouldn’t surprise us if she said that life’s too busy these days for dating, especially now that Ana’s making a name for herself in Hollywood!

5. Ana made her acting debut in 2006.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

We know, we know: 2006 was a long time ago! We don’t blame you if you can’t remember that far back. But, that’s when Ana started her professional acting career, in the film Una rosa de Francia.

6. She has central heterochromia.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Don’t worry, as much as it sounds like a deadly disease, it’s not. It’s the technical term for someone with Ana’s eye color: even though both of her eyes are green, they have a brown center. Or more simply, she has hazel eyes!

7. Ana only spoke Spanish before moving to the US.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

She was so determined to get acting work in the US that she learned English in just two years! If we were a Lady Gaga meme, we’d say Ana is talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular – okay, you get the picture.

8. She has Spanish heritage.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Because Ana’s grandparents on her mother’s side are Spanish, she has a Spanish passport.

9. The first Bond movie she ever saw was Skyfall.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

And she also thinks that Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) “was the best villain ever”. We agree!

10. Ana has already worked with Daniel Craig before.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

While the pair are working together on the set of the new Bond film, the two of them have already filmed an upcoming thriller, Knives Out, together. Let’s hope they’re not sick of each other yet!

11. While she likes social media, she thinks deeply about the consequences of using it.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

As far as Ana is concerned, she believes that everyone should be accountable for what they say on social media, likening interactions on the ‘gram and Twitter to real life. Wise words, indeed!

12. Ana’s first English-speaking role was in the movie Knock Knock.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

This 2015 flick saw her sharing the spotlight with the notoriously kind Keanu Reeves. Even wilder is the fact that when she got the role, she didn’t speak a lick of English! It was at this stage that she had to really put her head down and hit the books.

13. So far, she’s appeared in 13 movies.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

But since she’s been such a busy bee, that’s going to change pretty soon! Ana’s already expecting four movies to be released this year alone. And, of course, she also now has the new Bond film on the horizon.

14. She’s really conscious about finding great roles to play.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

She recently said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that, “As a woman and a Latina … I have two separate labels to fight against, but I know I just have to stay strong and true to what I believe in. It’s important not to compromise your work and ideas for the industry and what some might be expecting you to do or recommending you to follow.”

15. Her character in the new Bond film is called Paloma.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

And that’s all we know, folks. Which is pretty fair – Ana’s been keeping tight-lipped about the role so that nothing is spoiled for us fans!

16. She moved to Spain at the tender age of 18.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

But nowadays, she tends to split her time between Cuba and Hollywood. Naturally.

17. Ana de Armas isn’t actually her full name.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

In fact, it’s Ana Celia de Armas Caso. 

18. She’s the star for the latest Campari campaign.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

What is Campari, you ask? It’s an Italian bitters, made with an infusion of herbs and fruits – and a prestigious brand that’s released its newest short film, Entering Red, with Ana at the center of it. “Wow” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

19. By the time she moved to the US, Ana was already a household name in Cuba.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Ana was part of the main cast for a show called El Internado, playing the role of Carolina Leal Solís. While the whole show ran for seven seasons, across 2007 to 2010, Ana had moved on to bigger and better things by the seventh season.

20. If you thought that she is an only child, you’d be wrong!

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Ana also has a brother.

21. Ana also has a pet dog!

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

That is, she has a pet dog who is a possible contender for the cutest lil animal in the world – and is named Elvis. Even though he looks like just a puppy, Elvis is now over eight years old!

22. She has 1.3 million Insta followers.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Are you jealous? We’re jealous. Although it’s definitely well-deserved since her feed is FIRE.

23. She appeared in her first music video only last year.

Instagram / @ana_d_armas

Check out the official video clip for Orishas’ “Everyday,” and keep your eyes peeled for Ana.Although it’s hard to miss her – she’s the leading lady!

So now you can call yourself a real Ana de Armas stan! Was there anything that surprised you about her, or were you already across all of the nitty gritty details? Tell us about it on our Facebook page – you can find it by clicking on the logo at the top of the page.

This Latina Beauty Blogger is Documenting Her Acne Struggles To Help Others Like Her


This Latina Beauty Blogger is Documenting Her Acne Struggles To Help Others Like Her

We live in a culture where hiding who you are, particularly on social media, is accepted as normal. From nip/tucks to Instagram filters, it’s rare social media users see the real “warts and all” picture when scrolling through their feed. That’s why Latina beauty blogger Rocio Cervantes is such a breath of fresh air in the online beauty world. Although her profession makes her part of a world that Photoshops and Facetunes every picture within an inch of its life, Cervantes is upfront about her ongoing struggle with cystic acne.

Cervantes has made it her mission abolish the stigma around acne–a skin condition that affects millions of Latinas.

Cervantes first made waves back in September when she showcased a truly creative way to deal with her acne. In a Youtube video titled “You Are Beautiful, Acne Or Not”, Cervantes created one of her classic full coverage looks with a twist. But this time, she refused to conceal her imperfections. Instead, she put star-shaped stickers over her blemishes and applied her foundation as usual. This technique created a “starburst” effect around her acne that resulted in a face full of beautiful constellations.

Cervantes explained that this creative look of making stars out of her blemishes “came out of frustration” after she was “thinking of how it would be if [she] didn’t have acne”. According to her, shortly after having this thought, she felt ashamed for wishing she was different because she realized that she’s perfect the way she is. but don’t see themselves reflected in the media.

To many, Cervantes is a body-positive role model for people who struggle with their skin.

“I hope acne and this skin acceptance continues to be an open topic,” Cervantes said. “Because it’s important that acne or any skin condition is normalized”.

In her latest effort, Cervantes is experimenting with foundation for those dealing with acne.

Cervantes has continued to break barriers with her honest and candid conversations about her acne struggle, most recently creating a series of videos where she tries out and reviews foundation made for acne-prone skin. The series, entitled “Acne vs. Foundation”, discusses everything from products’ shade range to their coverage (or lack thereof). And if that doesn’t convince you to subscribe, Cervantes even conducts her tutorials in Spanish makeup on occasion.

One thing’s for sure, and that’s that Cervantes has quite a few loyal Latina fans on Twitter.

Rocio you are literally everything this beauty community neeeds.

— M a r c i a 🔮 (@MarciaLanaXO) September 17, 2018

This Twitter user recognized how groundbreaking Cervantes’ work is–and how the online beauty community needs more gurus like her.

This Latina gave Cervantes props for using makeup as a means to uplift and inspire.

Makeup may seem frivolous to some people, but to many, it’s a means of self-expression.

This Latina let Cervantes know that her acne-normalizing look, known as the “Starburst,” was worth celebrating.

You look beautiful what amazing confidence I see in this picture 😊

— J|VE$❤ (@IaChuIa) September 18, 2018

Cervantes’ whole aim behind revealing her flaws is to make a positive impact on the online beauty community.

This Latina just wanted to blow up Cervantes’ artistic skills, which are definitely worth mentioning.

I’m shook at how good it is ..: the patience … the time … the dedication …

— Michelle Mercado (@michmer88) September 17, 2018

Not only is Cervantes a trailblazer, but she’s talented too.

This woman let Cervantes know how her work was impacting her life personally.

This made me feel so much comfortable with myself, since I’m always trying to hide my acne, thank you so much for this

— victoria (@PolarizedDolans) September 18, 2018

Sometimes, all it takes is a role model to make people feel less alone in the world. Cervantes’ transparency with her acne struggle is all some people will need to feel more confident in their own skin.

10 Things You Should Know About Acne and 10 Old Latino Remedies To Try Out


10 Things You Should Know About Acne and 10 Old Latino Remedies To Try Out

Acne is a problem that many of us deal with beginning from puberty onward. Like many health issues, its causes are numerous and varied, meaning it can be much more complex to fix than we’d like to believe. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll discover a miracle cure that takes care of all your acne woes, knowing what leads to acne in the first place will help you make informed decisions about your approach to skincare.

Check out these 10 facts about acne below, and then read up on 10 Latino-inspired remedies that could potentially work wonders for your skin.

Acne happens at any age.

embrace.the.grey / instagram

While acne is often thought of as a problem just for teens, the reality is that it’s common for people of all ages. Sadly, breakouts can still happen well into your 20s, 30s, and 40s.

Diet can affect acne, too.

funwithfries / Instagram

They say that you are what you eat, and when it comes to acne, that rule definitely still applies. Some foods, like chocolate and dairy, are rumored to be triggers for acne.

PMSing probably means more pimples.

waitingforyoutoo / Instagram

As if mood swings, cramps, and bloating aren’t bad enough when it’s that time of the month, acne is also likely to ramp up when you’re PMSing as well. Hormonal shifts during your cycle are the main culprit for menstrual acne.

Washing your face isn’t a surefire way to avoid acne.

poost_va_javani‌ / Instagram

You’d think that taking extra good care of your face — i.e. washing it religiously every day and anytime you’re removing makeup — would essentially guarantee an acne-free life. But acne doesn’t discriminate, and it can strike even if you’re a dedicated face washer.

Makeup can be a culprit.

myboxshop / Instagram

Speaking of makeup, as much fun as it is to get dolled up, all of those products can wreak havoc on your skin. Sleeping in makeup is probably the cardinal sin of skincare — it can cause clogged pores, breakouts, and irritation.

Clear skin doesn’t always last forever.

___capriseeee / Instagram

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. Even when things are going well — and it looks like all is clear — it’s probably only a matter of time before a breakout takes place, simply because your skin makes up such a large part of your body.

Yes, stress is a cause.


Odds are you’ve heard this hundreds of times before: Stress is not great for your skin. Stress releases the hormone cortisol, which can mess with other hormones and lead to various skin problems like breakouts, irritation, and redness.

Tanning isn’t a solution.


Wouldn’t it be nice if a sunkissed glow could mask even the nastiest of breakouts? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Even if you’re still rocking that tan from sitting poolside all summer, that won’t stop acne from rearing its ugly head.

Popping pimples isn’t a good idea.


Although squeezing a zit or blackhead can be incredibly satisfying, it’s not the best way to handle acne. Try to hold off on the popping in order to allow your skin to heal on its time.

Workouts may be worsening your acne.


Unsurprisingly, sweat rubbing up against your body during a workout can affect the likelihood of a breakout taking place. Taking a shower and changing into fresh clothes ASAP following a sweat session is your best defense against these workout-induced acne problems.

Vick’s VapoRub


Vick’s VapoRub is basically legendary for Latinos everywhere. It can supposedly cure a whole host of ailments, from achy joints to the common cold. Why not give it a go to help out with any of those pesky acne problems?

Aloe Vera


Aloe vera contains antibacterial properties that can be beneficial for dealing with breakouts and reducing redness. It also works to keep bacteria from infecting acne hotspots where pimples are most concentrated.



In certain Latino circles, tequila is hailed as a cure-all. It’s often suggested as a remedy for fighting off colds and sore throats, but why not see if it can combat acne, too? Hey, it’s worth a shot.

Manzanilla tea


Otherwise known as chamomile tea, this popular drink might as well double as a magical elixir. Manzanilla has antibacterial effects, meaning it can help out when it comes to treating acne. Mix it with a little honey to create an all-natural moisturizing face mask.

Onions and honey


It might seem like a strange combination, but onions and honey can create quite the bacteria-fighting duo. They’re both natural disinfectants that can help you deal with bacterial infections on the skin.

Apple cider vinegar

busyfitlife / Instagram

Like many other kinds of vinegar, apple cider vinegar has properties that can ward off bacteria and viruses of all varieties. It may also be particularly helpful for lessening the appearance of acne scars, thanks to the lactic acid found in most bottles of vinegar.

Cinnamon and honey

flofoodshealthy / Instagram

Yep, honey is making another appearance on the list, proving once again that it’s one of the most versatile all-natural ingredients for fighting acne out there. Combine it with a couple of sprinkles of cinnamon — which has several antioxidants — to help reduce inflammation.

Lemon juice

beautyhacks / Instagram

Lemon juice is widely thought to be a great solution for dealing with acne. It has mildly astringent qualities that can get rid of oiliness, and its brightening properties may alleviate redness while decreasing the visibility of acne scars.


aplacetonest / Instagram

Ginger is another natural astringent that can help prevent wrinkles and get rid of acne-causing bacteria. You can make a topical ginger juice by mixing it with a little water. Add — what else? — honey for some moisturizing qualities.


cottonwoodmedicine / Instagram

This herb, commonly found throughout Mexico, is often used to deal with cramps and stomach aches. However, it can also be used to make a salve that soothes burns and bruises.

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