Can We Please Talk About How ‘Game Of Thrones’ Has An Afro-Latina Actress As One Of The Key Characters??

Missandei, Queen Daenerys Targaryen’s right-hand woman and best friend, is one of those secondary characters on “Game of Thrones” that has developed a cult following. Captured by slavers when she was a young girl and raised in indentured servitude, Missandei was freed by Daenerys with the intent on having her become her translator. Five seasons later, she has risen in the ranks to become Daenerys’s closest adviser and most steadfast champion.

As if we needed another reason to love Missandei, Nathalie Emmanuel, the actress who brings her to life, is actually of Dominican descent. That means that one of the best characters on “Thrones” is Afro-Latina! In honor of the return of GOT, we’ve compiled a list of 20 times Missandei was the best character on the addictive series. Take a peek below!

1. When she got drunk with Tyrion

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Missandei may be famous for her silent reactions, but she’s not exactly the most talkative character on GOT. That’s why it was nothing short of delightful when “Thrones” treated us to an adorable scene of her day-drinking with Tyrion and swapping corny dad jokes. We wish we could see her smile more often!

2. When she had no patience for misogynistic pigs

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After growing up under the hand of abusive slave-owners, Missandei’s newfound freedom as second-hand to the Queen makes it hard for her to tolerate ignorant and degrading comments from men–no matter what title they hold.

3. Her reaction when the Northerners looked at her like “Build the Wall”

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When Missandei and Greyworm find themselves among white people who, by the looks of it, have never seen brown skin before, the look they exchange is priceless.

4. When she acted as a TSA agent at Dragonstone

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We can’t help but feel a surge of pride whenever Missandei gets to boss people around–she’s been through enough to have the absolute right.

5. When she had a passionate sexual encounter with Greyworm

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The tension between Missandei and Greyworm had been building for so long, that we all breathed a collective sigh of relief when they finally consummated their love.

6. When she talks about said sexual encounter with her BFF right after

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Just two girls bent on reclaiming their rightful thrown and eventually world domination while also talking about how good the sex was with the boy-toy last night.

7. When she consistently gave us #hairgoals

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We don’t know how Missandei kept her rizos so moisturized and defined while she was living in the desert, but we’d love to know her secret.

8. When she ALLOWED her friend to touch her hair

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Missandei is close enough to Daenerys to give her permission to do her hair–but we’re sure she laid down some ground rules beforehand and maybe even gave her a talk about privilege.

9. When she introduced Daenerys in the most extra way possible and kept a straight face the whole time

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This scene will never get old.

Missandei: “You stand in the presence of Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, rightful heir to the Iron Throne, rightful Queen of the Andals and the First Men, protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains.

Davos: “This is Jon Snow…He’s King in the North.”

10. When she constantly proved she’s Daenerys’s best ally

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No one gives a better first-hand account of how much power Daenerys has to change lives than her OG devotee, Missandei. Missandei’s testimonial would make the biggest skeptic a Khaleesi-convert.

11. When she wore this outfit that will serve as our Halloween costume for years to come

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Missandei: offering inspiration to Afro-Latina cos-players since 2013.

12. When she taught viewers what REAL side-eye is

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There are whole Tumblr galleries devoted to the savage looks that Missandei doles out the idiotic men who populate GOT’s world. She’s truly the Queen of Dirty Looks.

13. When she revealed she speaks nineteen languages

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In Season 3, episode 8 of “Thrones”, Missandei reveals to Daenerys that she speaks nineteen languages. She even gives Dany a humbling little lesson on Dothraki grammar.

14. When she served us this outfit

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Missandei has come a long way since her days of cleavage-bearing billowing robes. Now, she dresses in leather and armor.

15. When she turned to her BFF when she thought she was done for

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In times of danger, Missandei and Dany always turn to each other for comfort–like this touching time when they held hands before they thought they were going to die.

16. When she gave us this perfect “bless your heart” face

Tumblr via goldestina

One of the best parts about watching Missandei’s character arc is the newfound confidence she has when reacting to newcomers. Like this “bless you heart” look she gave to Jon Snow and his men in Season 7. episode 3.

17. When she had a tender moment with Greyworm after he was wounded in battle

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It was incredible touching to see how a man with self-proclaimed “no fear” admitted that since he met and fell in love with Missandei, he now was more afraid than he’d ever been.

18. When she first meets
Daenerys and is like “I like this girl”.

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We’ll never forget the look on her face when Missandei realizes what a badass Daenerys is. Priceless.

19. When she truly could not comprehend the concept of traditional marriage

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When Jon Snow tries to explain why his last name is different than his father’s, Missandei is completely confused and explains: “We don’t have marriage in Naath, so the concept of a bastard does not exist”. Poor Jon.

20. When she shut down Tyrion’s attempt at whitesplaining

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“I appreciate you explaining to me the horrors of slavery, Tyrion, but I think I’m a bit more qualified to speak on the subjects. Thankssss.” – actual quote from Missandei

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Touching Tributes To Kobe Bryant Fill Social Media One Year After His Tragic Death


Touching Tributes To Kobe Bryant Fill Social Media One Year After His Tragic Death

Christian Petersen / Getty Images

Last year was a wild and often scary time. The world will forever remember 2020 being the year that everything stopped and we all had to isolate. It was also the year that we lost Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash and that death rattled the world.

Last year started with the shocking news of Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter crash.

John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Sarah Chester, Payton Chester, Ara Zobayan, Christina Mauser, Kobe Bryant, and Gianna Bryant all died when a helicopter crashed in the hills near Calabasas. The crash was a shock but TMZ reporting the deaths of Kobe and Gianna without Vanessa being notified angered many. Most of the world learned about Kobe and Gianni’s death because of the TMZ article.

People are remembering the Black Mamba as more than a basketball player.

Fans and friends have shared stories of Kobe and what he has meant to them. Social media is filled with fellow athletes remembering times they spent with Kobe and the kindness and wisdom he gave them in those moments. The basketball player was a legend in the sporting world and became a very important member of the Los Angeles community.

The Dallas Mavericks honored Kobe today in a tweet.

In 2007, Kobe requested a trade to leave the LA Lakers. Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, revealed that during that time the Mavericks almost acquired Kobe in a trade. Though Kobe almost went to Chicago, Dallas was in the running to be the next home for the legend.

Kobe was honored throughout the sporting world with some teams retiring his numbers. The sorting world lost a legend and ambassador for athletics that day and his absence is still felt strongly today.

Some people have shared small notes that Kobe sent them.

Kobe always had the reputation of being a thoughtful and kind person. Someone that people were able to connect with professionally and personally. These moments have endeared him to the LA community and why the city mourned his sudden death for months after.

You can check out Kobe with Guillermo in this clip of Guillermo’s NBA Media Day interviews.

Continue to rest in peace, Kobe. You are greatly missed.

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Missouri Woman Seen Holding Pelosi Sign Faces First Judge In Series Of Court Dates For Federal Charges

Things That Matter

Missouri Woman Seen Holding Pelosi Sign Faces First Judge In Series Of Court Dates For Federal Charges

homegrownterrorists / Instagram

Update January 21, 2021

A Missouri woman named Emily Hernandez had a court hearing in St. Louis after her involvement in the Capitol riots. Hernandez, 21, is facing several federal charges after participating in the deadly Capitol riot.

Emily Hernandez is facing the music after storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

According to KSDK, Hernandez, who is from Sullivan, Missouri, has been released without bond after her first hearing in St. Louis. She has been ordered to stay in the Eastern District of Missouri until her next court date in Washington. Part of the terms of her release is that she is not allowed to travel to Washington other than for her court date.

During the hearing, she was recorded saying, “I’m sorry, I’m nervous.”

Hernandez is facing the following federal charges: knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds, disorderly conduct which impedes the conduct of government business, steal, sell, convey or dispose of anything of value in the United States, disruptive conduct in the Capitol buildings, parading, demonstrating or picketing in the Capitol buildings.

Original: After a group of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Jan. 6, people immediately started identifying the intruders. Videos have been circulating and people are steadily contacting the FBI to expose them. Instagram page @homegrownterrorists is one of the leading forces in identifying the rioters.

On Jan. 6, people stormed our Capitol building and the American people are demanding justice.

Images of people storming the Capitol building and looting the offices of members of Congress startled people around the world. One of the safest places in the world was overrun by far-right Trump supporters attacking the democratic process. Americans are demanding justice and working together to identify and report as many people to the FBI that were at the Capitol.

The Instagram page is unapologetically encouraging followers to identify people at the Capitol.

Five people died as a result of the riot, two of them were police officers. The Instagram page, run anonymously, is encouraging people to share the photos to their stories to increase the reach. The account might not have any legal power, but it is having some success. There has been more than one person identified through the IG page that has led to people losing jobs and being arrested by the FBI.

The account has disappeared multiple times but always comes back.

The mystery person running the account has expressed concern over their safety. The account has been suspended by Instagram after being reported by multiple people. There has even been some talk about them receiving threats of violence via DMs.

The person who runs the account has mentioned it randomly on their stories but with no real detail. According to recent stories, the person behind the account doesn’t want to antagonize the people sending threats.

The owner of the account did say that they have been contacted by Instagram about the account.

A tweet from HomeGrownTerrorists caught Instagram’s attention and the account was reinstated. However, there was a backup account to keep functioning in case the original got deleted. IG and the account owner reached an agreement where they get to keep the main account and the backup account was permanently banned. No questions asked.

If you want to help or be connected to the cause, you can follow this page on Instagram.

There are a lot of people left to identify and the nation’s law enforcement is bracing for more violence. Capitols in all 50 states are on alert for possible attacks and the National Guard is being mobilized in big numbers for the inauguration. We are not out of the woods when it comes to the threats that have been made.

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