These Quinceañera Fails Are Truly Any Latinas Worst Nightmare

There’s something about Quinceañeras that are just a recipe for disaster. Not only are you celebrating your official entry into womanhood, but you’re surrounded by your closest friends and family in the process. And surrounded by cameras. Lots and lots of cameras.

And with all the moving parts that throwing a party of this magnitude entails, its inevitable that one or two (or five) things are bound to go wrong. And with the addition of elaborate decorations, over-the-top dresses, and fancy cakes, the fails become all the more entertaining to watch. In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of 20 quinceañera fails that are so bad they’re good. Take a peak below!

1. This girl was the victim of an overly-waxed floor.

via Youtube

Being the center of attention at your quinceañera is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you’re the veritable princess for the day, and everyone is looking at you with admiration. On the other hand, everyone is looking at you–a situation that is ripe for ultra-embarrassing moments.

2. This cumpleañera had to re-take a test the day of her Quinceañera

@b_pajak /Twitter

Talk about horrible timing! However, we feel compelled to give this girl props for being equally committed to both her school work and her quinceañera. We can’t promise we would’ve done the same.

3. This girl literally ate dirt while filming her quince video

via Youtube

We know without even having to investigate that this videographer must’ve been a man. No woman would’ve put another girl through the torture of running (through grass!) in high heels and a ballgown. No bueno.

4. When the entertainment comes at the expense of the guest of honor

via Youtube

As if you needed another reason to be afraid of clowns, this girl was practically assaulted by an over-eager entertainer.

5. I’m sure this girl had something else in mind when she hoped her party would be “lit”.

via Youtube

Among the (many) problems with the big, poofy, traditional quinceañera ballgowns is the fact that they’re highly flammable. So, please: avoid carrying around a tray of drinks that are on fire.

6. This cake, that was obviously decorated by a gringo

via Pinterest

Pro-tip: hire someone with at least a rudimentary knowledge of Spanish when you’re looking for a baker, otherwise you might end up with cake-related fails like the one above.

7. This poor girl was let down by both her choreographer and the table that held her up

via Youtube

We miss the good old days when the baile principal was just a girl with her chambelan’s dancing to “Tiempo de Valz”. Now, you need a helmet and knee-pads just to get through all the dance moves without being injured.

8. The scariest última muñeca ever

@ 1111Ballet /Twitter

This girl received a Chucky doll as her última muñeca and we can’t tell if she’s genuinely happy about it or if she’s smiling through her disappointment.

9. This girl experienced an unfortunate incident involving her father and a pool.

via Youtube

One of the many things that can go wrong at quinceañeras is that normally responsible adults find it hard to even walk due to the amount of alcohol they’ve consumed.

10. Another “lift the birthday girl up in the air” fail

via Youtube

We hope this dance was choreographed to the tune of “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To”. Because we wouldn’t blame this girl for spending a few minutes in the bathroom getting herself together after this traumatic fail.

11. This girl was rightfully nervous about riding this horse.

via Youtube

We understand that a girl on a horse is a romantic vision for vaquero communities (especially in Texas), but at least make sure the horse is safe for the birthday girl to get on

12. This girl accidentally gave her party guests an eye-full.

via Youtube

This is why the concept of the dress rehearsal is so important. In this is also why it’s called a “dress rehearsal” and not an “underwear rehearsal”. Yikes.

13. This poor girl was another victim of ill-prepared chambelans.

via Youtube

It might be a good idea for the cumpleañera to insist that her chambelans commit to a P90x regimen before even attempting to hold her in the air

14. Unfortunately, the only place this cake ended up was the floor

via Youtube

We have mixed feelings about the face/cake-smashing tradition. It can be fun to watch and participate in (if the cumpleañera is willing), but it’s also messy and potentially disastrous.

15. This girl’s family had the brilliant idea of hanging her from the same rope as the piñata

via Youtube

If there’s anything we’ve learned so far, it’s that sometimes it’s better to keep things simple. When it comes to thebaile principal, a simple waltz will do.

16. You can tell this birthday girl knew the chair-lift wasn’t a good idea

via Youtube

We didn’t think it was possible, but lifting up the birthday-girl on a chair was possibly even more unsafe than the aforementioned “hand-lift” technique

17. The classic car-exit fail (we’ve all been there)

via Youtube

The quinceañera is traditionally the time when young women are supposed to wear the first pair of high-heels. It’s because of that you see so many slips and falls like this one. Walking in heels takes work.

18. This young lady couldn’t see her own chair underneath all that tulle

via Youtube

Yet another reason why we’re all in favor of a more slim-fitting evening gown that a princess-style ballgown.

19. This person experienced yet another failed attempt at an impressive lift

Can we all agree at this point not to lift the birthday girl up in the air? It may look cute in “Dirty Dancing”, but in reality, the cons out-weigh the pros.

20. These problematic chambelanoutfits

screenshot via Youtube

Three guesses as to why these chambelans look so miserable. Is it because they’re being forced to wear demeaning, stereotypical outfits? Nahh. Of course not.

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A Latina Threw A ‘Coco’ Themed Party For Her Quinceañera And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever


A Latina Threw A ‘Coco’ Themed Party For Her Quinceañera And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

It’s an understatement to say that the beloved Disney movie “Coco” has inspired a generation. Not only do the themes of family and acceptance resonate across all age groups, but the movie’s vibrant colors and catchy musical numbers make it the perfect movie to entertain the whole family. As well all know, the film was created as sort of a love letter to Mexico and Mexican culture. 

In some Latinx families, watching it has become a sort of tradition. 

Many “Coco” fans will tell you that the movie isn’t just a movie–it’s a way of life. 


The movie has obviously hit a chord with the younger set, inspiring endless amounts of musical covers, artwork, and blog posts. And of course, the movie has also become a huge hit in the theme-party racket. A simple Pinterest search will turn up dozens of photos of children’s’ birthday parties inspired by the hit Disney musical. When it comes to throwing a “Coco”-themed party, the artistic possibilities are endless!

But the most recent act reverence for the acclaimed film may be the most exciting one yet.

While many Latinas have quinceañeras that end up being more of their mother’s vision than their own, it looks like one lucky Latina got to take the reigns on her special day.  Recently on Twitter, a super-fan shared pictures with the film’s director of  a “Coco”-themed quinceañera. The party was complete with calacas, candy, and ofrendas–all of which brought to mind specific parts of the movie.

via @rc_olivas/Twitter

The birthday girl’s cousin shared the pictures to Twitter tagging the film’s director Lee Unkrich and asking Unrich if he liked it. Olivas shared four photos (although we would love to see more), of different parts of the party’s decor.

Needless to say, the pictures are a sight to behold.

It’s obvious from how intricate the decorations are that someone put in an incredible amount of work. We all know that many Latinx families spare no expense when they’re throwing a Quinceañera, but the amount of effort put into this one may just take the cake.

Just look at this beautiful “Coco”-themed ofrenda:

via @rc_olivas/Twitter

If you look closely, you can see that one ofrenda has pictures of what are (presumably) family members that have passed. But on another ofrenda, the people in the photos are all characters from the movie. 

So much thought was put into the fictional ofrendas that the only characters displayed are ones that Miguel meets in the afterlife:

via @rc_olivas/Twitter

As you can see in the display, great-grandma Coco sits in the middle. Then, there are Tío Oscar and Tío Felipe in the background, and Tía Rosita on the left. And of course, we couldn’t forget the infamous torn photo of Miguel’s great-grandfather, Hector, on the right. It looks like this family didn’t leave anyone out!

And of course, it wouldn’t be a “Coco” without Miguel’s guitar being featured prominently on one display:

via @rc_olivas/Twitter

You can truly tell that this quinceañera’s decorations were a labor of love. The amount of detail that was paid attention to is inspiring. We wish this movie had been around when we turned fifteen!

And of course, the true piece de resistance was the cake, that has the signature “Coco”lettering emblazoned on the top:

via @rc_olivas/Twitter

We can just imagine all of the photos the birthday girl was forced to take standing in front of this. And although we know that it’s a tradition in many families, we don’t want to imagine this cake being destroyed at all! It’s truly a work of art.

As for the director, he responded to Olivas’s tweet with the perfect response:

Unkrich must be proud to know that they movie he helped create is helping Latinos truly celebrate their own culture. Latinas from generations past have not been lucky enough to have movies that starred Latinx characters with a well-rounded identity. In the past, Latinos have been sidled with watching stereotypical renditions of themselves onscreen from drug-dealers to “Mexican Spitfires”. “Coco” puts all of those stereotypes aside and simply tells a story where Latinos are shown for their humanity.

It’s moments like this prove that the movie “Coco” is more than just another children’s movie–it’s a piece of art that has touched people’s lives. This further proves that seeing art that reflects you and your culture is so important. Not only does it make  you feel seen in the world, but it can make you appreciate your culture so much more. This is especially true for marginalized groups.

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All Of The Timeless Wedding Hairstyles For The Perfect Fall Bride To Consider This Year


All Of The Timeless Wedding Hairstyles For The Perfect Fall Bride To Consider This Year

There are only a couple of weeks left in the summer, but we’re so happy that it’s coming to an end. We’re a bit exhausted to deal with the heat and humidity because it’s not doing a thing for our hair. Seriously! How many hairstyles can you do that involve frizzy, unmanageable hair? 

There’s no way to get a good hairstyle going in the summer, which is why most people planning a wedding pick either the fall or spring for the big walk down the aisle. 

1. Sweet and perfect

Credit: Instagram/@hairbygwittke

The fall season is the perfect time to experiment with hairstyles because you don’t have to worry about any humidity. A wedding braid is always a fun adventure because even if you don’t get it completely perfect, you can just incorporate a couple of bobby pins and add some subtle flowers to it. This hairstyle also reminds us that the fall season is great to highlight the color of your hair, and we don’t mean that literally. If you have brown hair or red hair, show it off!

2. Messy, sexy, and beautiful

Credit: Pinterest

This half-up, half-down hairstyle is one of our favorites mostly because of the fall floral arrangement. This color scheme is ideal for a fall wedding. So, think of this hairstyle as secondary to whatever flower crown you decided on. The flowers are there to heighten the look. If you want to add more detail to your look, Linda de Zeeuw, a stylist at NYC’s Rob Peetoom Salon said in an interview with Refinery 29 that a way to add more stylish trends to your look is to go with “Wispy curtain bangs” which is a “nice way of changing up your hairstyle, without cutting your ends short or changing your shape.”

3. Slick and classy

Credit: Instagram/@haydegeorgakis

If you’re opting to wear your hair down, you can’t just arrange it the way you normally do on a typical day. The only way to wear your hair down is either by accentuating it with flowers or by opting to go ultra-classy modern look. Make sure you get the right hair product because the last thing you want is dandruff or residue. 

4. Bohemian vibes

Credit: Pinterest

For the hippie bride who wants to upgrade their usual chill vibes, the bohemian look is perfect but the only difference is that you can’t make your hair look dirty. Have stylish waves with good hair products such as Bumble and bumble wave spray. Then top off the look with flowers that you like. They don’t have to be huge or elaborate, just go with an arrangement that feels right for you. 

5. The modern updo

Credit: Pinterest

For a classy look with a flair of spontaneity, this updo is just right. This hairstyle gives the impression that it is effortless when we all know it will take hours to achieve, but the point is that looks beautiful. With a small hair clip or an heirloom clip, the hairstyle instantly becomes memorable. 

“Messy curls and ringlets that aren’t too polished are cool,” Mia Emilio, a stylist at NYC’s Devachen Salon, told Refinery29. “This is an easy, messy, but still polished style that still lets your curls be the statement.”

6. Make-mom-proud look

Credit: Pinterest

We understand that not everyone can pull off a messy look or bohemian vibes, especially if you have conservative parents, and this updo is perfect to achieve that proud status. While it is a bit more refined than we’re used to, it does say more about the importance of this event. The look may be a throwback to quinceañera glam, but it’s also nice to dress up once in a while. You are a bride after all. For an extra tinge of color, feel free to add a flower or two in the back, or low-hanging earrings to show off your neck. 

7. Refined and stylish Credit: Instagram/@tobbiestouch

This is one of our favorites because not only is it classy, it’s also incredibly sexy. It gives you so much look in the front and creativity in the back. Since it’s a classier look, the earrings and hair clip is intended to take the entire look to another level. 

Remember, this is your day (and your future husband’s too) so it’s important for you to choose a look and style that you like and feel comfortable in. You won’t be happy if you choose what someone else wants. It’s your day to shine!

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