The Movie ‘Logan’ Is Loaded With Latino References. Here’s What You Might’ve Missed

Dafne Keen, born Daphne Keen Fernández, is your average 12 year-old pre-teen, except she was born to actor parents, climbs bookcases, and managed to bruise Hugh Jackman in her audition for the most important, most bad-ass role of 20th Century Fox’s recent release and the final Wolverine film, “Logan.”


Dafne plays the super-cool, pink-sunglasses-rocking, unicorn-shirt-wearing, bilingual mutant Laura, or as she’s better known in the comics “X-23.”

20th Century Fox/ Youtube

“They see me rollin’ they hatin’…”

She is, as you guessed it, Wolverine’s daughter. And no, he isn’t, as I assumed from the trailer, a dead-beat dad.

20th Century Fox/ Youtube

“Dad, can I borrow the car tonight?” “No sweetie, I’ve got villains to gut.”

The film revolves around Wolverine and Professor-X helping Laura go from Mexico City, to North Dakota and into Canada, with an army of soldiers trying to destroy her.

20th Century Fox/ Youtube

As you can see, the soldiers don’t really stand a chance. Aw, she takes after su papá.

In real life, actress Dafne Keen is a gymnast and martial artist, which is why she was so perfect for this role.

20th Century Fox/ Youtube

Whoever said taking candy from a baby was easy, hasn’t met this kid.

There are several Latino and bilingual co-stars in the film, like “Orange Is The New Black” star Elizabeth Rodriguez.

And Jason Genao who plays Rictor, a young mutant and friend of Laura.


Rictor is a mutant, like Laura, made in a lab to have seismic powers able to move land and manipulate earth.

Wolverine also gets into a fight with several Spanish-speaking gangsters trying to steal his limo.

The film moves in and out of Mexico, using images of the border and has a scene with drunk kids hate-shouting “USA! USA!”

20th Century Fox/Youtube

The theme of border crossing adds a current theme to the movie.

In the film, Laura pretends to be mute, until she bursts into Spanish and punches Wolverine square in the face urging him to help her find her friends.

20th Century Fox/ Youtube

I wonder how parent-teacher conferences will go. Yikes…

We can’t wait to see where Dafne ends up next! She really killed this role, and her character Laura, killed just about everyone else.

20th Century Fox/ Youtube

You go girl, you cut that arm off! Boys have cooties. Ew!

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