Pedro Pascal Talked To Jimmy Kimmel About “Narcos” Season 3’s New Villains

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Pedro Pascal electrified fans of “Game Of Thrones” with his performance as Oberyn Martell, but it’s his latest project that has people talking. Pascal plays DEA officer Javier Peña in the Netflix original series “Narcos,” which has been renewed for a third and fourth season and it seems like it’s just getting started. Pascal sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to discuss the upcoming season of “Narcos.” *Spoilers Ahead*

Pedro Pascal explained ‘Narcos’ is about more than just Pablo Escobar.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube
CREDIT: Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

The show is more about the overall drug trade from South America into the United States.

“I think, a lot of people thought, ‘Well, once Pablo Escobar is dead on the show, then that’s it, there’s no more show,'” Kimmel told Pascal. “But the show is going to continue.”

Of course, Kimmel tried his hardest to pry any kind of secret about the show out of Pascal.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube
CREDIT: Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Pascal couldn’t offer much, but he did let us know who the DEA’s next target would be.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube
CREDIT: Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

“People know a lot less about the Cali Cartel, including myself,” Pascal joked.

And he seemed really excited to learn about the Cali Cartel for the role.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube
CREDIT: Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

“They were richer than Pablo. There were four of them. They took over Miami after Pablo was killed,” Pascal told Kimmel. “And they already owned New York so there’s a lot. There’s a lot of cocaine in season 3.”

Check out Pascal’s full ‘Narcos’ interview below, including what some Colombians think about the show.

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